Otto Bock Posture Support

Otto Bock Posture Support – The Ottobock Kimba Neo 2.0 Buggy is a well-supported, compact and lightweight aluminum stroller that’s great for your baby. Whether it’s a daily commute to school or a family outing, the Kimba is ready to go.

Every child is a person who will have needs and wants. We’ve taken into account that Kimba has fast and comprehensive support in functions:- a chair that reclines in space, complete with a back that supports daily activities such as feeding and changing. If you have extra gear to carry, there’s also an integrated storage basket that can hold up to 15kg.

Otto Bock Posture Support

Beauty and color. The Kimba color scheme gives you a choice of four color inlay options and you also have a choice of decal designs and three colors to add to the frame, and these are available for added security when you’re out and about in the morning. or evening.

Oppo Clavicle Brace

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This new design features a lever ring near the push handle at the top center of the cart for easy use. This also means that there is only one type of frame for use with the Kimba chair and other chair sets.

It’s an automatic lock when you fold the stroller and it’s quick and easy to use when you discover the stroller and it’s ready to add a seat.

The latest seat adapter allows you to easily place the seat in the middle when transferring to the trunk of the car or flipping the seat so you can watch your child while in the car.

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Comflex Mobile Sitting Chair Bariatric

It allows the child to access any medical device that needs to be placed under the frame without any adaptation. This storage basket offers open space in the middle and has a maximum weight of 15 kg.

The Kimba Neo cover protects your baby from sun and rain and even comes with a parent view panel to keep an eye on them.

Our trays are a great way to engage your child in activities and games and come with an anchor to attach to their favorite toys. Available in hard clear plastic or opaque, the tray quickly inserts and removes the cart, activates arm extension and makes lifting the body easy.

Take it with you! Kimba Neo has many options to carry everything you need. Choose a backpack or a diaper bag that connects to the middle of the top.

Ottobock Option 3 Back Brace

It is important to keep your baby warm and protected during cold days. Our slider bags are soft and delicious.

Don’t let bad weather stop you from getting outside. With a clear rain cover, your child can be protected from wind and rain and still enjoy the surroundings.

The sporty member of the Kimba family is designed to handle rough terrain with its large front wheel and is ideal for parents who like to run with their children.

If there are times when siblings are looking for the type of seat they want or the perfect way to go out with two kids, the inner stroller is equipped to accommodate two Kimba.

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Spinal & Lumbar Orthotics

Indoor motion detectors are designed for indoor use. Seat angle and height can be adjusted in seconds. This will ensure that the child is included in all aspects of home life or plays equally with siblings or friends.

This is a highly supported tail unit that can be used with open frames in the Kimba Family.

If your child needs a different seat, we also have the equipment to create a custom seat. It is made of high pressure relief foam that is molded to your baby’s shape and needs. There are also large rugs to personalize your seating arrangement.

Another option for a custom seat unit is a molded seat if your child needs one. It has a low profile design but still has the best support and pressure distribution. You can also access the design through fabric selection.

Lumbo Sensa Lumbar Support Female Vers (50r11 )

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Dorso Carezza Posture is as easy to practice as a backpack. In addition, the support can be machine washed.

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