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Max Loans Pty Ltd – Starting with a property you plan to buy or refinance, we access digital property valuations from our valuation partners.

We review your credit score and the past 24 months of payments on all credit products you have.

Max Loans Pty Ltd

While you are driving, we access your financial transaction data safely and securely. Learn more about how to complete these tests online to save you time and trouble.

Short Term Bridging Loans

We use two types of ID, such as your SIM, passport or identity card, to digitally identify you through your smartphone in minutes.

With this data, we can approve your home loan in minutes instead of weeks!, saving you time, effort, and hassle by eliminating the need for you to fill out paper-based forms or provide paperwork.

We link your bank account to save you time, paperwork and hassle. Evaluating your financial information safely and securely eliminates the painful process of manually calculating payslips, bank statements and your expenses. We do not view or store your personal account details. If you upload your document manually, we only see the same information you provide, the process is faster, more reliable and requires less effort on your part. Read the regulators’ thoughts on the process: “ASIC, ACCC give green light to ‘screen scraping’” AFR, 28 February 2020

We hold an Australian Credit Licence, 511406 and comply with the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 and operate within the guidelines of the Australian Securities Investments Commission.

Home Loan Features

Variable rates are subject to change but remain true in the video shown on this page on 13/12/20211 Mortgage Application and/or Top Up How to use this form This form allows you to apply and/or apply for a new mortgage. A top-up to get additional funds on your existing Maxis loans. We are here to help. If you need help completing your application, please contact our customer service staff between 8:00 and 17:30 (Melbourne time) Monday to Friday. Fill the form Step 1 Fill the relevant sections of the application form. Complete KPR pages 4 to 12. Top Up Existing Mortgages: Carefully read the refill requirements at the top of page 3; and page 3 to 9 and page 12. Step 2 Ensure that all candidates have signed in the relevant spaces. Step 3 Ensure that your application includes all required supporting documents as detailed in the checklist below. Checklist 3 (Only originals and/or certified copies will be accepted. All documents must be legible.) All applicants must submit the following documents when applying for a new or top-up loan: Salaried Employees’ Latest or Full Group Certificate (PAYG) . Inadequate assessment notification. Recent payslips (less than three months old) or a letter from your employer confirming your salary or wages. If you earn other income, provide appropriate documentation. The last two certified annual financial statements of an applicant who is self-employed, a director of a company or engaged in trust. Completed business and personal financial tax returns for the past two years. Latest tax assessment letter. If you have been declared bankrupt, a copy of the bankruptcy discharge certificate. Use the table below to determine the additional supporting documents you should submit with your application Your Board Building Permits Building Contracts and Specifications Building Plans # Builders All Risks Insurance/Home Owner’s Warranty ## Builders Indemnity Insurance Last six consecutive months Credit card statements Credit card statements Latest copy of your Board rate Proof of lease for investment purposes i.e. copy of lease or managing agent report # A fully approved plan must be provided to us before disbursement of funds. ## If not available at the time of application, this must be provided to us before funds are disbursed. If you have all the required information, please return to: Maxis Loans GPO Box 1127 Hobart TAS 7001 or Fax (03)

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2 Broker Details Name Consolidator Commission Account Number Phone Fax Mobile Financial Status – (Please complete if you are not submitting a separate application form) Source of Application Refinance Amounts Construction Savings Deposits Government Fees FHOG Mortgage Estimated Premiums Insurance Shares Other, Other ) Loans Needed Loan Consolidation Loan Cards Personal Loans Total Total Additional Information 2

3 Top-up details Fill this page if you are applying to top-up an existing Maxis loan. Top-up Conditions Before applying for your loan top-up, note the following: Minimum top-up amount is 10,000. Top-ups cannot be used in the following situations and you must apply for a new home loan instead: Interest-only investment loans, construction loans that add another asset security. Top-up funds can only be added to variable interest rate loans. If your loan is fixed, the additional funds will be designated as a separate facility, which will not terminate the fixed rate agreement. Loans can only be split into two facilities once, so if your loan is split and both facilities are at a fixed rate, your loan cannot be repaid until one of the split facilities reverts to a variable rate. Your top-up will be added to your current loan and the tenure of your consolidated loan will remain the same. All borrowers must be the same. Borrowers cannot be added or removed using this form. Current Home Loan Details Existing Loan Numbers If you have a separate loan, provide the loan number for variable interest rate loan facility. Current Loan Balance Remaining Term y Loan Years Please note that the remaining tenure will not change if this top-up application is approved. Top-up details Amount of top-up amount you have requested Top-up purpose: Debt Consolidation Property purchase Property repair Vacation/Travel/Vehicle Investment Other If you select Investment and/or Other, specify the details (e.g. buy shares) Top-end Want to get a loan? Should it be converted into a separate facility for your existing loan? Yes No See page 14 for separate loan terms. If yes, please specify your preferred interest rate option for Top-up Loan: Fixed Variable 1 year Fixed 3 years Fixed 5 years Fixed See page 14 for important information on interest rates. Disbursement of Top-up Funds If your application for top-up is approved, we will immediately credit the funds (less applicable fees and charges) to the account you have selected below. The loan is recharged (credited as available funds for your loan, i.e. redrawn) Bank check – specify who the check is sent to Another account at an Australian financial institution – Financial institution name Financial institution address Account holder name BSB number Rating Account number Property address Valuer to access property Who can be contacted? Name Home Phone Work Phone Mobile Phone ( ) ( ) Preferred Daytime Contact Home Work Mobile Relationship with you (eg neighbor, real estate agent) 3

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4 To apply you must be: At least 18 years of age Personal Information – Applicant 1 Applicant 1 Must be Borrower (Not Guarantor) Designation (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Other) Surname Yes Personal Details – Applicant 2 Apply as: Your Applicant 1 Borrower APPLYING IN INDIVIDUAL NAME* (NOT AS COMPANY) *YOU CANNOT GET HOME LOAN IN BUSINESS OR TRUST Name Yes Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Others) Surname Guarantor Name Issued Name Issued Date of Birth D D M Y Y Y Y Gender (L or F) Marital Status: Single/ Date of Birth of Household Partner D D M M Y Y Y Y Gender (L or F) Marital Status: Single Married/Household Partner Number of Dependents Age of Each Dependent Age of Each SIM Number Number Security Code (5-9 characters) Mother’s Maiden Name Security Code (5-9 characters) ) mother’s maiden name Are you an Australian citizen or permanent resident? Yes No Applying as a first home buyer? Yes No Are you a director of a company or have an interest in a trust? # Yes No Are you a registered business owner? # Yes No # If yes, provide details below. Are you an Australian citizen or permanent resident? Yes No Applying as a first home buyer? Yes No Are you a director of a company or have an interest in a trust? # Yes No Are you a registered business owner? # Yes No # If yes, provide details below. Contact Details – Applicant 1 Landline Preferred Daytime Contact ( ) Home Office Phone ( ) Office Mobile Phone Mobile Phone Address Contact Details – Applicant 2 Landline Preferred Daytime Contact ( ) Home Office Phone ( ) Office Mobile Phone Current Residential Address Current Residence

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