Louvre House Port Melbourne

Louvre House Port Melbourne – Australia has 8 different housing types to choose from. An open house creates more space and functionality in your home.

Australian products work hand in hand. Cover part of your open roof with blinds, solar panels, external blinds or sunless glass panels – or mix and match. Complete your outdoor living room by adding lighting and heating – Australia has this outdoor living room option for you.

Louvre House Port Melbourne

Australia is proud to include Slidetec frameless glass entry doors and windows in our product line. The sliding glass doors are designed to suit the Australian climate. Bringing great design and strong security with Slidetec glass doors, you can enjoy your outdoor living space without compromising your view.

Be Inspired By The Louvre House Showrooms In Australia

Evaya’s Australian mesh shade covers or outdoor PVC blinds and outdoor venetian blinds provide excellent shade protection for your home or building and make it last longer. External blinds can be motorized (only for mesh blinds) or can be operated. Also pleased to bring you the ev80 venetian blind system from Evaya. Exterior venetian blinds can cover glass well while creating street appeal.

Australia’s Roof Retract lets you enjoy the sky above or retreat up there for functional, overhead storage. The best of both worlds.

The Sun Louvre system in Australia is expensive. Give your house or your home design and performance – all with a custom system. There are many applications for solar arrays, including motorized, manual, and custom options. Choose from both rectangular slats (all in different widths) and our Airfoil sun shades.

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Step 1! Choose your louvre size from Australia’s Airfoil Sun Louvre collection. It’s safe to say that this decision will depend on the end result you want. Airfoil sun louvres start at 70mm wide and go up to 600mm Maxi Louvre with various sizes in between – we’ll have the perfect louvre for your design.

Raphael Street, Abbotsford, Vic 3067

The strong, bold lines of the rectangular Australian Sun Louvres are well suited to contemporary architecture. The Rectangular Sun Louvres collection starts at 95mm wide and goes up to the new RL600mm Rectangular Sun Louvre. In this rectangular area there are many sizes, the proportions of which are well defined by the architects.

Australia’s premium range of blinds includes folding, folding, sliding and fancy shutter options. The insurance is designed for adverse conditions in Australia. Fill the blinds with your choice of grid fill and decide what you want to do with the grid fill, such as driving, crafting or repairing.

Australian-made gates and fences, chimneys, seating balustrades and mirrors – all provide a unique finish to any project. and all designed for you and your architect.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday 10am – 2pm (holiday / Long weekend – check the Melbourne Facebook page or call for opening hours.

Wa Architecture Awards 2021: A Showcase Of Stunning Design

Melbourne is your one stop shop for design, manufacture and installation of all types of products for Metro Melbourne, the city and all regional areas. Melbourne has a large indoor and outdoor showroom and an experienced sales team.

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Make it easy for guests and family members to enjoy and make every area of ​​your home accessible. With the push of a button, the opening roof can extend across your patio, providing good shade from the elements.

Using different colors, they can create a customizable system to suit your home. You can seamlessly blend it into your home for a classic look or make an architectural statement. It depends on you.

Come in and bring your plans to see how our friendly team can design the perfect solution for your security or solar needs.

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