Jetstar Ballina To Sydney Today

Jetstar Ballina To Sydney Today – Terminal: An attempt to check online failed last night with the same error message displayed on every attempt. A quick tweet to @JetStarAirways indicated that online check-in would not be available for me today and advised me to get to the airport early to check in. This meant arriving at the airport earlier than expected, but traveling with hand luggage meant a quick stop at the self-service kiosk, printing your boarding pass, and then going to security.

As Jetstar is owned by Qantas, the benefits of priority booking and lounge access for Qantas frequent flyers still apply when flying Orange Kangaroo. There were quite a few people leaving from Melbourne this weekend this morning, so the first reservation was to relax before having breakfast at the Qantas Club before the flight was called. My phone went into trouble this morning so for the first time I saw the benefit of the free phones scattered around the lounge.

Jetstar Ballina To Sydney Today

Most Jetstar flights depart from the new terminal in the Qantas / Jetstar joint terminal, with my flight departing from Gate 27 inside the hangar in addition to this terminal. The planes change quickly and boarding had already started when I arrived, there was no line so it was just a short walk through the terminal, up the stairs to a friendly greeting from the cabin manager before we took off. .

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Departure: We left on time even though some team members were worried about the time it would take to inform two customers with special needs (especially, deaf and blind). The cabin manager, however, was very helpful in helping these passengers, making sure they got information for their own safety before allowing the last door to close. A reminder to the crew that since there is no kitchen on this plane, your conversations can be overheard by your customers; then consider if your conversations reflect the image your company would like to promote.

We started west, exiting and making a few detours towards the top, we crossed the NSW border at Corowa, followed Wagga before making a detour towards Ballina. Our flight time was to be a short one hour and 47 minutes with an expected on time arrival in Byron.

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Address: 1A. This seat undoubtedly offers the best legroom in this aircraft, with no bulkhead and legroom limited only by the crew seats (which if you can reach, you’re doing well). Watch your head when you get in and out of this seat, as the package on the shelf will hurt you quickly if you’re too loose with the amount of legroom you’re being given. The tray table is in the armrest and is surprisingly sturdy, with only a small amount of space for my laptop as I write this review. Like all budget seats, you’ll struggle to fit a laptop and food on the table, but a 15-inch laptop and a drink will fit nicely.

Aircraft: Airbus A320. This is the flagship of JetStar’s domestic fleet and offers all-in-budget policies in a 3-3 configuration. Exit rows and front row seats have additional charges, however these are reasonable and in my opinion worth the additional cost for anything over an hour of flight time.

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IFE: There is no free IFE available, however dashboards are provided when the seat belt is off. I didn’t go on them on this short flight, however they are similar to the ones I reviewed last year while flying with JetStar to Hawaii (which you can read about here). Instead, I chose my iPhone for music and my laptop for other work. Unfortunately I forgot my headphones on this day’s flight, but the crew kindly provided me with a pair of headphones, which did the trick for this flight.

Food: The Starter Plus fee I purchased included a $5 coupon to be used on food and drink. The Buy On Board menu offers a wide variety of food options including muffins, biscuits, cheese and biscuits, as well as many special options such as hot cakes, fresh and fried sandwiches, as well as a range of beer, wine, drinks and beverages. . The staff points out that they reserve the right to remove alcohol from the plane if they feel you have reached your destination.

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Although I’m not very hungry, the $5 coupon tempted me to try the menu, so with an extra $4 I bought a can of soda and a sandwich maker (it takes 10 minutes to make). Once the hot pot was prepared (which should have been accompanied by something along the lines of “hot pot, hot pot”) the ham and cheese toast called “Paddington Market” was served. After wanting to burn my fingers, I decided to leave it too cold before trying it. Once at a moderate temperature, the toast was perfect for flying. The packaging worked well and there is a soft snack that is filling enough to sustain me throughout the morning (obviously the sugar in the soft drink can also help a little).

Arrival: A light southerly breeze brought the sea and the development of houses before arriving at Ballina Byron Bay Regional Airport. A good bit of reverse and hard braking stopped before we continued to the other side of the runway where we could turn around and go back to the final building. The Ground staff were ready for our timely arrival and within minutes we were walking across the hot asphalt towards Ballina.

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Staff: The front desk manager was nice and handled the flight very well. The other workers worked well and made a great team. I was a little disappointed by what one of the staff said about his opinion about travelers with special needs and the need for companions, however they did well. I think they should know that without a front line, the front lines can hear what you have to say.

Overall: Overall, this was a fun flight, good service and an easy connection between Melbourne and Byron Bay. While I personally prefer to fly as non-directly as possible, for small communities these direct air links provide a huge boost to their tourism and local economy! Thank you @JetStarAirways for a great flight.

Previous post United Club Tokyo Narita: Are the Australian critics angry? Next post OnDestination: Byron Bay – East PointPassenger VH-VQ of Australia was en route from Sydney to Ballina / Byron Gateway airport when the accident occurred on 18 May 2018.

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The pilots of a Jetstar Airbus A320 forgot to lower the landing gear while arriving at a NSW airport after a “series of setbacks”, a report has found.

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The report, carried out by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, found that the flight crew “walked around” on the first approach to Ballina because the plane’s flight path did not meet the “stabilized approach criteria”.

However, the report found that because the flight crew did not follow the plan during the first round, a “series of distractions” was created, which eventually meant that the landing gear was left in place.

“During the back leg after the first go-around, the flight crew did not select a lower landing gear as they had started the landing sequence with Flaps 3 settings,” the statement said.

“Furthermore, the flight crew made mistakes in the landing inspection, which prevented the identification and correction of the wrong landing system.”

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During the second landing, at an altitude of about 700 feet, the main warning was activated informing the crew of the problem.

“Unforeseen events during the arrival and landing phases can significantly increase the normal time of a major operation,” the report concludes.

“Adherence to standard operating procedures and proper aircraft monitoring and procedures to ensure that the visual approach can be completed safely.

“The selection of an inappropriate automatic flight mode, unforeseen events or any confusion about the functions or procedures can make decisions and actions that increase the risk of the safety of the aircraft and its passengers.”

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Following the incident, Jetstar Airways informed the ATSB that members of the flight crew were involved in communications with air traffic control and received a real simulator and scheduled flight training related to the incident.

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