Jordan Springs Property Growth

Jordan Springs Property Growth – Jordan Springs, New South Wales Australia, is located about 47 kilometers west of Sydney. The town is bordered by the suburbs of Cranebrook to the west, Llandilo to the north, and Werrington Downs to the south.

Settled in the early 19th century, the area originally known as Jordan Hill was primarily used for agriculture. In 1941, the Commonwealth government reclaimed 700 hectares of land to create St Marys Defense Square. In 1955, an additional 500 hectares of land was acquired. A factory for the production and storage of ammunition was built on the site and operated until 1993, when ADI Ltd attempted to convert the site into housing. In 2004, the Commonwealth government sold land to Lend Lease to provide 4,800 homes.

Jordan Springs Property Growth

East of Jordan Springs is Wianamatta Regional Park. This 900-acre park is home to some of the last remaining Cumberland Plain Woodland areas listed as critically endangered ecological communities under the Endangered Species Act. The park is also home to a population of kangaroos and emus.

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In 1805, Captain John Houston was granted 500 acres of land in what is now Jordan Springs. In a land exchange around 1820, William Faithful took ownership. Faithful had previously purchased 700 acres from Richard Brooks in 1818. Other landowners in the area were Henry Bedford and James Tobias Ryan, butchers, sportsmen, and local politicians. The Ryan family has lived on Faithful Estate since 1826.

The area to the west of Brooks’ original grant is the site of Castlereagh Common. Most of the Crown land, used by local farmers for grazing, as well as small settlers.

The name “Jordan” has a historical connection with the place. Jordan Hill is listed on the Nepean Electoral Roll of 1869-1870 as the property of William Faithful.

The word “Source” was chosen to represent the water body in the plantation that is used as a rainwater management function.

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The Commonwealth Government proceeded to set aside another 700 acres to create a site for the defense of St Marys. Another 500 hectares were occupied in 1955. Mayor of Penrith Karen McKeown said that the council has a legal duty to warn people who are building houses in Sydney in decline. Photo: Carly Earl / The Guardian

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Real estate giant Lendlease will offer to renovate or buy back up to 841 homes in an area of ​​western Sydney built on landfill and known as a sinking suburb.

The company maintains that only about 90 homes built in Jordan Springs East are actually damaged or structurally affected.

Penrith City Council has warned residents and potential buyers that an independent investigation has shown this suburb is allegedly built on “relatively low density” landfill and lost.

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The council initially added an entry to the planning certificate, reflecting concerns about fewer homes, but gradually added a list of related properties. Threat planning increased in September, from 195 to 841.

Lendlease’s offer to buy back the real estate was formulated as a reassurance to homeowners concerned about the effect the council’s provisions would have on their property values.

A spokesperson told Guardian Australia that the firm was trying to remove council planning records from the “majority” of client properties because Lendlease investigators believed they were unaffected by structural issues.

The spokesman also said that reports on Tuesday that Lendlease would buy back every suburban house for $600 million were incorrect, and that the amount of property bought back would depend on the damage assessment and whether the owners were willing to repair the house or return it first. investment.

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“Based on our investigation and expert advice, we believe that the majority of properties are not affected by over-settlement, which is around 90 houses in the Armory Road area,” he said.

“In response to the efforts of the Council, we proactively reassured residents – which we believe can have an impact – that we will support them in the unlikely event that the property has a billing problem beyond the requirements of Australian standards.”

Announcing the additional planning warning in September, Penrith Mayor Karen McKeown said the council was “aware that the note may be of concern to some homeowners and would like to reassure them that the decision was made only after extensive professional consideration and in the best interests of all property owners. .”

“We have a moral and legal obligation to provide current and future owners with information about matters that may affect their property,” said McKeown.

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Lendlease previously announced a compensation program for Jordan Springs East, but the latest move expands the offer to all homes subject to planning records after reports of cracks and damaged properties in the suburbs. Just 7km from Penrith and offering a lakeside lifestyle, it’s no wonder Jordan Springs was named Australia’s best-selling housing project in 2014. With so many house and land packages available in Jordan Springs, we thought we’d give you a little more insight into what it has to offer this diverse region!

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Completed at the end of 2016, the new versatile Village Ovalis is a big hit in Jordan’s spring shoes! There is a large off-leash dog park, which is divided into two sections (one for small dogs and one for larger dogs), complete with agility equipment for your pup to run, play and make new friends. There is also a ‘driving school track’ with lights, signs and junctions where children can play with their bikes while learning simple road rules.

As an active and diverse community, Jordan Springs always has new activities emerging. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to stay up to date on upcoming events.

Due to the fact that during the Second World War it was mainly used for sawing wood and agriculture and even as an explosives factory, the area that is now a Regional Park, was closed to the public for more than 50 years. For the first time, visitors can enter the park, which is now home to an amazing variety of native shrubs, as well as many endangered species of wildlife (for this reason, furry friends should not miss this – dogs are not allowed to enter. park).

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At 900 ha, it is now Sydney’s largest Regional Park, larger than the Sydney Olympic Park and more than four times the size of Centennial Park. Go for a walk or train on the beautiful trails, or relax in the barbecue and picnic area. Just a 20-minute drive from Jordan Springs, you’ll enjoy an intense family park tour.

Located at the foot of the Blue Mountains (about a 15 minute drive from Jordan Springs), Penrith is the perfect place to get out, push your limits and try something new.

For family fun, check out Cables Wake Park. Children will enjoy the Aqua Play Area where they can run, jump and slide on an inflatable obstacle course floating in an artificial lake. Comfortable in the water? Step up your action with professional water skiing, wakeboarding or kneeboarding lessons! Suitable for all skill levels, anyone can try.

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Get your adrenaline pumping at the Whitewater Stadium, where natural and artificial materials have been used to recreate the characteristics of a wild river. A one-of-a-kind river in the southern hemisphere, even experienced paddlers will tackle whitewater rafting or kayaking. For safety reasons, participants must swim strong and confident in the water.

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You don’t like water Challenge yourself in Escape Room 51. In a small team, you have an hour to escape the room by finding clues and solving logical puzzles. Best for teenagers and adults alike, this is an amazing afternoon of mental exercise!

For a full list of the amazing things Penrith has to offer, visit You will never get bored with all these activities at your fingertips.

If all of this sounds a bit like you, take the first step into Jordan Springs property by checking out home and land packages in your area. These affordable packages range from $587,450-$701,250* making Jordan Springs affordable for first home buyers. Contact us today to discuss your options – our goal is to help you create your dream home. Sydney real estate may cost an arm and a leg now, but it will be a steal compared to what future generations will pay.

Economic models show that by the end of 2030, home buyers could pay an average of up to $7.5 million in some council areas – twice as much as today.

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The value of real estate considered in this way has continued to grow at an average annual rate for the past 30 years, in a period characterized by recession and economic recovery, as well as increases and decreases in housing construction.

Sydney house values ​​rose by an average of 6.8 per cent a year over the period, while unit values ​​rose by about 6.4 per cent a year.

If the market continues this trajectory, lower priced homes in the Greater Sydney area, including the Blue Mountains and Central Coast,

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