Off Road Tracks Gold Coast

Off Road Tracks Gold Coast – Beyond the endless sand and skyscrapers of the Gold Coast, there is a road that is not driven very often and is best driven by a 4WD vehicle! With bush, rainforest, sand and surf to explore, heading south from Brisbane is a great option to get out of the city. Slow down and enjoy all that Australia has to offer. Challenge yourself on these 4×4 trails near the Gold Coast!

To help you prepare for your summer adventures, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best 4WD destinations near the Gold Coast and beyond. Each of these destinations has been selected for a great vacation individually, but you can also combine them for an unforgettable off-road experience!

Off Road Tracks Gold Coast

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Discover The Best Queensland 4wd Driving

For an off-road cruising holiday that’s also great for the family, consider the Border Ranges National Park. Located just outside the border with New South Wales, next to Lamington National Park, this is a stunning World Heritage Area, ideal for a 4×4.

Although the routes here are not as challenging as some, the scenic Tweed Range Scenic Drive offers stunning scenery along the 44km road route. Making your way through dense rainforest, this journey can be completed in a soft terrain vehicle in just 4-5 hours.

The area also has the highest concentration of marsupials, birds, snakes and frogs in Australia, making it an ideal spot for wildlife viewing as well as hiking and photography.

The park has a campsite as well as barbecue facilities, toilets and drinking water. The nearest town for supplies and fuel is Kyogle (an hour south).

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Yuragygir National Park is a little known park located about 50 km from Coffs Harbour. This is a 4×4 enthusiast’s playground, with bush and beach tracks that take days to explore. Rugged cliffs, lagoons, wetlands and rainforests make it a serene paradise perfect for wildlife viewing.

The best place to camp is the amazing pebble beach, which can only be reached by an 8 km 4×4 track. Access must be made at low tide to cross the last stream to the campsite. There is only one pit latrine and no potable water, so pack everything you need during your stay in a 4×4 vehicle. Stop for free firewood at the entrance to the national park as campfires are allowed in the campsite.

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With a huge camping area and over 60 individual campsites, this place gets busy at peak times and you’ll be lucky to find a spot. Be sure to call the National Park Service in Grafton ahead of time to see if there is a spot available for you.

Point Plomer in the Limeburners National Park is one of the hidden gems of the mid north coast of New South Wales! Take the ferry to the north shore of Port Macquarie and continue north on the sandy dirt track to the beach campsite at Point Plomer.

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Along the way, you’ll pass numerous picturesque beaches that are great for swimming or surfing. Also look out for ulabis, kangaroos and dingoes.

There are fire pits at the campsite so bring your own or buy one from the camping shop. You’ll also find cold showers and toilets, but little food or other supplies. Don’t forget to stock up in Port Macquarie before you hit the road so you can stay longer to make the most of Point Plomer’s great fishing, diving and hiking. Dolphins and whales can often be seen off the coast!

This 122 km hiking trail runs from Washop to Mount Brushy in Willy Willy and Werrikimbe National Park. You will travel through forested areas, deep ravines and ancient rainforests, climbing 1000 meters to take in the scenic views of nearby Mount Spoks. There are many walking trails and waterfalls as well as excellent bird watching opportunities.

The drive takes about 8 hours, but we recommend camping overnight at Brushy Mountain or Plateau Beach so you have more time to explore this incredible area. Take a 4×4-only escarpment to the remote Murabak campsite for a night out among the snow gums.

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This park is remote and the facilities here are basic, so stock up on Port Macquarie supplies before you go. You need to take water for drinking and cooking as well as a gas stove. During the fire season, fires are not allowed and firewood is not allowed to be collected in the park. Mobile phone reception is also limited.

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The Orara Escarpment in Bindarri State Reserve is the perfect day trip from Coffs Harbour. Bindarri means ‘many streams’ and along this route you will find waterfalls, swimming holes and great picnic spots.

Starting from Bindarri National Park, you’ll pass through remote eucalyptus forests and subtropical rainforests, climbing over 600m up the Orara Escarpment to the incredible Bangalore Falls. From here, continue through the rainforest, take a short hike to Urumbilum Falls and keep an eye out for wildlife!

There are no campsites in the national park, but if you are self-sufficient and experienced hikers, hiker camping is available. We recommend returning to Coffs Harbour, where you’ll find a great selection of accommodation to suit every budget, from beach resorts to motels and theme parks.

Wd And Trail Bike Road Network

Don’t forget to check the weather before you hit the road! Travel on the Orar slope is dependent on dry weather.

Mount Barney National Park is a hidden gem of granophyre (granite-like rock) left over from a volcanic formation in the Beaudesert area. With Mt Barney being the second highest mountain in South East Queensland, the park has several short 4×4 tracks that you can use to explore the open woodlands, subtropical rainforests and swamps. If you like hiking, the park has some great walking trails!

The National Park campsite can only be reached on foot via a 3.7km moderate to steep trail. There are no facilities at the campground, so all supplies, including water, must be brought with you. If you don’t feel like walking, the nearby Mount Barney Lodge offers cabins, caravans, and camping sites.

Further west of the park, towards Killarney, you’ll find more off-road trails, as well as a small supermarket and petrol station where you can stock up on supplies.

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If you haven’t had enough of 4WD after so many trails, make your last stop at Scenic Rim Adventure Park.

Here you will have over 20 km of trails, some of which lead to individual campsites scattered throughout the area. There are also children’s play areas, mountain bike trails, a maze, hiking trails, hot showers and cooking fires.

Campsites are known for their “back to basics” image, so pack your supplies. Please do not litter. Take all your trash with you when you leave. After Mount Barney, the last stop for supplies is Rathdowney, where you’ll find a small grocery store, a butcher, a gas station and a pub.

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This park also makes a great weekend day trip from both the Goldcoast and Brisbane. The park also hosts corporate events and many family activities to entertain children and groups. Please watch the video to learn more about the park.

Scenic Rim Adventure Park

(!) Please note: Duck Creek Road is closed until further notice. Following extreme weather events and significant damage, Duck Creek Road is closed. We have added this track as a bonus and we hope to have it open again soon, we will keep an eye on you and keep you posted.

This DIY dirt and clay road winds through farmland to O’Reilly in the heart of Lamington National Park. The track is often cited by locals as one of the best in the Gold Coast area.

Duck Creek Road winds its way through magnificent scenery, across the river and back to showcase expansive views of the Gold Coast hinterland. There are plenty of great places to stop for lunch as you make your way up the sometimes steep road into the national park’s rainforest.

Camping in Lamington National Park is a great place to spend a night or two and hike through the rainforest. O’Reilly’s has a cafe but no other food or fuel shops so make sure you stock up on these before you leave Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

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