Nursing Home Volunteer Melbourne

Nursing Home Volunteer Melbourne – AMCS matches adults and volunteers with shared cultural backgrounds, hobbies and interests through three different programs:

Community Visiting Scheme (CVS) Home Care – Weekly support for seniors awaiting or receiving a home care package, including companionship or related activities, telephone or online contact, or email and postal exchanges.

Nursing Home Volunteer Melbourne

Community Visiting Scheme (CVS) Residential care – bi-weekly support for seniors living in an aged care facility, including companionship, related activities, telephone and direct contact, or email and postal exchanges.

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Social Support Person (SSI) – One-on-one social support for clients on a weekly basis, including companionship, activities such as shopping, paying bills, attending appointments, or phone and smartphone communication. You must live at home and not receive a home care package, referred to my aged care.

Often, seniors and volunteers form special friendships and organize fun activities. “Visiting Luigi is something I always look forward to,” said CVS residential care customer Danuta Zdanis. “I can chat for hours and we always talk about everything.”

If so, please fill out the registration form below. If you have any questions about your situation, please contact the AMCS Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected] or the AMCS Welcome Number (03) 9689 9170 and we will be happy to help.

We always need more volunteers, especially those who can speak multiple languages. AMCS volunteers receive extensive instruction, ongoing training and ongoing support from volunteer coordinators. All of the above caters to the needs, abilities and interests of consumers and is free.

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AMCS’ facility-based respite program offers caregivers a respite to care for their health and well-being…

Danuta, 87, lives in her home in Bentley. Her case manager referred her to AMCS’s Community Visitor Scheme. First, she made friends with several female Polish volunteers from the same background and upbringing.

AMCS then offers to connect Luigi. At first, she hesitated because she didn’t believe she had common interests with a male volunteer.

“I always look forward to Luigi’s visits,” said Danuta. “I can talk for hours. I’m not bored, we talk about everything.

Ambassadors And Volunteer Programs

Theodora, a social support worker, is happy to meet a volunteer, Rebecca, who speaks her language. Theodora loves shopping, cooking and welcoming us to her home with a freshly baked cake. She showed us her amazing recipes and gave us tips and tricks on food preparation. Rebecca loves Theodora’s stories and drives 30 minutes to see her every week.

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Aven, Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) home care client, likes to draw and paint. As a volunteer visitor, Claudia accompanied her to the National Center of Victoria, where Aven was filled with artistic knowledge.

“We try to do something different every time we’re together,” Claudia said. “Time always flies between us. This wonderful experience allows me to learn from elders.

Gina and a new volunteer, Emma, ​​begin making phone calls within the boundaries, and they immediately bond over their shared passion for gardening. On November 9, 2020, they met privately in Gina’s backyard to discuss planting and admire the thriving plants.

Volunteer With Us

I have been volunteering for several years. I recently met Dana who lives nearby. Two years ago, Dana suffered a stroke and struggled to recover. Her movements are limited to a few steps with a walker and a few falls scare her. Except for doctor’s appointments, she is mostly confined to her chair.

Every week I pick Dana up and we go for a drive. We stop at cafes for coffee and sometimes for lunch. Every week, I find a different place to change the look or do a little shopping. Dana is happy to go anywhere that gets her out of the house.

Little by little I realized a change in charity. When I arrive, he is always smiling and eager to leave.

Our youngest volunteers, Jack (8) and Henry Jones (1), regularly visit CVS resident customer Nancy Roberts and deliver flowers. Jack also makes insects out of egg cartons and felt balls. At first, he wanted to create a cartoon sword that took up half of Nancy’s room, but his parents convinced him to give her small gifts.

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CVS Home Care customer Ernest Parkin and his volunteer Joanna Bobersky met between two major closings. Enjoys club music, socializing, learning guitar, live music and dancing. Joanna is a great listener and an invaluable volunteer.

Volunteer Atish Bangara regularly takes SSI client Eve De Bono to the cemetery to visit her husband’s grave.

Beata Maslo was a support worker at AMCS until she retired in July 2022. She worked at AMCS for four and a half years and helped customers with shopping, housekeeping and cleaning.

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After retirement, she joined AMCS in volunteer visiting programs where individuals provide social support to adults at risk of loneliness.

Mercy Place Keon Park (reservoir)

“I enjoy talking to elders. Recently, I met Francesca, who is of Italian origin. She talked about her life. Let’s have coffee and go out next time.”

Marta calls Halina, a regular home care package client, during the lockdown. Although Marta does not drive because there is no public transport near her, she still finds a way to bring Halina her favorite flower, the nasturtium.

Max started visiting seniors two years ago and now drives a bus to the leisure and AMCS center for shopping groups. He stays weekly and helps out in the kitchen at the retreat group.

“I love volunteering. The people I drive with and the club members are family. It’s a full-time job and it gives me a purpose for retirement,” said Max.

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Iwona started AMCS as a volunteer in October 2018, providing companionship to adults at risk of social isolation. She visits four elders, takes them and stays with them longer than the volunteer needs.

“I am a very social person. I like to meet people and help them,” Ivona said. “I have been working as a kindergarten teacher for many years. Caring for others is in my blood. “We recognize and value the hard work, talent and dedication our volunteers bring to our organization. Our volunteers are greatly appreciated by patients, residents, clients and staff for their generosity and kindness. In return, we strive to make volunteering a positive and enriches everyone involved.

Volunteers form an important link between the hospital and the local community. They add an extra dimension to the services we offer. From assisting with administrative procedures to visiting patients on wards, volunteers perform a variety of tasks in our hospitals and contribute positively to the patient experience. Volunteers have played an important role at our Werribee, Heidelberg, Young and Albury hospitals over the years.

Mercy Palliative Care volunteers work with patients, their families and friends. They provide support, companionship and respite at the patient’s home or hospital. They provide their own care. We provide 30 hours of training for palliative care volunteers in many areas prior to volunteering.

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In residential aged care homes, volunteers are supported in a friendly environment and encouraged to use their energy, passion, skills and life experiences to improve the lives of residents. Volunteers play an important role in helping us do the work we do. From chatting to supporting people on a day out, you can bring smiles to the faces of the most vulnerable in our society.

For more information about volunteering in aged care please contact your nearest home directly or the Volunteer Manager for Lifestyle and Aged Care on 03 8416 7561.

A consumer advocate is a volunteer who works with Mercy Health. They ensure that the needs of the people we care for are at the heart of all the decisions we make.

To find out more about the Customer Advocate Program please contact the customer engagement and experience team at [email protected] or call 03 8416 7950.

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We are proud of our continued pursuit of great performance, diversity and innovation. We are honored to be recognized for our success.

Find out about our past achievements in health care, an overview of our programs and initiatives, and how we plan to develop our hospitals and clinics in the future. This week, ahead of International Volunteer Day, we celebrate dedication and tireless efforts. Our generous volunteers.

Volunteers and supporters have been supporting patients, families and the Peter Mac community for over 50 years, making a significant difference to their hospital experience and cancer journey.

From visitor tracking and inpatient attendance to hairdressing, hair fitting and administrative support, Peter Mack volunteers to help with a variety of services throughout the facility. Volunteers work in all stores, including the popular Helper Store and the Amazing Christmas Sale, in which all proceeds go toward the purchase of Peter Mac equipment. Pet therapy and massage therapy are among the popular services and partnerships supported by Peter Mack volunteers.

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When asked what they enjoy about volunteering at Peter Mac, many cited the connections and friendships they make, the stories they hear and the laughter they get from the site.

“Helping in a small way, patient

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