Nike Zoom Rev 2017

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Hi guys! Today we have another budget model from Nike. We already know that Nike is capable of producing budget models with incredible performance, even better than some of the usual ones. The Nike Live 2017 is one of the best bang for your buck in 2017. Let’s see if the 2017 Nike Zoom Rev will be a solid budget model in Nike’s collection.

Nike Zoom Rev 2017

Impressed! Zoom Rev 2017 comes with Mesh & Fuse combo. Spoiler alert! This is the best part of this shoe. Yes, the Mesh and Fuse aren’t very premium materials, especially compared to what other companies can offer us at this price point, but it feels like you’re wearing something more expensive than a $110 sneaker, and it feels premium. Unusual!

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Want a comfortable upper mind with almost no restrictions in the forefoot area? Then Zoom Rev is what you need. The upper offers strong breathability, excellent durability and a wonderfully soft feel. No matter how you move on hardwood, it only adapts to your feet.

A Zoom Air unit in the forefoot and a Phylon midsole are introduced in the new Zoom Rev model. This cushioning tool works very similarly to the 2017 Nike Zoom Live. The air unit does a great job – great range and great tonal feel at the same time. It’s the perfect cushioning arrangement for point guards, as the Zoom Air unit in the forefoot provides flexible response and a smooth transition.

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The rest of the midsole is now made of lightweight Phylon. As I said, lighter players will love this tool – light, responsive and stable – everything you need to feel confident on the court.

They don’t have a Zoom Air heel unit. Not suitable for older people? In this case, not at all. I am a large person, but they impressed me with decent protection in the heel area. Definitely not the most rocking setup, but still very solid.

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We have a full length herringbone pull pattern. It’s a traditional pattern, so you already know it’s going to give you a solid grip. You’ll be more than happy on a clean surface – good range of motion, decent stopping power. However, a dusty field is another story… The spaces between the grooves are too narrow to be the perfect place for dust to collect. I had to wipe it down almost every minute to keep it from sliding all over the place while testing on the dirty court. It’s a lot of work. You should be focusing on basketball, not cleaning up the damn gravity.

You probably already know my answer. As I mentioned earlier, the upper is covered in very soft and smooth mesh, which gives you a nice, almost one-to-one fit. For $110, you can’t ask for a better fit. In addition, the inside is covered with a very large buffer, so you will feel very comfortable while playing. A+ convenience.

Sizing – I suggest you all get the right size as the top can stretch and fit different types of feet. However, if you want to have some space in the forefoot area, then the drop is perfect for you.

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The 2017 Nike Zoom Rev features a simple support system – an internal heel counter with a synthetic overlay in the heel area. Simple things always work well. A built-in heel counter keeps your foot secure and in place. I haven’t had any issues with slipping or anything like that. Now the outer synthetic coating doesn’t do anything, it’s more of a design detail.

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Stability is the only minor issue with support. The midsole is rounded like the Nike Kyrie, so it doesn’t have a toe box. For heavier players, this can be a big problem as it lacks stability under the basket. Still, lighter keepers and players can enjoy this setup.

They were fun to try. Never ignore a budget model, EVER! Just because they don’t have a signature doesn’t mean they look bad, that’s not true. The 2017 Nike Zoom Rev really has something to offer. Of course, if you’re looking for a budget model with solid traction and support, you should take a look at the 2017 Nike Zoom Live.

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