Money Exchange Strathfield Plaza

Money Exchange Strathfield Plaza – When I was four, I was caught walking down the street at a local toy and allowed to pick presents. There was a Toy World store – you remember, one of those big purple stores with a giant purple bear wearing a hat in modern fashion.

The history of Toyworld as a brand goes back to 1976, when the parent company, Associated Retailers Limited, realized that the name would not look so good on a colorful rainbow stand in a toy shop. Toyworld was launched as the toy arm of the retail group at a time when toys themselves had been pulled out of their old niche and into gold action figures due to the huge success of Star Wars. Riding this phenomenon from the late 1970s to the mid-1980s in brands like Star Wars, Masters of the Universe and Transformers, Toyworld changed the face of toy retailers in Australia, shining a light on this happy purple in toys, games and toys everywhere. Toyworld itself isn’t too sure about its heritage, as evidenced by the awkwardly obvious location of its mischief.

Money Exchange Strathfield Plaza

They have not completely abandoned their legacy of sporting goods. Lots of kids roll out BMX (can you roll BMX? doesn’t it seem awkward?) in front of jealous birthday friends or overzealous Christmas siblings, completely unaware that the purple bear is getting ahead of their joy. The toy section of Toyworld was an absolute zero zone for me. Who cared about some crickets on the mats when they were NINJA TURTLES? Or how about there in the bargain bucket in front of five bucks each?

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On that glorious day in February, I picked up the three Ghostbusters I was missing (now Venkman) as a gift. My dialectic: I was four years old and I would be four now. It worked – long before the Ghostbusters team had returned to change those crazy rubber ghosts until I saw a Batman figure on TV and the black Venkman (see image) hoping it would do the trick. he did not

So my direct association with the world of Alfa Broom toys ended, but I never forgot. It was hard to forget on a purely visual level; from the purple forehead to the giant LEGO bear logo embedded in the secret door next to the treasure, the whole place is designed to assault a child’s senses, and what a wonderful assault that would be.

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But what I didn’t know at the time, I didn’t know, was the turmoil inside. In 1988, Hurstville Toyworld was under siege and the battles were on local, national and even global fronts. Behind that purple face was a successful saga of bitterness and commercial impotence that posed a dire threat to the entire sports industry.

According to the article, Broome’s Toy Store has been around since 1971, first as a game and toy store and then as Toyworld. He says Broome’s business flourished until 1986, when local opposition (of course near Westfield, which was built in 1978) invaded his business. The immediate effect of this crackdown was evident in the extra binary deal: $5 Ghostbuster figures are a sign of the times.

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Then, as Broome puts it, a “ripper recession” destroyed any chance of recovery in 1990, aided by severe weather damage that same year. Another point of particular impact on Brome’s sales was the construction of a “new square” by the local council. Hmm….I’ll have to look.

Brome sent everything at the time of Christ’s health business 90 Christmas which never arrived. The recently refurbished Westfields offered stiff competition and worldwide popularity of toys with a career in video games began to decline. Even with the arrival of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 1988, nothing could be done to stop the Nintendo/Sega tag-team, which by 1992 had almost ended the era of specialty toy stores, relegating Barbie and He-Men to toy departments. or larger chains similar to the world of 4 children. With that hope dashed, Alf decided to leave Broome.

Today, the building still stands, despite the almost constant construction and renovation of the area. Of course, he’s been around since 1899 and has probably seen more crimes than you or I can imagine. The first resident behind Toy World was Belmontes Pizza Shop and he was always bitter. I couldn’t believe that he had left the toy shop and vowed never to visit us again.

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Chuan’s Kitchen, the successor to the current string of failed joints that filled the space when the brick Belmont hit, wasn’t open today, even though I wanted to spend money there. Perhaps it excited me, but what childishly violated me, that the secret door, which had once been splendid, with its various lego symbols, had been replaced by an adult storehouse – as far removed from children’s play as possible from commerce. . Originally L.B. Williams’ Adult Book Exchange, today is the much more generic Hurstville Adult Shop.

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Toyworld falters, especially in rural areas. I swear every little town I’ve ever had had a Toy World. Why? And when I ask the inevitable questions: what was behind the back when he said Lego? What will Alf Broome do next? WHO IS L.B. Williams? We can never know. But Alf, if you’ve googled it and you’re finally done here, I want you to know something. In 1991 you may have been “the man in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in the wrong business,” but in 1989, when I walked in and got them Ghostbusters, your store meant the world to me. And this is my story – imagine how many kids would walk out of the purple store happier than ever. Heck, reader, maybe it was YOU. Such a thing, that you could not pay the rent, the wages of the hirer, or the profits, but it guarantees you immortality, Alf. It’s pure.

It is a great present when it is like this. As you have read above, I have presented my case with the most detailed evidence, but your honor I now present to the court… EXHIBIT B.

When the building was later demolished, John’s back allowed a great view of the kitchen. What does it matter? Let’s take a closer look…

. At some point in the Toy World saga they decided to put this logo on the back of the building. Why?

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Perhaps at a time when the Liquor Story building wasn’t there, it offered a continuous view of the bright purple signs. Maybe the subscribers would do a two-for-one deal and the owner would get his money, he admits. Or maybe the truth is far more sinister… Either way, it took demolition (all in the name of progress) to uncover this treasure.

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In every seed is the promise of a flower. And in every death, however great or small, there is always new life. A new beginning.

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Looking at this place, I wonder what the butcher would have thought if he had been transported from his day to Hurstville, which is today. Did he shed a tear over the two loan shops that replaced his life’s work? Should he conclude that the two loans are next to the current economy as it used to be? What has the world become so evil, that now they benefit more from the misery of men than of beasts? Or does he just think there were more recent banks (in which case he would not be far off)?

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Besides, there’s something about that fountain that cools me. I’m not talking about the Cashman fountain (although scary), I’m talking about the “Butcher” fountain. It almost makes you forget the cruelty of the word itself. Wow, this is all a little gross, isn’t it? The countdown continues again.

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One of the first interesting aspects of revisiting these places a year later is seeing if history repeats itself. As you no doubt remember, this location used to house the fondly remembered Golden Village Fried Chicken and later KFC until an uproar of stupidity and neglect caused it to close. Oh, do you need refreshments? I hope I didn’t just eat you;

Until there is nothing we can do on this skin anymore. Hire One seems absorbed in Kennard’s control, whose coffers are deep enough to terminate the lease and go to the grandchildren’s potential return. Or maybe considering

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