Neil Perry Burger Project Review

Neil Perry Burger Project Review – It might be the chipotle-flavored salt on my chips, or the drizzle of that “secret sauce” oozing from the homemade beef patty, but when I eat mine after finishing a meal at the newly opened Burger Project outlet in Sydney’s Martin Place. Things become clear. My mind: this fast food is not a slapstick affair.

Of the 11 burgers on the menu, I choose the Aussie. It is made from grass-fed beef from Cape Grim, Tasmania; Roasted, chopped and pickled beets with flavor; And that secret sauce—a tomato finger rub that’s halfway between ketchup and barbecue sauce. Even the onion has made the trip—soaked in water and then dried to give it the texture of an apple without the pungent flavor.

Neil Perry Burger Project Review

“It’s fast food with slow food values,” says Neil Perry, creative director of food, beverage and service behind The Burger Project as well as Rockpool Group restaurants. Just because we want fast and convenient food doesn’t mean we have to compromise on its quality.

Best Hamburger In The Illawarrra Is Certainly On This List

There are two Burger Project outlets in Sydney: World Square in Martin Place and MLC Centre. But there will be three more launches in 2016: two in Melbourne (at St Collins Lane in March and Chadstone Shopping Center in September) and one at Sydney’s Circular Quay in October. If you happen to be anywhere near these places, be sure to drop by to see what they’re cooking up. Here are the best choices.

My favorite is the Aussie burger, but Perry’s cheese and bacon burger. “I really like the smoky bacon, cheese and meat together,” he says. Another Perry’s choice is the Chili Cheeseburger, which features hot and spicy house-made jalapeno relish.

The humble potato chip is elevated to fine dining at The Burger Project. You can opt for plain sprinkles, but for a seriously savory side, go with the chipotle option. Big red jalapeños are smoked, then juiced and then mixed with salt to give your chips “that nice, rich, sun-dried roast flavor,” says Perry.

Those with a sweet tooth should not be disappointed as there are plenty of ice creams and shakes on the menu. Take the Bounty Hunter, for example—scoops of vanilla bean-flavored ice cream, crumbled meringue, toasted coconut, and Valhona chocolate sauce. heaven! By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions.

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Thisislamerde — Pu’er / Danks St, Waterloo It’s Rare Than You Get

Rockpool Dining Group has launched its seventh burger project, and this time they’re doing things a little differently. Located in Grosvenor Place, the latest addition changes things up a bit for the burger chain, called Black Label. The CBD spot features sleek, modern, all-black custom and outdoor seating, making it ideal for after-work quick bites and quick hangouts. .

They’ve extended their hours and are serving breakfast, including hot ricotta muffins, bacon and egg rolls, and homemade smoothies from Mecca Coffee. The star of the lunch and dinner menu is none other than Burger Project’s premium burgers, also available in vegetarian, bowl and double options.

The upscale fast-food joint sources its beef from Tasmania’s Cape Grim and makes its patties in-house. Black Label’s signature burger packs a patty of grass-fed beef and triple-smoked bacon, pickled jalapeños, cheese, onions, lettuce and tomato, served with a special house sauce. The Texas burger, inspired by all-American barbecue, is a staple on Perry’s menu. There’s also a buttermilk fried chicken burger with Sriracha mayo and a veggie burger with roasted pepper and zucchini patty.

© 2022 Time Out England Ltd and companies belonging to Time Out Group Plc. all rights reserved. Time Out is a registered trade mark of Time Out Digital Limited. Neil Perry’s Burger Project has had some ups and downs since opening last year. Mixed reviews and the menu has since been changed to address some of the concerns raised by diners. I decided to wait for the hype and the crowd to die down before trying their burgers.

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The restaurant has a very sophisticated, minimalist decor. Ordering is easy and there is a buzzer system so you don’t have to stand around waiting for your food. The menu is divided into burgers, chicken, chips, drinks and desserts. I went with the Classic Burger ($8.90), which has the signature grass-fed patty, onion, pickle, tomato, lettuce and secret sauce. To round out my meal, I ordered a small portion of chipotle chili chips ($2.90) and a house-made iced tea ($3.50).

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The beef patty was perfectly cooked and the hero of the dish. Unfortunately, there were very few tomatoes and lettuce. For a $9 burger, you’d expect a decent amount of toppings, not the single slice of tomato I got. The iced tea was refreshing and the chips were crunchy and nicely seasoned with chipotle peppers.

As I finished my meal, Neil Perry entered the burger project himself. He got ready with the cook and entered the kitchen. Neil Perry’s latest burger restaurant has officially opened in Sydney – a godsend to say the least.

Lovers of food, quality, service and excellence already know that everything to do with Rockpool Dining Group is bound to be great.

Five Points Burgers

However, finding the perfect burger can be quite difficult, especially with the wide range of burgers and burgers available.

I consider myself a burger connoisseur, a title I take very seriously. If it’s not a good ratio of pie to sauce, forget it. And don’t forget the cheese—perhaps the most important ingredient in a Bible burger.

My first visit to Black Label was just that. Next to Rockpool, Rosetta, you’ll come across a burger haven. The matte black decor, 80s rock tunes and fluorescent lighting make us wonder if the burgers really do fall from heaven. I soon realized that it’s good with burgers too, it’s a pity that it’s not.

The menu, created by legendary and acclaimed Australian chef Neil Perry, has been carefully crafted. So mercifully, I’m sure Neil had divine intervention.

Burger Project, Cbd

Compared to Burger Project, Black Label definitely has the traditional twist found in a Burger Project store, but with a big splash of luxury, craftsmanship and passion. The ultimate deadly sin. Once you step into Black Label, customers will definitely notice the difference.

Whether it’s the 220g beef patties topped with the juiciest grass-fed Cape Grim, beef sourced from Tasmania, or lemon myrtle mayonnaise (sourced locally) from the Australian bush – material excellence is evident in each. Chuck

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For example, the stock is a statement in itself with a 440g patty filled with double black, Cape Grim beef and triple smoked bacon (yes, in both patties). If you think that’s all you’ll get, get stoned. Then there’s cheese, pickled jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions, all topped with an epic special sauce ($23).

All beef burgers, such as the Black Label, Texan and Double Black, feature double-smoked bacon paired with Cape Grim beef. The taste is beyond spectacular. When you bite into the burger, you taste the high-quality beef, then as it rolls around the back of your mouth, the aroma of the smoky bacon brushes against the ever-so-subtle flavor. After trying the mixed beef and bacon patty, burgers with bacon bits will never be the same and will never compare.

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As a Black Label first timer, be sure to choose the Black Label ($18) or the Native (paru kangaroo and Cape Grim beef mixed patty, beetroot, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion served with lemon myrtle mayo and spicy Includes desi quandong). and bush.tomato sauce – $17) – both equally excellent. Unfortunately, there is not enough room for both. But I assure you, regardless of your choice, you will get a call back.

If you’re feeling more daring, Black Label also offers a ‘double up’ option where any pie can be added for an extra charge. Whether you choose kangaroo and beef ($8), chicken and courgette ($6.50) or triple smoked bacon ($4), it’s a great choice.

Fortunately, as a lighter and healthier option – Black Label offers a range of delicious salads that can include grilled chicken breast or a double option. Be sure to grab the refreshing Korean Noodle Salad, featuring buckwheat noodles with kimchi, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, shiitake and spinach, all dressed with gochujang sauce ($10.90).

Pair any of your mains with onion rings ($7.50), hands down – by far the best onion rings I’ve ever come across and enjoyed. Crunchy, light and perfectly salty. Like Beyoncé, the Queen herself said, “Because if you like it, you gotta put a ring on it.”

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