How To Uninstall Avg Pc Tuneup

How To Uninstall Avg Pc Tuneup – TuneUp) is advertised as an “advanced PC performance optimizer” that can make your PC run faster. Over the past few weeks I’ve tried a number of these tools including CCleaner, Advanced SystemCare (see my review of Advanced SystemCare), CleanMyPC (see my review of CleanMyPC) and more, and here I’m going to test and review AVG TuneUp. An objective and unbiased lens. Click here to jump to my verdict on how good AVG Tuneup is, or keep reading to see how the software fared on my computer.

AVG TuneUp is from AVG Technologies, a subsidiary of Avast and a giant in the cybersecurity software industry. It was founded in 1990 before being acquired by Avast for $1.3 billion in 2016. AVG is best known for AVG Antivirus, but over the years it has produced a lot of software for PC, Mac and mobile devices, with numerous tools for protection, performance (where AVG TuneUp comes in) and privacy.

How To Uninstall Avg Pc Tuneup

On that page, click “Try Free for 30 Days” to start the .exe download, then run it:

Avg Antivirus Protection & Internet Security Pricing In 2023

Even if you click “Quit” here, AVG TuneUp will immediately start checking your machine and show you a screen like this:

Scans for broken registry entries, broken shortcuts, system junk, browser cache, tracking and other cookies, and browsing history. Here’s what he found in my laptop:

This was very useful for me, as AVG TuneUp was able to find a few more cleanable registry items than other tools I tried, such as CleanMyPC, and “Broken Shortcuts” was also a welcome new feature as found that there are many shortcuts to the files that I will move. Then you can press the “Repair and clean” button to fix it in minutes (it works in the free version):

It’s worth noting, however, that many of the registry “problems” that AVG TuneUp reports won’t be that significant.

Avg Pc Tuneup Performance:

Detects background and startup programs. This is a standard feature in PC cleanup tools and can be done directly in Windows without the need for external software such as AVG Tuneup. However, one of AVG TuneUp’s great strengths is that it actually tells you what the “slow intensity” is (ie how much it thinks each program is slowing down your computer):

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I’m not sure how AVG TuneUp calculates the severity of this slowdown, but it’s nice to have a visual representation of how much programs are slowing down your machine.

Finds files that can be deleted to save space, including cache files, log files, history files, temporary files, etc.:

This is again a standard feature of PC cleaners. AVG TuneUp finds all the usual cleanable files here, although there are some categories of files it doesn’t see, like restore points or font caches (no big deal).

Avg Pc Tuneup 2016 Plus Serial Key

I personally don’t care much about the feature that indicates which software “needs update”, since I don’t update software unless absolutely necessary. The disk scan feature is, however, useful and recommended if you suspect that one of the disks in your device is corrupted or damaged.

AVG TuneUp is very easy to use and requires no technical skills; You just click a few buttons and you’re done. Also, at least for me, it was very fast – the registry and disk scan was completed in a few minutes. This may not match everyone’s experiences (see below), but I can say that my experience using it was very pleasant. I tested AVG TuneUp on a relatively new laptop, so I admit that the results might be different if you’re using it on your grandmother’s 10-year-old computer.

I also like that AVG TuneUp categorizes almost everything it finds and wants to clean up, especially the “Background and startup programs” feature that shows you how many resources each program is actually using (visually). (something missing. Windows itself and other computer cleaners). The AVG TuneUp GUI is also very well done.

The gripes I had in the CleanMyPC review also apply to AVG TuneUp: it doesn’t give you the option to back up your registry before it detects what it thinks are broken registry entries, leaving it open for the software to corrupt them. Error While using AVG TuneUp, this was the only real concern for me, as the software worked for me without any issues.

How To Activate Avg Tuneup

I haven’t personally encountered these issues, but while researching AVG TuneUp, I found these common complaints:

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Some of these complaints confused me because they didn’t match my experience at all. AVG TuneUp never showed me any intrusive pop-ups, it had a pretty normal uninstall process (asks you to confirm you want to uninstall, click confirm and it uninstalls in a minute with no drama), scans were quick (just a few minutes like is mentioned above) and I didn’t notice any slowdowns on my computer. Most of these complaints I read were years old, so I’m not sure if they’re just problems with older versions of AVG TuneUp.

CCleaner is the most popular software on the computer cleaner market and has an excellent reputation. The main advantage of CCleaner over AVG TuneUp is that it can back up your registry and any changes it makes are reversible. On the other hand, AVG TuneUp is a bit easier to use for beginners. I find AVG TuneUp similar to CleanMyPC in this regard.

To be aptly named, as this software has many useful features and has performed well for me (even if that is not everyone’s experience). When you make a purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. . Here’s how it works.

Unable To Permanently Place

Great app from a good stable, but we found that AVG TuneUp was too eager to take our payment information.

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AVG TuneUp comes from the same well-known stable as AVG Antivirus and comes with an unusually long 60-day free trial as well as a subscription. Installing the free version is easy enough, but the app is just a teaser – it scans your system but doesn’t fix anything until you subscribe or activate the free trial. Not our top pick, but AVG TuneUp is among the best PC repair software (opens in a new tab).

Here, an otherwise promising app scores heavily against it. If you want to use the free 60-day trial, you still need to enter your zip code and credit card number or PayPal account in order to pay $0.00. This seems pointless at best and terrible data collection at worst. We wouldn’t be surprised if this prevents people from using the software altogether. Then, when you activate the trial version, it places a “thank you” window that you can’t close in front of the main AVG TuneUp window, making it impossible to do anything. The best thing you can do is drag the app out of the way until you close.

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Solved] How To Fix

However, when it’s all said and done, AVG TuneUp proves to be a well-rounded system utility with a good range of options. Its system junk scanner found gigabytes of junk files on our hard drive—albeit with old system restore points mixed in, something we hope you’ll never need, but we tend to take too many precautions.

Speed ​​Up found several startup programs that it claimed were slowing down the startup of our test computers. This was probably true, but some computers needed to work, so we weren’t ready to take his word for it and put all applications to sleep. This part of the app pretty much duplicates what you get for free in Windows 10, but with a slightly lighter skin over it. We like the bar graphs that show how severe the impact of the recession is.

The next main tab in the application is Fix problems, which contains links to problems that the application has found on your computer. In our case we had one drive that was never scanned for errors and three installed applications that needed to be updated. There’s an option to turn on automatic updates for your apps, but it’s worth noting that not every app we installed seemed to activate — while it evaluated Opera and VLC for updates, Chrome and OpenOffice missed out.

On the right side of the interface is a link to all tasks, which is displayed as a list, but looks very short when displayed this way. There’s also a statistics page that shows how many gigabytes of space an app has freed up, how many startup apps have been disabled since you started using it, etc. This is cute, but it doesn’t really fit

Avg Tuneup 2023

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