Hyundai I30 Gps Navigation

Hyundai I30 Gps Navigation – Not a fan of car navigation systems, Tony Bosworth wonders why our long-term Hyundai i30 SR handed him over to an industrial estate when he was trying to get home. Car Hyundai i30 SR Date of Purchase November 18, 2013 Price Paid USD 28,000 Extra Phantom Black Color – USD 495 Delivery 38 Km Current Km 6203 Fuel Consumption (E10 and up to 91 octane blendability: subject to blend up to 1000) Worst: 6.7, Average: 6.7 Service Cost  Zero Defects None

Yes, I am a map person. He likes to take a book and draw a path with his finger. I like to see where I’m going. I like to plan a trip. Call me old fashioned, but when I have this path, this picture in my mind, I go. Maybe I’ll stop and test again, but overall it works well for me.

Hyundai I30 Gps Navigation

I’m not such a big Luddite that I don’t see a place for car navigation systems. For example, after a year of taking the same work route home and back, my wife was completely lost if there was a detour in the route. If she hadn’t had a navigation system, I don’t know if we would have ever seen her again.

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To me? I mentally reset the compass at the front of my brain, which will lead me home around the roadworks. My wife is good with maps – she folds them – but she doesn’t read them, so a navigation system is a must.

Either way, our long-term Hyundai i30 SR comes with a navigation system as standard and it updates automatically when the car is serviced – if it’s through a Hyundai dealer. All well and good, but assuming it works correctly…

Here’s the story – So we’re going on a week’s vacation to the south coast, and while I usually know my way around, we need to find this little town and its beaches where we’re going to spend a week on a beach. the hut

But there are two beaches with the same name – one on the Central Coast, north of Sydney, the other to the south, near Batemans Bay, where we’re going.

Cumpără Electronice Auto

When we try – both my wife and I mean, with the help of the kids who already know a lot about electrical devices – we only get one option out of two, and of course it’s not the one we want.

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We try everything, enter the zip code – it doesn’t recognize it – we try to retype the original – it won’t let us.

In the city, the SR navigation system seems to work well. It warns you up to three times, for example, that you need to turn left at the next intersection to reach your destination. Hyundai’s system is apparently efficient and I’d say it’s far less distracting than most standard systems, and it sometimes leaves you half-guessing whether it’s the left ahead or perhaps the next one you should take.

Hyundai’s system has a large seven-inch screen as standard on the SR (smaller i30 models get a paltry five inches), so everything looks good.

Hyundai I30 2012 Android Auto Radio System

On our holiday we ended up punting at Batemans Bay which we knew was half an hour or so away from our destination. As we approached I pulled out the map – never mind, I traced our way with my finger and the map and my mental compass led us there.

On the way home I turned the navigation system back on when we were about 25km from Wulongong. I put in my home address – and there is only one place in Australia with that destination name, so I guess that won’t be a problem.

But the compass in my head wobbled when, approaching the gong, the navigation system told me to turn left. My wife hates these moments because I start scratching my head, whining, and saying things like, “There’s no way that’s okay.” But dear reader, I gritted my teeth in disbelief at your interest, and we found ourselves on a cul-de-sac in a completely deserted industrial estate.

We went back out and I tried again and he wanted to do the same. If I could remove these things from the dash, I probably would.

I30 2015 Kenwood Dnx4150dab Sat Nav

But… this past week I drove the Hyundai i40 Tourer (brilliant car – full road test soon…), so I thought I’d take it out there again and check out its navigation system (sure it’s the same as the SR). got better. No, the answer is, he did the same thing.

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Well, I’m not saying it’s Hyundai’s fault – there’s some satellite and general mapping software involved, and who knows, maybe this industrial estate has some kind of wormhole or black hole that could instantly take us right in. it was. Track, but probably not – but what I do when I’m behind the wheel of another brand is try the same ride and see how it goes, so we can have a proper comparison. Optional Accessories Blown items are optional and not included in this offer, if you need it, you need to order it separately (please use ASIN to search and buy), we will pack it with car radio to help you save shipping cost. will do * Backup Camera: B016DMWILM * OBD: B06XKLDB33 * DVR: B016DND4YG * DAB: B078RJD8YB OS Android 10.0 * Support 3G, WIFI, Bluetooth, Reverse Camera Input, Japanese La, German La Input, AUPS * Mavigation; Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, etc * Installation Type: DIN Size Hardware * CPU: Octa Core 64 Bit iNand * RAM: 4GB RAM * ROM: 64GB * Smooth and Fast Responsive Screen * Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen * Video * High Definition Decoder: 1080P Radio and * Built-in RDS Radio Receiver Function * Radio Frequency Band: FM (3*6) 76-108MHz;AM(2*6)522-1620KHz * Function: FM-Mixer, FM-AGC, AM- LNA , AM-AGC , AM-Mixer Multimedia Parameters * Music Format: MP3, WMA, AAC, RM, LFAC * Image Format: JPG, BMP, JEPG, GIF, PNG * Compatible Disc: DVD, DIVX, MP4, MP3, MP2, VCD Shipping We use express carrier to ship your order: DHL EMS UPS, usually takes about 7-12 working days to UK, USA, AU, CA. We will certainly do our best to help you get it as soon as possible.

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