Luke Mcgregor Adelaide Fringe

Luke Mcgregor Adelaide Fringe – Welcome to SnortCast. A pet project with Melbourne comedians when they were unemployed and closing in 2020 somehow became a refuge for Comedy Process and Snarf Show. Diana Nguyen is a #1 Featured Creator and Snarter who interviews and discovers the journey of a comedy hero of funny people who want to share their story and get some attention. Always keep it real, welcome to The SnortCast!

Diana talks about her stage show Chasing Keanu Reeves and how it reflects her journey in the pursuit of happiness. See for privacy information.

Luke Mcgregor Adelaide Fringe

Always one for a colorful presentation, the “hard-working acrobat host” chats to our “nasal-congested Carmen Sandiego” ahead of her Adelaide Fringe shows. Reuben and Diana talk about witty one-liners, separate gala performances and what it means to be honest…

Taskmaster Australia Announced With Tom Gleeson As Host And Tom Cashman As Assistant

Hung Le – comedian, writer, director, musician – joins Diana to talk about the government-censored stand-up performance, filming the documentary Mist of the Perfume River and the joys of playing the violin out of tune. See for privacy information.

Jordan Barr joins Diana for stand-up comedy, penguins and knowing where to punch. See for privacy information.

Lou Val joins Diana to talk about exploring your interests, creating space and wanting to become a YouTuber. See for privacy information.

This week, Diana is joined by performer and clown producer Claire Bartholomew. He volunteers to speak as a clown doctor, building rapport with the audience and allowing you to be vulnerable on stage. See for privacy information.

Stage & Stream

Luke McGregor – comedian, writer, Legend of Zelda player – joins Diana to talk about how she learned to relax, be funny and bust some demons. See for privacy information.

Diana can’t swim – so why does she love to surf? In this short episode, Diana talks about the joys of following your personal passions. See for privacy information.

Diana is joined by Emilie Bloom – a clown doctor, performer and creative entrepreneur who flies to Paris to become a clown. See for privacy information.

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This week, Diana will be joined by writer, comedian and actress Nina Oyama. He talks about working with Chaser and A Rational Fear, living with mean goths, and going viral during COVID. See for privacy information.

Actors You Probably Forgot Were Australian

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Melbourne Comedy Festival 2019: Best Shows With Multiple Comedians

Comedian and actor Luke McGregor (Utopia, It’s a Date, The Project) joins Steele at the Adelaide Fringe Festival to talk Star Wars and take questions from the audience! Luke talks about his rescue of Anakin Skywalker, his Lego collection and his addiction to movie spoilers.

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Micf Director Susan Provan On Shutting Down The Show

By continuing or selecting “OK”, you agree that we and our partners use cookies to improve the performance of our website and provide you with a tailored user experience by measuring website traffic and delivering advertisements more relevant to you and your interests. . You can read more about the purposes for which we and our partners use cookies and manage your cookie settings by visiting our Cookie Policy. We have made some updates to our cookie policy. Please note that your continued use of the Acast Service constitutes acceptance of this update. Luke McGregor is a writer, actor and one of Australia’s favorite comedians. His comedy career began in Tasmania in 2007, when he participated in the RAW comedy competition after one of the contestants no-showed. The following year he was selected as a Raw Comedy National Finalist.

Played to sold out rooms and won the prestigious Best Newcomer Award. He then had a very successful season at London’s Soho Theatre.

At the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014. Luke didn’t need to ‘worry’ too much as he moved to a bigger venue in time for the festival. Two thumbs up Mr McGregor! Immediately after MICF, Luke took the show to the Sydney Comedy Festival and won the 2014 Best Newcomer Award. They premiered their first season at the Edinburgh Festival and a return season at London’s Soho Theatre.

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In 2015 Luke staged a sold-out comeback season of three shows at the Comedy Theater in Melbourne. Luke kicked off 2017 with lucrative seasons of his brand new solo show

Luke Heggie Offers A Temporary Escape From Your Banal Life

In Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne, and in 2018, Luke performed a return season of sold-out shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

There he co-starred with Peter Hellyer, Ryan Shelton and Dave Hughes. In television, he has regular roles

(ABC1) stole the show and achieved cult status among celebrities he was lucky enough to interview.

Luke won Most Popular Actor at the 2019 TV Week Logie Awards for ABC TV alongside Celia Pacquola. The fifth and final season

The Snortcast With Diana Nguyen (podcast)

“Couples on Couchs” starring Skitbox (web series)

A true story with Hamish and Andy (Season 1) Character: Medical Records Officer for the Australian Center for Humorous Medical Records. Citation: Tim Bartley, ST Productions Pty Ltd 2017

Like Me (series 3) Character: Estate agent. Reference: Matthew Saville, Please Like Me Series Three Pty Ltd 2015

NOIRHOUSE (Web Series – Series 2 & 3) Character: Courier. Citation: Shaun Wilson, Latitude Films Pty Ltd 2014

Akmal Saleh Corporate Entertainer

Time of Our Lives (Series 2) Character: Luke. Reference: Jonathan Brough, Time Productions no. 2 Pty Ltd 2014

You handled my role: Chief Paramedic, Terry Toldo. Reference: Damien Davies and Peter Lawler, Jigsaw Entertainment Pty Ltd 2012

Milk and the Quiz (Short) Character: Terry the Postman. Quote: Matthew McNamara, 2015 Now add Honey’s character: Charles. Citation: Wayne Hope, Gristmill Productions 2014

An almost established IT solo show. Adelaide Fringe, BCF & MICF 2017-2018 I believe several solo shows exist. Adelaide Fringe, MICF 2014

Events For 8 September

Weekly Charlie Pickering (Series 6) Half Hour News Hour Pty Ltd 2020 ROSEHAVEN (Series 4) Address: Jonathan Brough & Shaun Wilson Series Four P/L 2020 Rosehaven (Series 3) Ref: Jonathan Brough & Shaun Wilson (Series 3) Reference 2019

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