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Lee Supa High Licks – On Thursday, September 13, 2018, Dr. Ngirente Edouard received the oath of three judges of the Supreme Military Court, reminding him that it is his duty to contribute to a country that respects the law.

He says: “I want you to fulfill the responsibility given to you by the country, based on the trust given to you by your superiors in these new responsibilities. We will remember the oath you made before us forever and it is the oath what have you done. with all Rwandans and the central government our country.” The Prime Minister shared with them some things that they should always be aware of so that they can fulfill their responsibilities and also the Rwandan army.

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This includes, Conduct professional work, Be honest in everything and everywhere; Transparency; Always be disciplined as usual; Understand the cases being dealt with and the issues that will be brought to them; To be honest in every possible way; good reception and good service; Avoid corruption,…

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They told him that the Government of Rwanda would provide him with all possible support to better fulfill his obligations and promised cooperation.

The oath taken by the prime minister is that of Lt. the regiment. Asiimwe Charles Madudu, Deputy President of the Military Court and Oath of Judges of this Court, Lieut. the regiment. Augustine and Maj. You know Charles.

Rwandan police operating in the Kinyinya sector say it was this Monday evening

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Israel Mbonyi, who is considered number one in the Gospel in Rwanda, explains that he started worshiping and praising music.

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As soon as word spread that Muvuyi Paul, Muhirwa Fred and other gang members were at the meeting, we rushed there and refused entry. What happened is this

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