Kelly Green Crane Hire

Kelly Green Crane Hire – Cadman Cranes, the UK’s leading mobile crane hire supplier, has significantly reduced its carbon footprint by switching from conventional diesel to HVO biofuel.

It’s no secret that mobile cranes are bad for the environment and contribute to harmful CO production.

Kelly Green Crane Hire

Emissions. While manufacturers’ emissions continue to improve, their particularly heavy payloads and the need for high-powered, diesel-fueled engines contribute 26 million tons of CO.

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Produced by road vehicles each year. If we want to save our planet, urgent action is needed to improve sustainability, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move towards a greener future – and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

A deeper analysis found that over a 12-month period, Cadman’s cranes produced an average of 673 tonnes of CO.

, of which 533 tons came from the use of red diesel in various mobile cranes. With an ongoing sustainability strategy, a leading crane hire business in Essex has experienced the biggest change ever to the mobile crane industry, becoming the UK’s first mobile crane hire company to switch from diesel. For HVO, renewable sources replace green fuels.

Cadman Cranes has successfully switched 100% of its crane fleet to new fuel stations ahead of schedule by the end of 2021. As part of the Milbank Group, the switch will play a key role in the group’s wider sustainability strategy and contribute to cleanup. Earth

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“We’re a mobile crane company, and we can’t help but get these big machines on the road. But we can do it in the most responsible way possible by investing in major improvements to existing green technology.

By 514 tonnes per year, our carbon footprint has been reduced by 73%. This greatly improves air quality due to significant reductions in nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. The benefits of switching to HVO are undeniable and for Codman Cranes this is an important first step on our journey to zero carbon.

But the benefits don’t stop with Cadman cranes. With the Environment Act (designed to protect and improve our environment for future generations) now coming into UK law, we will soon be facing many new regulations and targets for those working in construction. Cadman has used HVO biofuels to help customers reduce their carbon footprint by more than 98% and dramatically improve air quality for ground crews.

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If you have general requirements for mobile crane hire throughout the UK and are interested in reducing your environmental impact, Cadman Cranes can be contacted directly by email or telephone on 01206 986610 or [email protected]

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HVO complies with EN 15940 standard and fuel quality directive 2009/30/EC Annex 2, so can be used as a direct, step-down replacement for mineral diesel. It can remove cost barriers and take practical steps towards decarbonisation without changes in infrastructure or capital expenditure. Synthesized from waste oil and vegetable oil, it is renewable, sustainable and 100% biodegradable, blending well with existing diesel. It is accepted by most major OEM engine manufacturers and has an impressive shelf life of 10 years.

Cadman understands the importance of both local and environmental conservation and recognizes that work towards a more sustainable future is never done. They are committed to constant research and development to ensure they are always moving forward and moving in the right direction. They are currently investigating the possibility of using HVO in fleet and support vehicles, as well as switching to all-electric power as possible – a major step forward in further reducing carbon emissions.

As part of future planning, they continuously review sustainability processes, analyze their effectiveness, and provide opportunities for improvement. All the companies they work with work closely with their supply chain to ensure they share the same environmental aspirations and provide as much support as possible.

Cadman Cranes operates a wide range of mobile truck, truck mounted and compact crawler cranes from its base in Essex, UK. CPA offers a full range of crane hire and contract lifting services, renowned for both safety and professionalism, with over 50 years’ experience and trusted by the UK’s leading construction companies. Read Article 3 Comments New Years? Some say 2020 is a great year, but it could be a year of deep and meaningful social and economic change. After many warnings about the danger of our planet being polluted and abused, the heavenly powers finally decided to intervene urgently. As the global economy collapses in the wake of the pandemic, those who believe in any god may be surprised. , the drive for environmental sustainability can now be forgiven for thinking that low prices are destined for the “back burner”. However, the opposite is true. One of Joe Biden’s first executive orders after taking office was to rejoin the Paris Agreement on climate change. It also plans to invest heavily in a green economy, with China pledging to become carbon neutral by 2060. Thus, the trend toward sustainability seems poised to accelerate. Online shopping and

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Read the article 17 minutes ago 10 years ago, with the wind increasing, a typical wind farm job would be no more than lifting a 120-ton nacelle 80 to 100 meters. That’s all changing, and machines in wind turbine generators like Enercon’s 7MW E-126 or Repower’s 5MW 5M weigh about 120 tons. Add to that the 220-ton generator and its included rotors and hubs, and it can add another 320 tons, with a fully assembled nacelle weighing more than 600 tons. All of this should be placed on top of the 135-meter tower, preferably at once. Although these types of turbines are still at the low end of the market, three- to four-megawatt turbines are rapidly becoming the norm.

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11 min Read article Read Wind Safety Developments A serious wind farm accident in 2008 led to a decade-long safety improvement process in the industry and provided an example of how to improve safety awareness among stakeholders. North Korea will talk to Klaus Meissner and Ton Klijn, two leaders of these efforts, who will describe the resources that can be safely lifted in wind farms. The incidents began in 2008 when a large all-terrain crane overturned while lifting a blade assembly.

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Read Article 9 minutes Read While our industry is doing better than some, the crane, access and telecom industries are still impacted by the events of 2020. However, it is encouraging to see how quickly companies are able to adapt to the many leasing companies. The fourth quarter rose to “normal” levels. As leasing companies began to open up investment, manufacturers also began to see improvements

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