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WARNING: According to the city of Topeka, neither Jim’s Heating nor Michael Dodson is currently licensed or certified to perform any HVAC work in the Topeka area. Michael is currently working under an expired “apprenticeship” permit, he has never held a “tourist” or “teacher” permit. The address on Jim’s website is not Jim’s, but Michael’s home address. Jim Robinson must have retired, this is not the Jim Heating and Cooling we have done business with in the past.

Jims Heating And Cooling

Michael submitted a “two day” job that was approved two weeks before his “job” started, but after five days he was not qualified. Mikael’s agreed request to submit a good 96% of it totaling “advanced money requested” just under $6200.00, and get himself lowered to 92% and offer a change of purpose. Michael’s arrived two hours late on the first day, and disappeared for the evening, never returning from “lunch”; Michael spent two of the next four days “working” until after 8:00 pm; then ask after five days “only need an hour to finish”

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Our church is currently without a service department, so there is NO HEAT OR A/C in our lounge, fellowship hall or offices.

After asking Michael to leave our church we were bombarded by his “friends and family” on google, and social media. Michael’s wife has sent emails to other churches that we are not affiliated with and has threatened our church with legal action. they may not correspond directly to the data found on the public review site.

Mick was very polite and with the time he arrived, he was on time. We have been with Jim for many years and have had excellent service. Mick did a great job explaining that everything was fine & he worked on both parts & was prompt & clean with his work

Mark is great to work with! Mark goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service! I would definitely use Jim’s Heating and Cooling again. I HAVE NOT HAD GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE IN YEARS! GIVE ME A CALL… you don’t want to come on!

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Jim’s Heating & Cooling 2132 Highway A, Washington, Mo 63090

Mick came to do my A/C service on a very cold and windy day. He was the most complete engineer I ever had. He was sweet, kind and very helpful to me. I have some problems with the indoor vents (I put some filters on them) and they are very restrictive on the air flow in the house. He found the source of the contractions and suggested I should cover no more than 1 or 2. What a difference this has made! He took the time to research the issue and complimented me without making me feel like an idiot because I had crossed them. I think you must be a valuable employee with excellent customer service records.

Jim is great. We recently purchased a new AC unit and Michael as well as Ty and Kyle are very prompt and courteous. They take the time to get the installation right and make adjustments to help the technicians when they come out. Michael mentions the following to ensure the system is running at peak efficiency when the heat is on. Great company and great staff.

Stitch and John installed a new water heater in our house. He and John showed up on time, friendly and professional. The work is done and checked in a timely manner. A little tailor interviewed my wife and I about our hot water preferences and needs. He suggested other options to save money, which made sense to us. Jim’s heating and cooling is a great maintenance plan that also saves us money. The real kicker is when the inspector comes to look at the work you do. Our inspector took a step back and said “this heating installation is well done!”

We have been a customer of Jim’s since the 90’s. They have installed new heating systems in two houses for us. They have serviced these systems year after year. In that time, they have answered two warranty issues and stood by their product. When one supplier changed he supported Jim’s guidance in correcting the problem. They had technicians who have great skill and knowledge of our rather complex heating system and solved all a problem We recently had a problem with a damper in a local system that is over 15 years old and it was fixed quickly.. We have met many technicians over the years and each one has been excellent . During that time we had no problems with the company. Thanks to all who work there for their integrity and maintaining high standards. BTW, this is not hyperbole because I am very familiar with organizational systems and quality improvement. If Jim doesn’t work, I won’t hesitate to say so. Honesty, trust, intelligence, understanding and friendship. How can you beat that? Thanks again to the team at Jim’s

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Jim Bollinger & Son

I appreciate the calm and good manners and of course the kindness I always receive from the great service technicians at JHAC. My Service Engineer is Mick & I must say he is impressive. Mick values ​​his clients & is dedicated to providing them with the most perfect service. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Cathy & Allison who did a fantastic job setting up the HQ and communicating with many customers. Good luck & continued success to the fine folks at Jim’s Heating & Cooling. Highly recommended! Thank you, Larry Sheehee

After several HVAC companies came out to look at our Bryant system, we were referred to Kyle at Jim’s Heating & Cooling. He came out the next day, knew the system very well and gave us a quote for 1/3 the price of another company! We saved almost $600 by going with Jim’s and our AC is back working. Kyle was great and helpful. High praise.

Quick and careful work. They are on time and very efficient. We now have hot water without leaks. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Super impressed! From the first sales trip to the installation of the furnace, AC unit, and water heater, the team was very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend it. Thank you!

Berhorst Heating & Cooling In Freeburg Mo

Mark and his team are very professional, knowledgeable and courteous! Mark is the man! You will be able to install everything in one day and clean up afterwards. They do an amazing installation job and are competitively priced. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

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Anthony was an integral part of the team that installed our new HVAC system. Anthony demonstrates first-rate ethics, stays focused on the job, and gets it done on time. Anthony not only contributed to the high-tech end of the job of installing a completely new system, but also assisted in cleaning up the existing dirty work that was not it was an easy job. I highly recommend Team Jim!

Jason is another member of Team Jim who has a highly developed work ethic and professional “can do” attitude. He worked hard, stayed on the job, and not only did he get the job done on time, but my feelings came early. Not only did they install a new HVAC system but they cleaned our driveway, which I believe has not been done since the house was built. The new system works perfectly and the airflow through the exhaust system is better than before. I highly recommend Jason and his team!

John and his team did an amazing job installing our new HVAC system at the worst time of the year – late December. John and his crew arrived on time, finished the job on time, and when they left we had a warm and comfortable house as the weather was very cold. They keep the impact of the job to a minimum and even clean up after themselves when the job is done! Highly recommended!!

Jim Schiffler Heating & Air, Llc

Mark is a consummate professional. Soft spoken and very polite he gave us the information and options we needed to make a difficult decision. The installation was done very quickly and very professionally. I highly recommend these guys. They face the nightmare of having to install a new furnace in the dead of winter that is much smaller.

Nathan has been working hard for the past two years, since we bought our house, to implement our retirement plan. He warned us that our system was out of service but found that our machine needed cooling and fixed it to keep it running long enough to have a new system. Nathan is honest, sincere, and has a great work ethic. It gives us all the information we need to fix it but it also gives us other options

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