Optus $2 Unlimited Data

Optus Unlimited Data – Optus announced this week that its $2 day 3G Ready plan is about to get more expensive, increasing the plan from $2 to $3 per day for unlimited everything on its 3G network.

The $2 day 3G Ready plan has been around for a while, but as of August 26th the plan will now go from an average price of $60 per month ($2 x 30 days) to around $90 per month ($3 x 30 days). – 50% increase.

Optus $2 Unlimited Data

Optus is currently sending TXT messages to customers advising them of the impending change, and has also released a blog post about the change.

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While the change is a big one for loyal Optus customers who enjoy unlimited data on 3G, many users on Whirlpool will want to upgrade their plans to a 4G connection with plenty of data – something that’s becoming easier these days with most carriers that offer plans. . Unlimited data, albeit at slower speeds if your data cap is reached.

Optus offers options for anyone wanting a refund on an existing MyCredit balance for a $2 per day 3G ready plan. Any customer with existing credit who remains on the plan until August 26th will receive an additional credit of 50% of their balance based on the existing balance on August 24th.

If you’re on a $2 Days 3G Ready plan with Optus, you’ll find all or most of your questions answered about the change on their blog.

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