Mornington Peninsula Spa Accommodation

Mornington Peninsula Spa Accommodation – Natural thermal mineral waters flow into private pools and spas at this award-winning beachfront oasis, creating an idyllic setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. Two shower rooms provide an experience for everyone.

More than 20 globally inspired bathing experiences, including a Turkish bath (hammam) and a hilltop pool, offer stunning 360-degree views of the area.

Mornington Peninsula Spa Accommodation

All image credits to Australian tourism and original creators around the country. Please contact us for more information.

Getaway Mornington Peninsula Spa Oasis Rye Updated 2022 Room Price Reviews & Deals

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Glamping And 24/7 Bathing Now Happening At Peninsula Hot Springs

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Winter Promo] Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs & Bathing Boxes Tour From Melbourne

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Victoria’s Peninsula Hot Springs Is Launching Luxury Onsite Glamping So You Can Bathe And Stay

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If you’re looking for a unique and special spa experience in Melbourne this winter, look no further than the wonderful new spa experience that just opened at Peninsula Hot Springs. Glamping on the Hot Springs Peninsula only opened a year ago and is already very popular and well booked, especially on the weekends!

We were invited by the lovely team to try their Glamping and Dine package which is the standard Glamping package + dinner. We enjoyed our stay very much. It’s perfect for a special occasion – a birthday, anniversary or even a local mini moon!

Explore Mornington Peninsula Accommodation

If you’re thinking of booking this experience for yourself, check below to learn more!

This barrel-shaped pool can be found upstairs in the Spa’s Dream Center – access includes an overnight stay in the waterfall.

The glamping experience is for two people and includes access to all on-site showers (including the night shower they just launched – yes 24-hour showers!), wellness activities and breakfast. The package also includes optional extras such as dinner and spa treatments.

The mud tents are located elsewhere on the grounds, but the area is close to all the swimming areas. The tents are well insulated and set in beautiful gardens and pools.

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Mornington Peninsula, Au Holiday Accommodation With Pool From Au$ 140/night

Although the main structure is a large safari style tent, the inner floors are heated and there is a split system inside. The meeting room and adjacent toilets are inside the tent, but can be thought of as small rooms connected to the tent that you can access through doors. Super cute, comfortable and well thought out!

It was a very cold day (May) when we visited, but I never felt cold in the tent. Felt really cozy – especially the heated rooms were great.

Inside your spacious cozy living space, you’ll find plenty of relaxing space – outdoor seating, a luxurious sofa/bed, a full size wardrobe, all the amenities and everything else you’d expect in a luxury home. There’s even room service!

One of the things I love about spending the night at the hot springs is that you can make the most of your stay by visiting the hot springs at other, less convenient times of the day – eg. They are visited early in the morning at sunrise, or late at night for a magical swimming experience, before and after day hikes.

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It’s also really nice to be indoors and in such a refreshing place, just smelling the fresh air and looking at nature makes everything so relaxing and slow.

The top two photos are of the glamping accommodation. First on the left are the camp tents that can be seen from the pool/slopes. And the second picture is the view from our cozy tent!

In the evening we had dinner (part of our Glamping + Dine package) at the Spa Dreaming Cafe. Everything served at Spa Dreaming Cafe is thoughtfully healthy and innovative. We ordered the grass-fed beef (very well done!) and a super green salad with turkey (all the flavors here work well together). The dinner package also includes drinks and a shared bottle of dessert.

How good is a morning at the hot springs? We visited the rock pool in the bathroom at sunrise and were also treated to a magical view of the plains.

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The barrel pools you see pictured here are all found in the Spa Dreaming Center, an adults-only section of the Peninsula Hot Springs. If you haven’t been before, I absolutely recommend it. It’s a smaller place, but much more intimate, quieter, and less patronized. All glamping exes have access to all bathroom areas, which means the Dream Spa Center is included!

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I love breakfast at Peninsula Hot Springs. Spa Dreaming Cafe is the perfect place for a healthy start to the day. You won’t find burgers and chips on the menu here (at least I never have!) but I guess that’s the point! Spa Dreaming Cafe also offers delicious, light and nutritious meals. They also have a wonderful menu of juices, smoothies and hot drinks to go with your meal. The glamming package includes breakfast with one cold drink + hot drink. We welcome the Aboriginal Traditional Owners of the country in Victoria and respect their past, present and future cultures and traditions.

In news that is sure to delight enthusiasts and holidaymakers alike across the state, Mornington Peninsula Thermal is bringing two very exciting experiences this year; 24/7 shower and luxury glam.

After hibernating due to Covid, the showers are gearing up to give defenders one last refresh after the lockdown. Say goodbye to dry feet and hello to mineral-rich moisture with our new offering.

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The resort, which underwent a $13 million expansion in 2018, features 10 luxury tents throughout the site, each slightly different from the other. But all are pampered to the nines with concrete floors heated to the nines, king-sized beds draped in luxurious linens, generous bathrooms and private decks.

Not only will guests get to enjoy the spoils of their paradise location, but the experience also includes 24-hour access to the geothermal mineral pools, so if you’re in the mood for a late night, just take a shower. And give it a try. Breakfast is served in the dining room of the Spa Sleep Center in the morning – all inclusive, of course.

You don’t have to be a sparkler to bask under the stars; Showers are available 24/7 for those who don’t mind checking out after 11pm. Just imagine you and your favorite below

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