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My First Aid Course Deagon – All first responders are encouraged to regularly renew their first aid certification. First aid techniques are not often used, so your knowledge may diminish over time. This can affect your ability to confidently handle emergencies.

The reasons for these recommendations are logical and have broad support from both certificate holders and issuers.

My First Aid Course Deagon

If you obtained your first Fidesz certificate purely for personal reasons and not as a duty of your workplace, there are no regulations or policies that require you to update your certificate. In doing so, it would be worthwhile to pay attention to the recommended replacement intervals, as you will soon see under the title for the following reasons.

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However, first aiders in the workplace are subject to government guidelines for first aid certification. Workplaces follow these guidelines to ensure they remain compliant

Compliance code. And this code provides guidance to employers on how to fulfill their obligations under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH), which seeks to protect the well-being of workers and other people at work.

A person “who has successfully completed a nationally accredited training course or an equivalent level of training which gave him the competence necessary to provide first aid”.

Depending on the individual needs of the workplace, the employer may ask its employees to renew their first aid certificate more often than required by the government decree.

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If you participate in first aid training for personal reasons, you can renew it at any time. It makes perfect sense to brush up on your skills when you feel the need, as there is no evidence that you can be ‘overtrained’ in first aid training. Similarly, there are few situations requiring first aid and first responders can fly without first aid knowledge and skills. If you don’t regularly update your first aid training, you could find yourself in a time-critical medical emergency frantically searching your memory for the correct first aid technique instead of taking quick, decisive action.

The first aid refresher course is the best way to gain knowledge as a first aider.

First aid refresher courses not only serve to refresh existing knowledge, but can also be supplemented with new information.

Consequently, when the need for first aid arises, the first aid provider can act confidently and competently in accordance with the spirit of all first aid.

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As previously indicated, the employer may ask its employees to renew their first aid certificate more often than is generally recommended, although this depends on the individual needs of the workplace.

If you want to renew your first aid training for personal reasons, you can do so at any time. It makes perfect sense to brush up on your first aid skills when you feel the need.

There’s no indication that you’ll be able to retrain yourself from too much first aid training.

An accredited first aid course in Australia focuses on learning how to respond to emergencies involving injury or sudden illness.

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As such, you will learn a first aid procedure that can be used to deal with all emergencies, regardless of their shape or size – DRSABCD.

In addition to the DRSABCD, you can learn how to perform CPR on both adults and infants by simulating the procedure on a dummy placed on the floor. You will also learn how to safely place conductive pads on automated external defibrillators using the manikin.

Many other emergency response procedures can be taught. These include how to apply basic wound care, how to help someone who is choking or poisoned, and how to assess the scene in a medical emergency.

Your coach will likely put the above information into context by discussing with you scenarios that are likely to happen in real life. This helps you prepare for the unexpected, as medical emergencies are likely to be unexpected. Visit our resource library for more details on what you will learn on the First Aid course.

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Another major reason for renewing your first aid certification is the dynamic nature of the field of emergency medicine. In emergency medicine, as in other areas of medicine, there are always new discoveries and advancements and new challenges that bring innovation and change.

A good example of this is the Heimlich maneuver. The Heimlich maneuver is a type of abdominal thrust introduced in America in the 1970s by Dr. Henry Heimlich, an American thoracic surgeon and medical researcher. The Heimlich Maneuver was originally chosen by the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross as the preferred method of treating choking victims. However, in the early 2000s, both organizations greatly reduced the use of the Heimlich maneuver in favor of backstrokes and chest thrusts.

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This is because studies have shown that back thrusts and chest compressions were equally effective in applying intrathoracic pressure to a foreign obstruction. They did not cause nearly as much damage as the Heimlich maneuver, which has been shown to put victims at greater risk of perforation of the gastrointestinal tract and damage to the abdominal aorta.

Beyond this example, new products, drugs and knowledge continue to appear in medicine. First aid often advances in line with these innovations, which proves why regular first aid refresher courses are so important. Do you live in Redcliffe and need a first aid or CPR certificate but don’t want to drive into town, pay for parking and lose a working day or weekend to a full day of training?

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My Brisbane First Aid Course is your local Redcliffe First Aid Training Specialist. With weekly public first aid and CPR courses in the Redcliffe area, we invite you to experience the difference on my first aid course and book your next course with us.

With over 1,000 five-star reviews on Google and Facebook, it’s clear that Redcliffe and North Brisbane love our Express First Aid course formats. With the flexibility of online video-based instruction and short, hands-on lessons held in convenient, free car parks, we offer first aid courses to anyone who calls the Redcliffe Peninsula home.

Whether you need basic first aid training in Redcliffe or advanced first aid courses, My First Aid Course has it all.

When you take a first aid course with us, you can choose from a number of locations in the Redcliffe area and North Brisbane.

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So if you’re looking for a First Aid course in Redcliffe, there’s no more convenient, local and reputable course provider than My First Aid Brisbane. We love Redcliffe and we know Redcliffe loves our world-class first aid courses.

Booking Redcliffe first aid training on our website is extremely quick and easy. Simply click on a course below and select your desired time from the booking calendar on the course details page:

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Do you have a group and want the convenience of first aid courses at your workplace? We service many businesses in Redcliffe with First Aid and CPR training on site. Fast, fun and convenient, Redcliffe Group First Aid Training is the best way for businesses, schools, health services, childcare centers and the elderly to get their team first aid certified.

If you would like to speak to someone or would like a different payment method, please call and speak to our friendly staff on 07 3872 6777.

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The terms heart attack and cardiac arrest are very often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing! Learn the key differences and how to provide first aid for a heart attack and cardiac arrest.

So what is the difference between a standard and an advanced first aid course? And which one should you choose according to your needs? Find out in this blog post.

Do you live in Redcliffe and need a First Aid or CPR certificate? Check out our top 3 First Aid courses in Redcliffe and book today!

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Greater Brisbane residents can now book and attend our most popular First Aid courses locally in the comfort of our new Burpengary location opening on 28th May 2022!

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Need specialist CPR in Brisbane? Do you have access to oxygen therapy, bag masks, or tourniquets at work, but have never been properly trained?

Accidents and injuries are extremely common in disaster situations, and Brisbane residents may not have been prepared to provide first aid to loved ones during the recent floods. Here are our top three tips.

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