Massage Near Central Station

Massage Near Central Station – If there’s one thing people come to Bangkok for besides the delicious Bangkok food and shopping at the many mega malls and night markets, it’s definitely for the cheap Thai massage! With massage parlors around every street, it is quite difficult to find a cheap and good place.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the best massage parlors in Bangkok for a pampering session you can’t say no to. Choose from this spa and massage parlor that offers a menu of treatments and massages – from basic foot massages, and neck and shoulder massages to traditional Thai body massages and more ✨

Massage Near Central Station

A pampering session at One More Thai Massage and Spa is the perfect remedy after a day out. Located just 1 minute walk from Chit Lom station, let professionals ease all the tension from all those long hours of shopping. Traditional Thai Body Massage for 1 hour will only cost you less than RM50!

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Can’t go to Japan yet? Don’t worry, because you can actually soak in an onsen in Bangkok! Cue Let’s Relax Onsen and Spa in Thonglor, a relaxing and pampering Japanese spa experience with entry to their onsen at only RM84. If you want to spend more on yourself, Let’s Relax Onsen and Spa also offers an onsen + massage package from only RM150!

Let’s Relax Spa is known as one of the best value spas in Bangkok and here’s why. A 1-hour foot massage session costs RM74, and a back and shoulder massage only costs RM86! Imagine shopping all day until you drop and finding this gem in one of Bangkok’s most popular malls – cute ✨

Let’s Relax Spa is one of the most popular spas in Bangkok, so you should definitely book before heading down. Since there are so many branches all over the city, you don’t have to worry about not finding one near you.

The first of its kind in the land of smiles, Yunomori Onsen & Spa has an elegant interior and offers a combination of both Thai and Japanese massage, spa and onsen services. Yunomori has several hot springs as well as pools with carbonated soft drinks, onsen pools and jet pools.

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In addition, the water used in the onsen pool is kept at a stable temperature of 43C and is taken directly from the springs of Wat Wangkanai, whose thermal waters are known for their healing benefits. Onsen bathing is also said to relieve the body from mental and physical stress, apart from other healing such as relaxing muscles.

Located in the Phra Nakhon district of Bangkok, Oasis Spa offers the perfect blend of ancient Thai massage techniques with modern Lanna-style treatments (traditional northern Thai architecture mainly made of teak) that will make you forget the busy city of Bangkok from the moment you step inside ..

Oasis Spa was started in 2003 and is known as the most visited spa in Chiang Mai and today has 5 branches across Thailand, two of which are in Bangkok. Highly recommended treatments include

The Perception Blind Massage Experience in Bangkok offers a unique and affordable range of massages and body treatments, performed by visually impaired massage therapists. You heard that right, by focusing only on their sense of touch, therapists aim to give you a massage experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Bai Po Massage (bangkok)

All treatments are held in a dark interior with minimal lighting and are very affordable. If you want to show support for the visually impaired, check out one of their branches in Bangkok! A 60-minute Thai body massage only costs RM35, can you believe it?

With a clean and quiet room with a little perfume, prepare to feel the exhaustion leaving your body under the hands of the experienced masseurs at Pasithea. The best part? An hour of traditional Thai massage at Pasithea will only cost you RM56 when you book!

If you are interested in other treatments, Pasithea also offers more fruit options such as Mango Twist Body Scrub and Organic Coconut Hot Oil Massage – both available for rm129 at . ✨

The Makkha Health and Spa Experience at Marriott Executive Apartments Sukhumvit Park Bangkok offers world-class massage treatments from professionally qualified and highly experienced massage therapists. So rest assured, you are in very good hands.

Lek Hua Lam Phong

Upon arrival, your therapist will wash your feet before starting your treatment, as part of Thai culture’s attention to detail regarding personal hygiene. You can also enjoy a welcome drink and snack before your massage, and a complimentary plate of mango sticky rice when you’re done!

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Treasure Spa is known as one of the city’s leading luxury spas, with elegant interiors and the subtle scent of essential oils filling the rooms. Located in the middle of Siam Square, they are now holding a special promotional package called Harmony Balance, which is a 1-hour neck and shoulder massage + foot bath that only costs RM75! After hours of shopping, this really pampers your body.

Traveling to Bangkok with your partner? Choose the Rose & Champagne Couples Massage Package held in a private luxury bath suite! This wellness package comes with a floral foot ritual, soothing body brush, champagne lavender rose petal bath, warm compress aromatic massage and more. ✨

Let’s face it, spa treatments and massages in Bangkok are either cheap and good, or really good and expensive. However, Divana Spa might just break that stereotype. They may not be the cheapest salon in Bangkok, but for value for money treatments, they won’t disappoint. They currently have 5 branches around Bangkok, each with a variety of treatments all located in traditional homes.

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Often referred to as the best luxury spa in Bangkok, guests can expect quality treatments combined with only the best products. A signature treatment like them

Started in 1999, Health Land Spa now has 10 locations in Bangkok and Pattaya, each equipped with state-of-the-art facilities with affordable treatments. Enjoy a quality massage treatment from only 550 baht and leave feeling refreshed and brand new!

In addition, Health Land has all the great facilities you need, such as shower facilities (right down to hairdryers!) when you need to wash up after a treatment. Popular treatments such as

Hotel guests staying at Pathumwan Princess Hotel are in for a treat – because after a day of exploring the streets of Bangkok, you can come back and enjoy a soothing and pampering 1-hour Thai massage for only RM78!

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Foot massage is also available for RM68 and they also offer aroma oil massage, swedish massage, body scrub and more, all available at affordable prices in a clean and comfortable environment. Place your reservation for a discounted rate and enjoy free cancellation benefits if you have a change in plans!

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Experience relief from all your ailments at Re:leaf, a unique boutique spa located in the heart of Bangkok. This massage parlor runs a number of unmissable promotions including various massage treatments under RM100.

Treat yourself to a valuable spa or massage at the Asoke Diora World branch filled with modern Thai interiors, soothing music and aromatic scents. ✨ Choose from a range of carefully curated treatments carried out by dedicated and professional therapists.

In addition to the usual foot and body massages, this branch also offers anti-aging facial massage (with the application of a gold collagen face mask) as well as beauty packages that you can treat yourself to after a long day. End the session on a high note with free Thai pudding and lemongrass pudding after a cuddle time!

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