One Bed Vs Koala

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Everyone has heard of the cologne mattress. It’s amazing when a small Australian startup started 6 years ago. 2015 helped the brand to become an internationally recognized entity that can now be called Key Cola. In part, that was due to fantastic marketing to millennials and people interested in sustainability through social media.

One Bed Vs Koala

The company continues to offer beds, chairs, tables, ottomans and more, but its mattresses are still king. In 2021, Cola put its reputation on the line. It discontinued the original mattress and replaced it with 3 new models: Fresh, Calm As and Soul Mate. And somewhat controversially, it is no longer an Australian product and comes from China.

Koala Bed Base Review

Do they still provide an amazing sleeping experience from a mattress in a box? I have had all 3 different models for 2 months and this is my experience. But let’s start our 2021 Cola mattress review by breaking down the improvements and differences between the mattresses.

The essence of what more than a million Australians have come to love about the OG Koala mattress is still in place in 2021. Unlike other mattresses that rely on memory foam or latex, the new Cola mattress incorporates Dunlop polyurethane foam. This material provides more support than memory foam and is more breathable than latex.

It allows you to “zero mess” so you can bounce like an angry wind on your side of the bed and your partner will never notice. (That shouldn’t be read as fake.) All Koala mattresses are GECA certified, antibacterial and CertiPUR-US approved, so they’re free of chemicals like formaldehyde.

They still come as a mattress in a box, all rolled up and wrapped in plastic wrap. Delivery is still fast and free. It still offers an excellent 120-night trial period. And you have a 10-year warranty.

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This basic base is sandwiched between a non-slip polyester bottom layer and the new Kloudcell top layer made of 65% polyester and 35% TENCEL Lyocell. This is a basic model; We will soon move on to the Calm As and Soul Mate models that use other technologies. Lyocell is one of the friendliest fabrics on the planet (in terms of its production) and is often compared to breathable cotton. It absorbs and releases moisture and provides freshness every night.

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Note: I reviewed this product during the winter and will update the performance of this layer when I get a chance to sleep in the hot summer months.

The top layer sits in its own zippered pocket for removal from the mattress. So you can turn it around. This offers 2 different sleeping experiences: medium firm or firm, giving sleepers more flexibility. However, as I will explain in a moment, however, I am not sold on the idea.

Support is a key factor in Kola mattresses, with the aforementioned Dunlop core reinforced in the middle. This gives you better hip support than the original, making sure you don’t hit too hard on key areas of your spine.

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If you are sold on the idea of ​​a box mattress and the experience Koala provides, you should consider a Koala mattress to buy. There’s the new Koala mattress, the 2021 edition of the original (or OG) Koala mattress we already know and love. I mentioned above where it is getting better.

I have all 3 versions, so I will discuss the differences between them during this review. But with a large price increase between models, I can assure you that you will find significantly improved features when you go between them. But here is a quick comparison.

The new cola mattress effectively comes in 3 layers. You have a sleeping layer, which is a 7 cm thick comfort layer made of Lyocell fibers. Then you have the two-way Kloudcell layer (permanent and semi-permanent) and then the bottom layer. The latter now offers 3 support zones to give your hips extra support.

Relax As it increases to 5 layers. The top sleeping layer adds 1cm of padding away from Lyocell COOLMAX, moisture wicking and fast polyester. Then there is the two-dimensional Kloudcell layer, followed by an additional ZoneOut transfer layer. This does a great job of getting rid of unwanted heat as well as adding 3 more areas of support, especially for your lower back.

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Koala Mattress Review: Australia’s Favourite Tested

So you have the same foundation as a new cologne mattress. Finally, you have the fifth layer of StayPut edge support which seems to stiffen the sides. This is a fundamental problem with the model that we will get into later.

When you go to Soul Mate, it sticks to 5 layers, but there is a noticeable difference. The top layer of sleep becomes significantly thicker. Total is 11 cm. There are 2 cm of fabric, then 9 cm of the third polyester material known as Sensapol. It contains Face Changer Tools. These not only absorb heat and cold, but actively cool and warm the skin as needed to create a comfortable bed environment.

So you have the Kloudcell layer, but underneath is a perforated bamboo charcoal memory foam that increases airflow and reduces pressure. The base is also different here, using 5 foam zones to give you subtle support for your entire body. The final layer is the StayPut edge support as seen in Calm As.

I had a mattress burn that was already in a box, so when the boxes arrived I got a healthy dose of skepticism. The new glue mattress is in 1 box. However, the thick Cam Eye and Soul Mate mattresses come in 2 boxes; The Kloudcell layer gets its own box. There’s some plastic and cardboard to deal with (more for the environment-friendly), but otherwise the unboxing process is pretty simple. It pops out of the plastic and voila! You can see it in the video above.

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Perhaps the most unspoken benefit of all this occurs when the mattress goes into a room that is difficult to reach, such as a narrow staircase or a high floor. This is because you don’t need to open the box until it’s in place. You can move it before it becomes the size of a giant bloody mattress.

As instructed, I didn’t touch all 3 mattresses for a few days to fully know their shape before going to bed. Well, that’s a little lie. I briefly tried them out of the box and was immediately impressed by how sturdy and comfortable they were. But I do believe that a few days of rest made a big difference, so it might be something to consider before throwing away your old mattress.

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Fast free delivery and easy checkout process aside, it’s the sleeping experience that matters most. I slept on a big mattress for about 14 years. It had a hard cushion (a novelty at the time) and cost about $4,500. But when I changed to a new mattress pad, it was old and thick.

When I first jumped into the medium hardness Soul Mate, I was shocked at how hard it was. It felt equal. Comfortable, but smooth. As someone with a history of lower back problems, I was concerned that there would be an adjustment phase to the pain. However, there is no need to worry. Despite offering solid support and the advertised zero turbulence – like 15% turbulence, but still good – I found the Soul Mate to be very comfortable.

Koala Mattress (2021) Review: Customise Your Sleep

I don’t sink like I did in my old mattress, but I rock and feel soft and loving. Needless to say, I’ve become a huge fan over the past 2 months. Even when you lie on your side or front, the support does not rest on your spine at odd angles so your back and neck are comfortable. And despite the classic Sydney with the spring changes in the weather I felt not only comfortable, but light.

While there’s a noticeable step up in flexibility and comfort for the Stable As and the New Koala Mattress, both still offer fantastic support. In fact, my son – who has a history of stiff neck – has been much better since switching from his old nameless mattress to the New Koala. Although it was the least comfortable of the 3, I think it would have benefited from being firmer and less sinking than the other two mattresses.

In conclusion, I think the mattresses are a good value, if not a bargain, for what they offer. Layers are also allowed

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