Idle Time Farm Stays

Idle Time Farm Stays – In the Mpumalanga Highveld bordering Kwa Zulu Natal, nestled between mountains and wetlands, is the Forellenhof Visitor Farm. This four-star property is one of those unique accommodations that have the feel of the country, but reveal the beauty of the land and the consumers of its natural gifts.

Olive Tree Farm is the ideal location for a romantic getaway or relaxing in the countryside, a walk around the game farm or enjoying a gentle sunset on your private deck. A great escape from the city. Activities in this area range from extreme sports to gentle activities such as walking or watching matches. Enjoy a great meal nearby, visit the Cradle of Humankind or take a hot air balloon ride – there’s plenty to do in the Magaliesburg region.

Idle Time Farm Stays

The tree farm gardens are located in a lychee and mango orchard on the banks of the Komati River. Guests who do not wish to prepare their own meals can enjoy breakfast in the comfortable guest lounge and dining room on the main deck at very reasonable prices. Managers Linda and Doug Renecle will do everything possible to ensure guests have a pleasant stay.

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Imagine the mist of the Scottish Highlands rolling across a mountainous landscape, add a touch of Africa and find yourself on a country farm just 9km from the town of Dullstroom. Spring trout dams offer exclusive fly fishing, while the seasonal peach and walnut harvest provides the perfect setting for a picnic in the orchard. Cspirit Country Haven enjoys the peace and quiet that being on a farm offers.

Puschka is an organic farm located in the beautiful Naauvpoort valley, at the foot of the magnificent Magaliesberg mountain range, with the river Hex winding through the valley and farm. While visiting Puska Farm, why not climb to the top of the hill to enjoy the amazing views and sunset or enjoy activities such as horse riding and tree jumping on the canopy tour.

Idle & Wild is located on a working macadamia farm nestled in a lush scenic subtropical valley on the Sabie River. The thatched rondavels are stylishly decorated and each has a fully equipped kitchenette. For honeymooners, two suites have a hot tub and one with a fireplace. Relax by the pool or relax in the sauna. A full English breakfast is served on the veranda of the main house, or if you wish to leave early for the Kruger National Park, a packed breakfast will be provided.

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Fairview Estates offers breathtaking scenery and the opportunity to truly escape civilization. This is a farm stay and you will travel 18 km on a farm road before reaching the farm. You will have 4000 hectares to explore on your own – without organized activities – a wonderful facility for hiking and mountain biking. Agriculture has always been a lifelong dream for many Filipinos because of the Philippines’ origins as an agricultural country. This is why people have dreamed of living or owning a farm where they can grow fresh produce and enjoy nature while earning good money.

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Corina Mercado, manager of strategy, analytics and optimization for a major airline in PH, is very familiar with the farming dream as she and her siblings grew up appreciating provincial life because of their parents, Joselita Mercado and Corazon Alvarez.

“Both my parents [lived on a property in Laguna and [only] left their farm… for our studies. While doing their work, their love for agriculture did not stop as our family continued to invest in farmland,” Mercado said.

Working for an airline, Mercado has the opportunity to take his parents to other countries. During his travels, Mercado realized the potential of farms as tourist destinations.

“I realized that our farm, as well as other farms besides ours, deserve a visit.” Laguna, Philippines has a lot to offer [and] it makes me sad that people today want to spend more time in malls instead of spending it in nature,” she said.

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Soon after, she began to convince her parents that they too could turn their acquired farmland into a retreat from the bustling city where guests can enjoy nature.

After convincing her parents to turn their idle land into rural tourism, Mercado began working on her ideas for the farm such as the name, features, logo and more until June 2017.

Finally, Mercado returned to her roots and decided to use her parents’ last names, Mercado and Alvarez, for the name of their farm: Merrez.

At the time, she and her brother were working abroad while her parents worked at work and also took care of their youngest child, who was two years old at the time.

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She then began suggesting possible farm features and layouts to her parents and brother, who was also determined to start his own farm and help fulfill his parents’ dream of a life on the farm.

“We have started inventorying the trees as well as marketing and advertising the farm on various social media platforms. We have also started researching every advancement in agriculture, like the latest technology, etc.,” Mercado said.

Now retired and running their own private business, Mercado’s parents want to stay on their farm because they find farm life productive and stress-free.

“Every time we go there, it’s magical how my parents get strength from nature.” There is no idleness for them when we are on the farm. “No matter how long they work, [they’re] always full of energy because they spend time there, and I’m very happy to see my parents full of energy,” Mercado said.

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Merrez Farm is part of a four-hectare natural landscape in Laguna, which is an hour and 20 minutes from Calaa Street. It is rich in natural resources because it is located near mountains and rivers.

The Santa Ana River is located in front of Merrez Ranch, making it an added attraction for ranch guests.

“What. The Cruz River is right in front of our farm. It offers a good view and a refreshing way to start the day. Imagine a farm and a river together – it’s breathtaking,” said Mercado.

Vegetables like ampalaya, chilli and eggplant among others are also grown with fruits and herbs located near the farm.

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Mercado said they sell this fresh produce by volume to wholesale buyers, food technologists and more.

A country house is currently being built next to the farm to offer its guests a more pleasant stay.

In addition, to make the visit to the farm more enjoyable for its guests, Mercado said it is currently building a modern farmhouse so that guests can stay longer and spend more time with their families as and in nature.

Coinciding with this idea, Mercado said the farm also offers an adventure space where guests can engage in outdoor activities.

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“All visitors are strongly advised not to damage any plants or grass on the farm.” They are especially advised not to throw garbage, as well as any sign of disrespect for nature,” she said.

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Despite initial plans since 2017, Mercado admitted that progress on the farm has been slow due to how busy their personal and work lives have been.

However, due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECK) imposed across the country last March 15 in hopes of curbing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mercado and her family have been focusing their efforts on adding touches. last on their farm.

“This pandemic has reminded us that it is time to return to nature; it is time to know that the earth is not all about us humans, it is all about Mother Earth. That’s why we decided to really encourage the completion of our plans by making them happen this year,” said Mercado.

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Merrez Farm is currently open to visitors who wish to engage in fruit picking activities, provided they adhere to social distancing guidelines, proper hygiene, and the use of face masks at all times. In 2008, airbnb launched a platform that looks like a hotel chain, but does not own the property. Connect travelers with owners of vacant assets.

Airbnb was founded in 2008 as an online marketplace to connect travelers looking for an authentic and unique place to stay with hosts who had an extra room to rent. Airbnb works as an intermediary, matching these two different customer segments. The company has a radically lighter cost structure than the hotel chains it competes with because it doesn’t own any of the rooms it lists on its website, nor does it manage a large hospitality staff. Airbnb’s main expenses are platform management and marketing, which explains how they have grown so quickly. The success of Airbnb’s business model is based on a cost structure with few resources. It has found an innovative way to partner with owners of vacant assets (empty rooms) and help them monetize those assets through their affiliate platform. Airbnb differs from other matchmaking sites like or in that travelers associate properties and rooms listed with the Airbnb brand as if it were a traditional hotel chain.

The most expensive elements in the hotel industry are the properties, theirs

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