Japanese High School Bag

Japanese High School Bag – Backpack MyLifeUNIT for a student of a Japanese school. This is a Japanese anime school bag that is often seen in the K-ON anime! , I like to live! or Japanese Persona 5 games, etc. You can use it for cosplay, theme party, everyday, etc. Blue and black 2 colors for you to choose!

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Japanese High School Bag

Frequently Asked Questions About My Life UNI School Japan School Bag Horizon High School Anime High School Cosplay Black Singapore

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Is it safe to buy UNIT of My Life Japanese School Bag Horizontal Anime School Cosplay Black?

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Yes, it is absolutely safe to buy My Life UNIT Japan Horizontal School Bag Anime High School Cosplay Black from a 100% legit site operating in 164 countries. Since 2014, it has been supplying customers with a wide range of products and fulfilling their wishes. You will find many positive customer reviews on portals such as Trustpilot, etc. The company uses the latest advanced technologies and software systems to ensure a convenient and safe shopping experience for all customers. Your data is completely safe and protected by the company using encryption and other latest programs and technologies. “The well-maintained Randoseru backpack is a symbol and evidence of their carefree childhood for the Japanese.”

A school bag designed for children to carry through their 6 years of elementary school.

Traditionally, the Randoseru backpack is a Japanese school bag given to a young child at the start of their first year of school. Randoseru backpacks are known for their aesthetics and functionality. These Japanese school bags are designed to be carried by students during their 6 years of elementary school.

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The design and durability of the Randoseru backpack is designed for the active lifestyle of children of this age. The well-groomed Randoseru backpack is for the Japanese a symbol and evidence of their carefree childhood. After years of designing and styling this classic Japanese school bag, we’ve redesigned it in a modern style that’s perfect for adults and working professionals alike.

The Randoseru backpack is more than just carrying things. The history of this Japanese school backpack begins about 100 years ago, when Japan at that time was sorely lacking in resources. Therefore, it was necessary for people to take good care of their things so that they last as long as possible. A well-designed and durable bag is its foundation. This spirit continues today in the Randoseru backpack. It is believed that the Randoseru school bag from Japan develops children’s ability to take care of their belongings at an early age.

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High performance is not the only reason why the Randoseru backpack is popular in Japan. The Randoseru backpack also serves as a bridge to bridge the gap between people of all backgrounds. The hope was to close the gap between the rich and the poor with a plain and invisible backpack. Japanese school bags of the past were usually only available in the primary colors of red and black. The idea is that when everyone in the same school wears the same school bag, it tends to keep young children away from comparing material things with their peers. This allows them to focus more on developing good morals and ethics.

Our carefully designed Randoseru backpack allows adults and children of all genders and ages to carry it with exceptional comfort and functionality.

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Whereas the traditional randoseru is thick and short. It offers many benefits for young schoolchildren due to their short legs and the need to carry large items such as a lunch box. These children’s Randoseru bags are not suitable for adults who want to carry different things with them and lead a different lifestyle. So we’ve taken the essence of the functionality, performance and durability of the Japanese school bag and brought it to life in the all-new Randoseru backpack. We achieved this by reframing the proportions from scratch to create a slim and modern profile that suits all ages, from teens to adults.

The result is a very comfortable Randoseru backpack. The small profile of the backpack also allows you to move around big cities with increased efficiency and comfort, while at the same time it is ideal for a work-sized laptop. With our innovative design, this Japanese school bag is no longer limited by small children and students. An upgraded backpack with a modern aesthetic is suitable for all wearing styles and occasions, from the formal workplace to casual gatherings. With zero inclusion in their professional and formal attire, many adults have rediscovered the functionality and carrying comfort of the Randoseru handbag, allowing them to ditch the briefcase or sling bag.

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“With zero coverage of their professional and formal wear, many adults have rediscovered the usefulness and convenience of carrying the Randoseru bag hands-free.”

Hako One Randoseru bag in brown 01 Ships within 5-7 business days

Japan’s School Bags Are Expensive And Fashionable

Hako One Randoseru bag in black 01 Ships within 5-7 business days 02 Worldwide priority shipping 03 Ships in recycled packaging zippers, plaids, clips and webs. cables. Over the years, people have asked me what bags are inspired by, and I often mention Japanese school bags and retro travel bags.

When I talk about Japanese school bags, I am referring to those bags that teenage girls often wear in Japan as part of their school uniform. it definitely takes inspiration from school uniforms – my favorite trend. There is something about the cleanliness, uniformity and anonymity of the uniform that I like.

Japan is well known for another type of school bag called Randoseru which is very popular among young children. This is a bright box made of durable leather. They are mostly featured in manga and anime. However, the version inspired by these soft shapes is a nylon zipper close to a large bag with a narrow structure. They usually have long shoulder straps that allow you to carry the bag over your shoulder or wear it as a backpack.

This version of the bag has shorter shoulder straps to give it a more unisex look, and a flexible shoulder strap to allow it to be carried over the shoulder or across the body.

Japanese Backpack 2021new Large Capacity Schoolbag Female Junior High School Student Summer College Student High School Student Backpack Male

These girls who study in Japan are beautiful, they love making their bags with knick-knacks and the way they carry their bags, BUT… they have character, creativity and like most teenagers, they are rebellious and independent. These are also important values ​​as a sign.

You can buy this bag in one of four colors – black, green, gray and navy here

All of our bags are inspired by design and we look forward to sharing the stories of our other bags in future posts. Stay tuned!

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