Medibank Basic Extras 70 Cover

Medibank Basic Extras 70 Cover – “Extra” is used to describe a range of healthcare services and items typically provided outside of the hospital system – things like physical therapy, dental and optical items. With many of these advantages, supplementary insurance can help you to take better care of your health in everyday life.

The best thing about Extra Cover is that you can benefit from these benefits even if you are already very healthy. That means you can take a proactive approach to your health and well-being through regular checkups and treatments, so you can try to prevent problems before they happen and start feeling better every day.

Medibank Basic Extras 70 Cover

Many additional services are not covered by Medicare, so private health insurance is a very useful way to cover some of the cost. (Note that if Medicare has a deductible, we may not provide additional benefits for the claim.)

Do You Need Extras Health Insurance?

Get help to prevent and treat injuries and pain and keep your body in peak condition. Most of our current Extras include wage benefits for Physio, Chiro and Osteo.

Additional coverage may also waive the cost of therapeutic massages when performed by an approved provider.

The first step to choosing the right deductible is understanding what you need and what is important to you. Are you wearing glasses? Want to stay active? Have children? Or are you planning a family?

Consider which services you need flexibility with. If you need major dental work like braces or a root canal, you may want more comprehensive coverage.

Tooth Whitening: The Best And Worst Options

Think about how much you want to charge back from the services you use most. Take the time to review your options to find the coverage that best suits you or your family’s needs.

It’s important to know that you must complete the waiting period before you can claim any additional benefits under your coverage. Also, the amount you can claim is limited to a year (or lifetime in the case of orthodontics). See your cover summary for more information.

If you have our existing supplemental protection*, it may be worth checking out providers in our larger Members’ Choice network. With these healthcare providers we have negotiated great offers for members, including price caps and fixed percentage refunds on certain services, so you typically pay less than if you used a provider outside of our network.

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Got the extra coverage you need? Or do you need help understanding something about your cover? Call us on 132 331 to find out more.

Medibank Private Health Insurance

*This article contains product information on the current supplements: Healthy Start Extra, Essential Extra 55, Essential Extra 70, Growing Family Extra Only, Top Extra, Basic Everyday Starter, Basic Plus Everyday Essentials, Bronze Plus Growing Family, Silver Plus Family, Silver Plus Growing Family, Silver Plus Daily Comprehensive, Gold Growing Family, Silver Plus Assured with Top Extra 70, Silver Plus Security with Top Extra 70, Security Comprehensive and Gold Ultra Health. If you have separate supplemental insurance, this information may not apply to you. A period of 12 months applies to some dental services. 2 Everyone has the right to health Choosing private health insurance can be confusing, from deciding whether you need hospital insurance, supplemental insurance, or both, to deciding which insurance is best for you. That’s why we’ve kept things as simple as possible – from the cases we offer to the way we explain things. Our range of hospital and extra insurance makes it easy to choose what’s right for you. Thanks to the flexible combination options, you can choose the combination that best suits your needs, your lifestyle and your budget. You also know what you cover and how much you get back for extras. With Medibank, you have more control over who treats you, where you treat you, and most importantly, how quickly. You also have access to additional benefits through our Members’ Choice network, one of the largest networks of hospitals and healthcare providers in Australia. At Medibank, we do more than just health insurance, we also provide healthcare services. In fact, we employ over 1,500 healthcare professionals working for businesses and government across Australia. This is why we are able to offer our members a new range of health support services. Our hospital now includes Mi Health. Mi Health offers you personalized support during your hospital stay and 24/7 access to Medibank nurses to answer any healthcare questions. You have access to online health resources to help you make healthier choices and mobile health apps to manage your health on the go. We are committed to improving health insurance for our members. Your benefit Your employer and Medibank have worked together to control your health insurance and save you money with Health Cover: private health insurance for you and your family at discounted rates with access to a dedicated phone number for special offers and discounts. 2

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3 Welcome to the benefits of Medibank Health Insurance 4 Medibank Health Insurance giving you more 6 Mi Health Better healthcare support for our members 8 Choosing Members 10 Choosing the right coverage 12 Choosing your health plan made easy 14 Health Coverage 18 Supplemental Coverage 20 Ultra Health Coverage 26 Manage Your Subscription Online 28 Things to Know 29 Glossary Consistently Outstanding Value 4 Years Up-to-Date The information in this brochure is current as of the August 2012 issue and supersedes previously published material. Please ensure you read this brochure carefully and keep a copy for future reference. Medibank Private membership is subject to our fund rules and policies, which are summarized in our Membership Guide. After joining, you will receive a membership guide and a coverage overview. Premium rates and fund rules and policies change from time to time. The information in this brochure applies only to Medibank branded products. The discounted fares and services described in this brochure are available only to eligible individuals. See page 29 for more information. 3

4 Without private health insurance, a standard procedure at a private hospital can cost you thousands of dollars: $7,090 for childbirth* $39,200 for heart bypass surgery* $25,300 for hip replacement surgery* $19,900 for knee replacement surgery.* *These figures relate relates to 2010/ 11. The claims data from Medibank are average values. It only covers hospital and hospital expenses and costs for prostheses. Costs can vary depending on the hospital or provider you are being treated at and by state. 4

5 benefits of health insurance Here are some good reasons why private health insurance makes sense. More control over your health Private health insurance means security. Key benefits include better control over your health and well-being and freedom of choice. With private health insurance, you can: choose your doctor’s hospital; and choose when you want to treat. As a member of Me Savings Health Cover, you receive a tremendous benefit from Medibank. Compared to our equivalent retail covers, you save on premiums when you buy one of our covers. You can avoid paying the Medicare surcharge by opting out of one of our health plans for you and your loved ones. This applies if your income exceeds the amount set by the government for allowance purposes. From 1 July 2012, the supplement may vary between 1% and 1.5% depending on income. For more information go to Lower your premium If you are eligible for Medicare you may be able to get a rebate which can help lower your premium. The discount percentage to which you are entitled is determined by the age of the oldest insured person and your income. If your income is below the minimum threshold for Medicare Levy Surcharge purposes, the maximum exemption is: 30% if all membership members are under the age of 64, or 35% if at least one membership member is between the ages of 65 and 69 . % If the minimum membership age is 70 or over and your income is above the minimum threshold, you are still eligible for a reduced percentage. To calculate your income for Australian Government relief for private health insurance and Medicare surcharge purposes, go to or contact your personal financial or tax advisor. Avoid high premiums by joining early Basically, if you take out and maintain hospital insurance after the age of 31 until July 1st, you can avoid having federal health insurance for life being loaded onto your premiums. You can find more information on page 32. It also makes sense to have a benefit commitment for everyday healthcare services. The deductible allows you to claim benefits for everyday health care such as:

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Top 70 Extras Cover

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