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Lawn Doctor Turf Farms – How Lawn Doctor, Mosquito Hunters, and ecomaids® Leverage Strong Human Interest Stories in Their Franchise Sales Process

Vice President of Franchise Development Eric Martin believes that the main thing that sells a brand is the stories of its franchisees.

Lawn Doctor Turf Farms

In 2018, home services company Mosquito Hunters teamed up with veteran franchisee Lawn Doctor to offer customers a range of high quality outdoor services. Over the more than 50 years that Lawn Doctor has been in existence, the brand has expanded its franchise system to more than 600 locations across the country. Mosquito Hunters has also been offering opportunities to potential franchisees since 2014 and currently has 50 locations in 18 states. Both companies currently operate under their new parent company, Happinest, along with recently acquired eco-friendly cleaning brand ecomaids®.

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Mosquito swatters, Lawn Doctor and ecomaids are looking to expand into new markets. All three brands attract franchisees because of their simple home business model, which presents applicants with a low cost of entry and low overhead, but they need to get in front of the right audience.

Mainland supports the lead generation strategy of Mosquito Hunters, Lawn Doctor and ecomaids, providing brands with insightful content tailored to each stage of franchise development. Content management programs and demographic targeting through social media are both methods Mainland uses to reach candidates when they are still in the discovery phase.

Mainland has developed dozens of rich stories to help the franchise development team educate potential franchise owners about the opportunity, ranging from profiles of successful owners and brand culture pieces to corporate support and growth opportunities.

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Mainland understands the importance of telling human interest stories that resonate and relate to the right audience of mosquito swatters, lawn doctors and ecomaids – and, according to Martin, this marketing strategy is key to attracting franchisees.

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“I’m a firm believer that people buy franchises before they ever talk to the brand,” Martin said. “You need to have content that captures a candidate’s attention and allows for a relationship to develop before there is any connection between the two of you. Attract people and show them why your opportunity should be on their radar. If you do that well, they have a better understanding of their fit for the brand, which brings in better candidates.”

“The process of buying a franchise is much longer now,” Martin said. “Your strategy should not be to rush a candidate. Brands need to maintain a presence and keep content consistent to capture people when they are ready to absorb it. That way, when they come to you, there’s a refined channeling process.”

Cassidy McAloon, Senior Account Manager at No Limit Agency and writer for 1851 Franchise, credits Happinest for how well companies understand the importance of brand awareness and producing high-quality content through a third-party publication like 1851 Franchise.

“Mosquito Hunters and Lawn Doctor understand how content plays a role in brand awareness and how to get that content in front of their audience,” said McAloon. “The content that Mainland produces within the 1851 franchise plays a significant role in their sales process. They were joined by people who said they learned about the brands through articles about the 1851 franchise.”

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In addition to appealing to the human interest aspect of a content journey, Franchise Development Manager Ron Ens prides himself on the personal touch that brands incorporate into their lead discovery process.

“All communication that comes from us is personalized,” Ens said. “When candidates jump on the phone to learn more about franchise opportunities, they won’t hear the generic ‘Welcome to our team mosquito catcher.’ The message that development directors project is designed to inform and educate candidates.”

The content Mainland created for Happinest proves that at the end of the day, people crave personal, human stories – especially for the franchise industry.

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