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Melbourne University Student Tutors – Halad to Health is Australia’s most affordable GAMSAT tuition operator NFP for students, with all revenue from tuition fees going directly to Halad to Health Foundation Philippines, to provide access. Appropriate health education for students in rural Philippines.

I grew up in rural NSW and moved to Melbourne in 2017 for university. I completed my Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash University in 2019 and am currently pursuing a PhD in Medicine at the University of Melbourne (Parkville).

Melbourne University Student Tutors

Growing up in rural NSW, I was exposed to the amazing work Royal Flying Doctors does in rural communities. This motivated me to be interested in health care, especially rural medicine. I hope to complete my degree and return home to practice medicine and give back to the community in which I grew up. At this stage of my career, I find myself becoming a rural general practitioner, specializing in obstetrics and emergency medicine.

Being A University Design Tutor An A Master Student

I joined Halad in 2019 and have held several Biomedical Editing sessions to raise money for upcoming business trips. I was also part of the first group of students on assignment in January 2020. My experience in the Philippines is one that I will continue to appreciate. My happiest memory is working closely with student ambassadors to deliver health education classes to students at a rural high school. I love getting students involved and watching them learn about such important topics. This experience has fueled my passion for public health and education.

When I’m not studying or procrastinating, I’m most likely in the kitchen cooking. I love to bake and experiment with different dishes. I also love milking my own almonds and roasting my own hummus (YUMMM!). I also love going to the gym and being outdoors, especially in the gardens, or any place with lots of greenery.

I sat the GAMSAT twice and the first time was an absolute failure. I did a bit of research, but there was no direction or structure for my study plan. I don’t know what problem I’m having or what will happen, but I took the test and did my best. When I received my results, I was very disappointed. Only one

And I never thought I would enter the medical profession. But I finally found the motivation to study and retake the exam in my senior year of college.

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How Much Does Private Tutoring Cost • Is It Really Worth It?

This time I wanted a strategic and focused study plan. But I feel very alone. I felt like I was the only student who really didn’t know what was going on. I’ve got a big test to conquer and I just can’t figure out the best way to approach it. I couldn’t afford any mentoring programs or master’s classes, so I went to every free event there and used every free internet resource I could find. I talked to a lot of people about their GAMSAT experiences, gained different insights, and recorded specific tips and tricks. Somehow, I gathered enough information to sift through and create my own personal study plan. I focused on strategy and played to my strengths while studying, which allowed me to get the grades I needed to secure a place in medicine.

As I drowned in the sea of ​​confusion and fake news surrounding the best ways to study GAMSAT, I wanted some support and guidance, but found that most services were extremely available. So I decided to join the Halad GAMSAT team to make tutoring more accessible to students in the same position as I worked just 12 months ago. I trust Halad as an organization and I trust this guide service. If I can help other students use their strengths to achieve their goals while supporting an organization I’m passionate about, why not join?

You will never know all the words or be able to interpret all the lyrics, prove me wrong. But what you can do is learn to systematically approach different types of questions in a way that gives you the most accurate answers. I think Part 1 involves a lot of problem solving and pattern recognition skills.

You must be able to read text and interpret information quickly, and make connections between the content and the answers given. You need not to be overwhelmed by the hazy literary techniques scattered throughout the texts, but to focus on the meaning behind them and what the questions are trying to test.

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I think it’s important for students to actively practice reading large amounts of text. In S1, students often get tired, and often have to read the text many times before they really understand the meaning. This is an easy way to waste time. I hope to teach my students the ways they can study to maximize their reading in the exam so they can spend less time reading and more time answering.

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The way I teach Part 2 is about self-awareness, I want my students to know exactly what their strengths and weaknesses are. Self-awareness is the best tool you can have when taking the GAMSAT and especially part 2. Know the topic you are most passionate about and be able to write a killer essay on any topic.

I’m not saying you should plan your essays in advance and know exactly what you’re going to write for the day, I think that’s an ineffective strategy. What I’m saying is that you should know the broad topics you’re most comfortable writing about and the ways you can best communicate your ideas. My job as a tutor is to assist students as they figure out how to express their own ideas and provide them with some useful tools along the way.

I want my students to be able to get the grades they enjoy in Part 2 and be proud of the essays they write. Part 2 is a unique part. It gives you the opportunity to express yourself and share your ideas with your readers. It’s an opportunity to get creative on a fairly formal day.

What Are The Melbourne University Accommodation Options?

I am a low maintenance eater. Hummus is my all time favorite. Carrot sticks and hummus will always be top snacks.

Fun fact: I once picked up a coffee machine by the roadside that someone had thrown away. I brought it home, turned it on and it worked. The miracle machine gave me delicious peas for several months before it overheated and died. FREE RIP COFFEE MACHINE…

We run Australia’s most affordable GAMSAT & Med interview service, with all proceeds going to the Halad Health Foundation for the Philippines, to provide free health education for students. Born in rural Philippines … makes a real difference. It can be difficult to know where to start with so much material. Teachers are helpful here. With the help of a tutor, you can better understand your strengths and weaknesses and prepare a learning strategy that suits your needs. Plus, they can be there for you when you need it most.

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Are you a student looking for a tutor to help you pass the VCE exam? If so, you should read on. In this post we will tell you about some of the best tutors in Melbourne, Victoria and how to find them.

International Students, La Trobe University

Teaching assistants in Melbourne who have helped over 30,000 students Get in the game by catching up. We offer a variety of tutoring programs to help your child catch up, progress and reach his or her full academic potential. Among disciplines, we tutor English, math, science, humanities and VCE. Instructionss, scholarships for highly effective preparation

We offer several tutoring programs to help you or your child catch up, stay ahead and reach their maximum learning potential.

The pre-university program is designed to ensure a smooth and successful transition to TAFE/college life. We provide course building assistance, content delivery, assignment help, and online support.

Our programs suitable for all ages will help you speak and write English fluently. IELTS preparation as well as general, academic and business English courses are available. We want to help you achieve your English goals.

Ib Tutoring In Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra

DR. STUDY offers comprehensive programs for aspiring medical professionals who are required to take entrance exams and aptitude tests.

DR. LEARNING provides tutoring services to students of all ages and stages of their educational journey in Melbourne, Victoria. We offer a wide range of instructional programs to help your child catch up, progress and realize his or her full potential in school, from early childhood through elementary and high school to completing courses. VCE and post-secondary and finally professional class. Tutor of English, Math, Science and Humanities for grades kindergarten through 12th grade and up.

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