Jobs In Dandenong No Experience

Jobs In Dandenong No Experience – EdX Institute is Melbourne’s leading provider of quality tutoring. We are looking for qualified and experienced English teachers for small groups of motivated students in grades 5-9. The focus of the programs is to prepare students for scholarships and elective exams. AND

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Jobs In Dandenong No Experience

EdX Institute is Melbourne’s leading provider of quality tutoring. We are looking for qualified and experienced English teachers for small groups of motivated students in grades 5-9.

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With the right candidate, it is possible to negotiate an attractive salary including pension insurance. You should be willing to commit to at least 12 months.

The EdX Institute offers a friendly and supportive environment to both staff and students. We want to hear from candidates who are service oriented, flexible and have a passion for quality and success.

The EdX Institute began its humble operation in 1994 by providing tutoring support to children attending a language school. The consistent and impressive performance of these students in their schoolwork led to a rapid increase in numbers.

Many of these students wanted scholarships and selective school exams. The institute therefore decided to design a robust program that would ensure their success. This was achieved with the help of an expert group of people. The programs were conducted by experienced teachers. The results were surprising. Over the years the program has evolved and improved into one of the best available in Victoria.

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The EdX Institute has social goals and values ​​and in line with them, our fees are kept at a very competitive and affordable level. Community service is one of our main goals. The EdX Institute is actually run by people who have been doing community service for many years. Most of our administrative staff are volunteers. It is therefore no surprise that we are able to keep our fees much lower than those offered by other comparable courses. We want to help ALL children. We have a real interest in our next generation.

At the same time, quality is non-negotiable for EdX. We never compromise on quality. We employ the best available, qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers. Our teachers respond to the educational needs of each student. That’s the culture we’ve developed at EdX.

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Our students have been constantly in different opposition competitions. We accept 1st year students. In addition to preparing for competitive exams, our courses are excellent for students who want to excel in their regular school work.

The earlier students enter our course, the better their progress and the better the result. We have introduced a very attractive discount program to make it much cheaper for parents who enroll their children early in our courses.

The Local Paper. Peninsula Frankston Greater Dandenong Edition. Wed., Dec. 8, 2021 By Ash Long

We pay due attention to actual classroom instruction. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, students can gain a lot. This includes strengthening the basics, learning new methods and techniques, and strengthening the skills to answer questions quickly. We combine this with many worksheets, weekly tests and mock exams to help students improve their speed, accuracy and study skills. Our approach provides students with the right mix of activities for effective learning and retention. We strive to find a balance between classroom work and tests. It is important that our teachers personally correct all worksheets and exam papers to develop a personal understanding of each student. This allows students to provide the most valuable individual feedback.

Although we take students through a structured and intensive program carefully tailored to meet the specific requirements and criteria of competitive competitions, we are aware of the need to take a long-term view of education. Competitive examination is neither the beginning nor the end of a student’s educational opportunities. At the end of our coaching program, students achieve the academic level required for the academic year. This allows them to stay ahead and stay ahead of the curve as they continue their education. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom looking to make money working from home, or just want to avoid rush hour traffic for once, these are the best work-from-home jobs.

Online jobs that allow you to work from home are one of the greatest benefits of technology, giving us hundreds of jobs that could only be done in traditional offices ten years ago. Now, with fast communication technology, databases and the power of a humble laptop, the ability to work-life balance by working from home is finally more accessible. There are plenty of legitimate work from home jobs in Australia that have flexible hours and start immediately, you just need to know where to look.

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Working from home and working online is a growing industry and an exciting opportunity to save time and money for both companies and employees.

On the one hand, companies save more on utilities, office equipment and rent, and you can save more time, sleep, energy and money. Imagine getting up in the morning, making your coffee and walking ten steps to the office, all in the comfort of your favorite UGG boots.

Flexible working, both full-time and casual, is available in almost every industry; you have to know where to look.

Most domestic workers are mainly located in the capital cities, including Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. However, more online jobs are growing in regional areas – there are now quite a few work from home jobs in country NSW.

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Today, 1 in 3 Australians earn money from home, up from 1 in 12 just a decade ago. Rapid innovations in technology and the Internet mean we can spend more time with family, work in our pajamas, and avoid the horrors of the morning commute.

If you want to be 1 in three and improve your productivity, work-life balance and save precious hours every week at home; These are the best work from home jobs in Australia.

Customer service assistants are the face of the company, responsible for serving customers and clarifying any questions or concerns they may have. These days, customer service jobs are more often online or over the phone, which is a great option for stay-at-home moms or those looking to make money from home.

Sales representatives sell products or services to a company’s potential customers. They are responsible for knowing a lot of information about the offer and being able to answer questions accurately. Sales representatives often have strong communication skills because many sales jobs are done over the phone and require persuasion.

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Assistants have to perform office work and administrative duties. Thanks to advances in technology, more administrative duties can now be performed outside of the office, making this position ideal for anyone with a home office setup. Tasks may include making phone calls, scheduling meetings, and digital copying.

Would you like to work remotely? Do you like the idea of ​​owning your own business? Would you like the freedom to work part-time or full-time? Starting a virtual assistant business could be the career move you’ve been looking for!

Child care centers will be in high demand over the next five years and home care is expected to increase. Child care workers are responsible for the supervision and development of young children, and this is increasingly done in children’s homes rather than orphanages.

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Data entry involves manually entering information into a database or spreadsheet. Although much can be done automatically these days, there are still many projects that require manual work. Work from home Data entry operators collect and enter data, maintain records, and ensure their accuracy.

Before diving into any data entry task, you should understand what to expect. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about a career in data entry.

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