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Mail Call Couriers Port Melbourne – Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, is landlocked by 19 of the country’s 20 provinces. The only province that has road access to Port Moresby is Central province. Travel between Port Moresby and the provincial capital is only by air and is expensive in terms of airfare. To make travel worse, there are no direct flights between most provinces. All flight routes pass through Jacksons International Airport (Domestic Terminal) which is a hub for two major airlines – Air Niugini (national airline carrier) and PNG Air (third tier airline). This means that those traveling to other provinces will have to go through Port Moresby. Some direct flights between provincial cities.

This makes it quite expensive for people and businesses, special logistical conditions and short or urgent business travel needs.

Mail Call Couriers Port Melbourne

Another major problem is that the headquarters of the main government department, the statutory organization (government body) is in Port Moresby. The PNG government has a centralized system of government where all headquarters are in Port Moresby and the province has a representative for each department with limited functions. Key government agencies and super funds such as PNG Investment Promotion Authority, (PNG IPA), Inland Revenue Commission (IRC), Nambawan Super, Nasfund, PNG Customs, PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority (PNG ICA) etc., all have offices in regional centers. . However, the efficiency in terms of customer service at these offices is highly dependent on logistics and communication links with their head office in Port Moresby. Service at some centers may be better than others depending on location.

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Although there are several local logistics companies in Papua New Guinea, the three main logistics companies with international networks are:

DHL is one of the world’s leading brands in courier services. It has offices in PNG and serves the domestic market, as well as using the province’s network of offices and agents.

Post PNG Limited is a leading provider of postal and logistics services in the missing country of PNG. It was historically part of the PNG Telecommunications Corporation (PTC) and was subsequently spun off as a separate entity. The telecommunications side of the business was transferred to what is now Telikom PNG Limited and the logistics and postal services are now Post PNG Limited. Because it has long been associated with membership in the Universal Postal Union (UPI), using the Express Mail Services (EMS) network through member organizations around the world.

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TNT is also one of the oldest domestic operators from Australia. It is an international courier service company with its headquarters in the Netherlands in Hoofddorp, Netherlands in Europe. This is a branch of the famous international American courier company FedEx. TNT has 18 branches and agents in Papua New Guinea.

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All three (3) of these courier companies have international standard ICT expertise and infrastructure through their global network of operations and can handle all logistics and courier requirements for SMEs and local PNG individuals. Domestic and international transport. Below are the basic steps to use their services.

If the parcel or letter is confidential or very important, for example, Passport Application and , IPA Business Name Registration Application etc., it is important to visit the organization’s website and check the pages on how to submit the application and who to turn to if this is the case. sent by courier. Then address it correctly according to the instructions from the organization. If the information on the website is not clear, contact the organization by email or phone and get the correct details.

Another alternative is to use a third party (agent, relative or colleague. In this case, be sure to go to the organization’s website and check the information on whether the third party can file the application. Also, check the list of checking the necessary documents and forms Basically, here to make sure that all the required documents are in order and the required forms have been completed and signed.

Other items and packages, which do not require the help of a third party, simply contact your colleague or relative and give them the tracking number so that they can collect them at the courier office when they arrive to their destination.

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If SMEs or individuals think they will be using courier services regularly, it is best to sign up with a courier. Registered users have additional benefits. For details on registered user benefits, visit our courier website or local branch office or agent and ask for more detailed information. This is particularly important if SMEs have overseas suppliers and operations in the province. Also, there are SMEs or individuals who want to send goods abroad.

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Couriers handle all types of cargo and have the latest knowledge and skills in handling and delivering any type of cargo. It can provide valuable information on customs requirements and packaging requirements. Due to their operations in different countries, they continue to update their information to better serve their customers.

An alternative to using the services of a courier company is to send via an air cargo service. Visit your local Air Niugini or PNG Air ticket office or agent to inquire about cargo services.

Both PNG Air and Air Niugini already offer cargo services in all the provinces they fly to. So contact your local office / ticket agent. PNG Air also offers customers to track their cargo online. To track them they must first register as a registered customer to use this service.

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Courier companies are the lifeblood of local and international businesses. With Covid-19, courier companies are keeping the world moving despite lockdowns and travel restrictions. So SMEs and individuals should all consider using their services more often.

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More and more organizations will be motivated to reduce costs, to improve the quality of products and services, to find new opportunities for growth, to increase productivity. Major change efforts have helped many organizations adapt to changing conditions, [Read more] INTERMODAL ARGUMENTS: Proponents of the Sunraysia Mallee Port Link are arguing for the restoration of the freight line between Ballarat and the Port of Melbourne.

The floodgates are slowly opening, road transport is becoming more efficient and rail less efficient, so you have a problem.- Michael O’Callaghan, Sunraysia Mallee Port Link

The business case for the proposed $35 million Sunraysia Mallee Port Link, an Ouyen road-rail intermodal, calls for the restoration of the rail freight corridor between Ballarat and Melbourne.

The GHD Advisory business case found that by 2023, the volume of intermodal freight from north-west Victoria is expected to reach more than one million tonnes.

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Port Link consultant Michael O’Callaghan said more and more companies are converting B-Doubles to road trains, with the aim of transporting more goods economically and efficiently.

“The doors are slowly opening, road transport is becoming more efficient and rail is less efficient, so you have a problem,” Mr O’Callaghan said.

He said before the state government started the Murray Basin rail project, freight trains went to the Port of Melbourne via Maryborough to Gheringhap.

In the revised MBRP, Ararat said, the distance was expanded by 25 percent, adding extra fares and allowing only three services a week.

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Mr O’Callaghan said haulage operators and freight aggregators stressed the need for five regular services a week for efficient rail use.

“If there are less than five train services, the freight accumulator still needs a full fleet of trucks for non-train days and then there are idle drivers and trucks on those train days,” he said.

“Our emphasis is not to ask the government for the full completion of the MBRP, but for the ‘return’ of the rail transport line directly to the port”.

Mr O’Callaghan said soil tests, topography and site surveys, and a review of planning requirements, had been completed.

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“The project is shovel ready; it just needs a direct rail line to the port to return and some funding,” O’Callaghan said.

A Deloitte Access Economics report from 2019 found the highest transportation costs for wheat, at 27.5 percent of gross revenue, and fruit and vegetables at 21 percent.

The business case of unveiling the Sunraysia Mallee Port Link and restoring the Ballarat rail corridor will lower their costs, while reducing carbon emissions and road trauma.

“A 24-hour train cycle to Melbourne would provide a more compelling case for moving volumes from road to rail,” the business case found.

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“This will reduce the number of heavy vehicles on the road, improve safety for road users, significantly reduce road maintenance requirements, improve freight efficiency and reduce emissions.”

Increased expansion of wine grapes in the Northwest caused the table wine export market to grow by 20 percent in

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