How To Use Omega Oven

How To Use Omega Oven – Adapted to the modern aesthetic and lifestyle of busy people, your new Omega appliance will be a welcome addition to the family.

Omega caters to style-conscious consumers looking for a balance between stunning form and smart function. This means a combination of sleek, elegant, sophisticated design, yet effortless functionality.

How To Use Omega Oven

Please take the time to read the following manual to familiarize yourself with installation, operating requirements, and maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

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For important information about your Omega appliance, such as warranty registration, features and specifications, please visit (if you are in Australia) and (if you are in New Zealand) or contact our service for users. team at the email or phone numbers below. Register your warranty

For peace of mind, you can register your warranty at Additional warranty information can be found at the end of this manual. Contact us

Both teams are on call Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and of course, you can always email us at your convenience.

It is important that you keep these instructions, proof of purchase and other important documents about this product for future reference. The manufacturer shall not be liable for any damage to property or persons caused by improper installation or improper use of the device.

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Important: Carefully read the assembly instructions and safety precautions in this booklet before removing the contents from the carton.

Installation is permitted only by a licensed electrician and is performed according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Improper installation may cause damage and injury, for which the manufacturer does not accept responsibility.

Before connecting to the power supply, the voltage marking of the device (on the identification plate of the device) must be checked to match the voltage of the mains and the electrical wires of the network must correspond to the power of the oven (also marked on the identification plate of the the device);

It should not be placed above the device and no more than 1.25 m away from it. The power cord must not touch a hot surface and must be positioned so that its temperature does not exceed 75°C at any point along its length.

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Hot Rock Basket For Omega Gas 2 Burner Models

Note: Never use adapters, reducers or multiple power points to connect to the power supply, as they may overheat and catch fire. A switch with a contact opening of at least 3 mm must be installed in the power circuit.

The mains terminal block is located on the back of the oven and the terminals are accessed by opening the terminal block cover.

Note: The plug cover must not be opened while the power is still connected to the device and never by an unauthorized person.

The electrical safety of this appliance can only be guaranteed if the oven is properly and effectively earthed. The manufacturer disclaims all liability for damage resulting from improperly grounded installation.

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Adjacent furniture must be able to withstand a minimum temperature increase of 100°C above the temperature of the room in which it is located during the period of use. The power supply to the device must be turned off before any adjustments or maintenance work is performed on it. Preparation for installation and use

Made with the highest quality parts and materials, this modern, functional and practical stove will satisfy your needs in every way. Make sure you read the guide to get successful results so that you don’t face any problems in future. The information below contains the rules necessary for correct positioning and service operations. They must be read without fail, especially by the technician who will install the device. Selection of place for equipment

There are several points to consider when choosing a location for your oven. Be sure to follow our recommendations below to avoid problems and dangerous situations that may arise later!

When choosing a place for the stove, care should be taken to ensure that there are no flammable or combustible materials such as curtains, oil, fabric, etc., which catch fire quickly, in the immediate vicinity.

Omega Obo691tgg 60cm Electric Oven At The Good Guys

The furniture around the oven or stove should be made of materials resistant to temperatures higher than 100C. The required changes to wall cabinets and exhaust fans above the built-in stove, as well as the minimum heights from the top of the stove are shown in Figure 1. Therefore, the exhaust fan must be at least 65 cm above the surface of the stove. If there is no exhaust fan, the height should not be less than 70 cm.

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Insert the oven into the cabinet by partially pushing it forward. Open the oven door and insert the 2 screws into the holes in the oven frame. While the frame of the product touches the wooden surface of the cabinet, tighten the screws. If it is installed under the stove, there must be at least 50 mm between the two devices, and the distance between the worktop and the top of the control panel must be at least 25 mm.

The dimensions of the cabinet and the material in which the oven will be installed must be correct and resistant to temperature rise. During proper installation, contact with electrical or insulated parts should be avoided. The insulating parts must be mounted in such a way that they cannot be removed using any tools.

It is not recommended to install the device near a refrigerator or deep freezer, as the operation of the above devices will be negatively affected due to the heat emitted. After removing the oven from the package, check that the oven is not damaged. If you suspect any damage to the device, do not use it; Contact an authorized service center immediately.

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When the furnace is first turned on, there will be odors from the insulation materials and heating elements. For this reason, before using the oven, leave it empty at maximum temperature for 45 minutes. At the same time, adequate ventilation is required in the environment in which the stove is installed.

To cook in the oven, you need to adjust the oven function and temperature settings and program the oven timer if possible. Otherwise, the oven will not work.

Protect your device from the elements. Do not leave it exposed to the sun, rain, snow, dust, etc. under influence control

It is recommended that you use the specified cookware depending on the food you will be cooking in your oven. You can also use glass dishes, cake pans, and special oven pans suitable for use in your oven (available at cookware stores). Pay attention to the information provided by the supplier about the use of this vessel. The information below should apply to enamelled containers.

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User Manuals And Video Tutorials

If the food to be prepared does not completely cover the oven tray, if the food is taken out of the freezer or if the container is used to collect dripping food during grilling operation, deformation may be observed. Pour over time due to high temperatures generated during cooking/baking. This is a normal physical condition that occurs during heat transfer. Do not leave the glass container or container in a cold environment immediately after cooking. Do not place them on cold or wet surfaces. Make sure they cool slowly by placing them on a dry towel or wooden board, otherwise the glass tray or bowl may crack. If you want to use a large wire rack/grill, place a tray in one of the lower racks to catch any grease or oil. To make cleaning easier, add a little water to this tray. When grilling, use the rack in position 4 or 5.

Each wire mesh and drawer comes with built-in safety features to minimize accidental removal. This comes in the form of a “step” that is partially located at the back of the accessory. To insert into the oven, slide the rack or tray into the oven until the rung “clicks”, then the beveled part of the ladder and insert fully. To remove, repeat the operation in reverse.

There are 3 buttons “-“, “mode” and “+” on the timer. The mode button is used to select the required timer function and the other two are used to decrease or increase the value. Press the + or – buttons once to change the value by 1 or hold to change faster.

This oven only works when the time is set. When the device is connected to power or when there is a power failure, the timer on the function indicator

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It blinks. Set the current time using the ⊕ or Θ keys. The device is now ready for use. The time can only be changed if there is no automatic function (preparation time

Countdown A beep will sound after the countdown set time has expired. This function does not affect the operation of the oven.

When a function is selected, the corresponding function indicator flashes for 5 seconds. During this time, the desired time can be

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