Indian Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney

Indian Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney – The Sydney-based makeup artist and content creator recently launched @theartives as a way to continue celebrating POC creators in the beauty industry.

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Indian Bridal Makeup Artist Sydney

Scrolling through Roy Singh’s Instagram feed is like being slapped in the face with a rainbow, but in a way you can’t help but love.

Best Makeup Artists In Australia For Indian Bridal Looks

The Sydney-based content creator and makeup artist uses her looks as a way to escape from everyday things (that you don’t need right now) and express herself. To say that her look is eclectic is an understatement, she goes from a one piece queen look to a full on one.

One thing that remains constant is that Singh values ​​his Indian heritage. He admits that it took time to get to this place, although after several moves, he was still growing. “In order to get in, I went under the radar and went through different identities,” he said. “As an Indian woman who grew up in a predominantly Western society, I have not accepted my origins. It was the feeling that you were never Indian enough to be Indian or Australian enough to be Australian.’

Now the smart person feels comfortable in his skin and usually directs Bollywood icons in his feed. “I love being able to channel the energy and strength of my South Asian femininity,” she recalls. “I can envision a natural flow between my culture and my art.” This culminated in the launch of The Artist Archives – @theartives – a platform to celebrate POC locally and globally and promote their incredible looks.

Rowi Singh: I am a content creator specializing in makeup artistry. At first, it was a free, creative space for me. Creating these extravagant images was an escape; which allows me to transform into different images and personalities and escape from the mundane everyday things. I am completely self-taught; I spent my weekends dipping my makeup brush in bright colors and wearing looks for a night out with friends.

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Red Carpet Glamour

Rowi Singh: I use makeup and art as a way to express myself; a visual portfolio of my life as an Australian Indian woman. I love being able to talk about the strength and power of my South Asian womanhood. My creative process revolves around this; I can envision a natural flow between my culture and art. I’ll start by writing down the color combinations I like and combine them with abstract techniques, sometimes tying it all back to an underlying message that resonated with me that week.

Rowi Singh: My looks are often inspired by my surroundings; the colors and structures that pass me by every day.

Rowi Singh: This is one of my unique looks that allowed me to play with bright colors and the idea of ​​distortion. My audience

This is my favorite intersection of nature and my Indian culture. It’s very soft yet powerful, and resonates with my POC audience.

When A Makeup Artist Gets Married…

. I created this during confinement, so I was very happy to be fully clothed with nowhere to go.

Roy Singh: It was surreal to fly to LA for Fenty Beauty and meet Rihanna in the flesh. He is a great role model and an amazing interdisciplinary artist. I would like to continue my work and pass on my knowledge to others. I would like to expand my business in the field of products and services by creating my own brand of colorful cosmetics and conducting creative workshops around the world.

Rowi Singh: I recently launched my inclusive platform @theartives where I share the work of emerging POC creators locally and globally. I’m also working on a product expansion and jewelry line for my ethical jewelry brand @mountainandmoon.

Hearing I believe that beauty is extremely human. That is what makes you happy as a person, if you put aside any external expectations.

Saranya Beauty Parlour, Veppampattu

Rowi Singh: My makeup is a form of visual storytelling. It allows me to paint my experience as a modern black woman, expressing myself in bold colors and graphic lines.

Rowi Singh: It’s either when I get out of the shower after my normal skin care routine, or when I’m adorned with traditional jewelry.

Rowi Singh: I want to do everything I can to protect, support and uplift my BIPOC people. I want to continue to spread color, inspiration and positive energy through my work.

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You are the editor of a beauty magazine that goes back 100 years, what beauty trends do you report on?

The Most Creative Makeup Artist In Sydney I Laura Dhir

Rowi Singh: The new Digital Projection/AR eyeshadows can be changed at any time with the push of a button (I hope they exist).

You have to donate a limb/part of your body to your icon. You will get nothing in return. What feature/limitation do you offer and why?

Rowi Singh: There is no icon in the world that I care about so much! So something small, like a nail or something.

It is the sixth day and you create people. They can look for anything you want. What do they look like and why?

Best Makeup Artists In Sydney

Rowi Singh: It’s exactly the same, except everyone’s eyes are wide apart, so everyone looks like a badger. If I had all the power, I would laugh.

Rowi Singh: The future of beauty is to break free from norms, values ​​and expectations. This is a very good personality. Sonu is a licensed hair stylist and hairdresser from Glenwood, New South Wales. She specializes in bridal photography, pre-wedding shoots, hair and makeup for special occasions. Sonu is a professionally trained makeup artist with a warm and friendly personality. She will relax any nerves and make you look beautiful and radiant on your special day. Sonu has a range of cosmetics for different skin tones and age groups. She uses quality products and her makeup lasts long and looks flawless.

Sonu offers professional makeup, hair styling and styling/outfitting services to help clients achieve their dream look. Her passion for hair and makeup artistry is reflected in her work, from married to single clients.

Sonu offers 2-3 hour face-to-face make-up lessons. These courses are tailored specifically to the needs of the client. Email Sonu about what you are looking for in a personal makeup class and Sonu will tailor your lesson to suit your needs.

Bridal Makeup Artist Parramatta

Sonu is available for domestic and international travel for his wedding clients. Contact him for prices and fares.

A wedding day marks the first day of a woman’s entire life. That’s why you need to start the day with complete kindness and goodness. On this day, all eyes will be on you because you will be a wonderful bride.

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To make sure that your bridal look is pleasing to everyone watching or invited, you need a style that can bring out your inner beauty in the best possible way. Understanding the importance of a beautiful day where you will be the center of attention, we have developed our wedding makeup and styles to suit every bride.

Sonu Sodhi is known for her unique style of bridal makeup. The Sonu Sodhi team will come to you and offer their services to prepare you for the most important event in your life. However, there is an option to go to Sona and get the same services at her studio.

Los Angeles Asian Bridal Makeup Artist And Hair Stylist

A leading mobile makeup artist in Sydney for Indian and Australian brides, Sonu Sodhi specializes in applying only professional makeup.

Sonu does not limit his services to Bridal, although he loves a lot of Bridal work. The modern woman wants that special makeup every now and then in her life. For girls, from high school graduations to 21st birthday parties, wedding/rock concerts, weddings, bridesmaids, young women in their 30s, baby showers, 40th or 25th wedding anniversary, -Sonu has been a part of all this for his client.

The best way to find out what we have to offer and get the dates you want is to make a reservation in advance. Fill out the form and we will contact you to discuss further.

Sonu’s team consists of trained stylists with extensive makeup experience. By booking a group of more than 3 people, you have assistants to prepare everyone on time. For renowned Melbourne henna artist and makeup artist Faadila Buksh, creating mehndi and beautiful looks for Indian and South Asian brides is a passion.

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What started as a hobby has now become an almost full-time job for the talented Melbourne artist. Faadhilah, or Fadziie, is bringing joy to brides’ faces (and hands, of course) across Melbourne, and hopes to spread her creativity across Australia soon.

Fadziie kindly shared her ideas and knowledge on bridal henna and makeup exclusively for our audience. We also cover trending predictions, questions to ask professional artists like him, and more.

Fadziie, I’m so glad you finally joined

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