Palm Lake Resort Beachmere Sands Beachmere Qld

Palm Lake Resort Beachmere Sands Beachmere Qld – Taking full advantage of its beautiful beachfront location, with uninterrupted views of Moreton Bay, Palm Lake Care Beachmere will change the perception of care for the elderly. Embodying Hamptons style luxury, our new $35 million class-leading community offers 24-hour resident assistance in 102 light and bright private rooms, each with its own private exterior. There are comfortable riverside rooms and couple rooms – to keep couples in love.

Hampton’s fun and popular theme offers a beautiful sparkle in every corner. With no compromise on details, residents can enjoy comfortable comfort and exceptional care. Two dining rooms, cafe, dining room, private dining room, outdoor deck area, cinema with comfortable cinema style seating and much more.

Palm Lake Resort Beachmere Sands Beachmere Qld

Family values ​​underpin our 24-hour local care, supported by a variety of services, and a dedicated team of chefs, therapists and activity coordinators.

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Palliative care requires deep and personal understanding, awareness and knowledge. At Palm Lake Care we consider it a privilege to support our residents and their family and friends during this difficult emotional phase of their care.

All of Palm Lake’s senior care communities sit next to their sister independent resort, Palm Lake Resorts. This means that couples can live close together, when only one partner needs care.

Palm Lake Care offers the highest level of local aged care in comfortable new rooms with excellent community facilities.

All of the private rooms feature direct access to the outdoors allowing fresh air to circulate and pamper the following. We include everything you need to make room for your favorite things.

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Some people may only need to pay the basic daily premium if their rateable assets are below the limit and their income is just the Age Pension.

Dine in style with a first-class menu designed by our in-house chef team. Offering a much-loved recipe designed to tantalize your taste buds and provide unique nutrition. Served with a glass of delicious wine and a tempting dessert.

Mental stimulation and physical activity are very important to our overall well-being. Our lifestyle team is passionate about providing activity programs for all ability levels that are fun, engaging and allow social interaction. Our facilities are second to none and that means our community has popcorn parties at the movies, craft day, shows, pep sessions, dance classes and more.

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Family events Our private Halsey dining room is perfect for continuing family traditions or celebrating important events together.

Bayside Drive, Beachmere Qld 4510

Our restaurants provide our community with a variety of choices and a change of scenery. Residents enjoy afternoon tea watching the sunset on our covered outdoor deck. A delicious breakfast in the Lighthouse dining room is always a great start to the day. Free drinking spaces encourage independence and a sense of companionship.

Enjoy the panoramic views of Moreton Bay with an evening sunset and a cup of tea. Our popular deck area is home to many happy barbeque hours.

The elegant Hamptons style makes dining in the Light Dining Room an elegant experience. A chef-prepared meal is served with chilled drinks and an exciting dessert menu.

Head “out” to Bayside Cafe for a cuppa and a slice of cake. Our extended families love to gather here to share news and catch up. Comfortable armchairs line the bay view and it’s easy to while away a few comfortable hours. Children are always welcome in our specially designed children’s area.

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The community near Deception Bay Palm Lake Care has a special memorial support village built around a new free movement concept. To learn more or inquire about vacancies see our Deception Bay page.

Placing a loved one in aged care can be difficult. Our Care Solutions service brings clarity to what is often a confusing time, helping with fee planning and financial arrangements to create the right solution for your unique circumstances.

You will remember that we visited Palm Lake Care Beachmere with Aunty Mavis on Monday June 1st. Betty and Jenny and Ron decided we would have our “It’s Time” talk next Thursday. However, after the walk, and a happy lunch with Betty, Ron raises an eyebrow at Jenny and Betty, both of whom are upset with him. The conversation continued: not “would you like to go,” but “you are going on vacation for 4 weeks, and if you like you can stay.” ” “Oh, but I’m not ready. I’ll know when I’m ready”… The next few days we calmly studied what was going to happen, hoping that neither option would call for a permanent bed. (Actually, 6 days before it was due for you, one one of them did: we had to decide, before the evening, and she had to be there in two days. Ah, no thanks!! !) The three cousins ​​had already agreed, subject to strong objections. from Aunty Mavis, that Palm Lake is the permanent answer.

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So, she came with him on Tuesday the 23rd, “just 4 weeks off, and then I can go home.” On the phone Wednesday, she talked about “the place that could be my home.” ” On Thursday, she showed Jenny around “my new house.” On Saturday, the message was “I want to stay here, as long as I have room 81 in my house. “Not bad for less than a week of work with you and your wonderful staff! Thank you so much.

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Jacinta, Betty was sold before I even met her. It was Jenny and Ron’s guardian as you repeated, several times, “Mavis this is your home, we will come to your home to take care of you.” What a fantastic way. Congratulations to Sue, for fulfilling that promise… We are all happy with how quickly Mavis has settled in, and we are committed to seeing the next chapter of her life at Palm Lake Care Beachmere.

I am contacting you to commend Lauren for her assistance today. It was very easy to use because it gave me all the information I needed, thoughtfully and intuitively.

I didn’t even wait to make the initial inquiries about Palm Lake Care, but my husband’s health has declined recently, and it makes sense to look into options for future care.

In closing, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation once again for Lauren’s kind and caring support this afternoon. It made a tough call much easier than I thought.

Sold House 34 Bayside Drive, Beachmere Qld 4510

I attended the free elderly care exhibition today and really enjoyed it. You made it easy to understand and put my mind at ease. It was the best 1 hour I have used in a long time.

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Drop us a line or simply call 1800 246 677 to speak to one of the friendly care team in Palm Lake. Located at the northern end of Moreton Bay, the quiet village of Beachmere is home to marine life and activity. Around the corner is the stunning Moreton Island National Park, a beautiful tapestry of islands, sandy beaches, coral reefs, rocky cliffs, seagrass beds, mangrove forests and mudflats. It’s easy to understand why the park supports so much marine life that includes thousands of species of fish that share the waters with seven species of sea turtles, dolphins, migrating whales and porpoises.

There are many things to do at Palm Lake Resort Beachmere Sands. It’s easy to keep yourself busy throughout the day, but it’s okay to feel overwhelmed after a while.

Our community has cozy reading rooms with fully stocked libraries and fireplaces that are perfect for a good book, a good story or even a long slow brandy and a puzzle game.

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The Palm Lake Resort lifestyle will keep you going 24/7 if that’s your pace, but there are also many different ways to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Palm Lake Resort is also designed around small things, such as surrounding gardens with bench seats to soak up some sun and watch the garden grow.

From a great game of tennis to a relaxing cocktail overlooking the pool, we are proud to offer residents a variety of activities that contribute to a lifestyle of happiness and enjoyment. That, after all, is what retirement is all about.

A variety of home designs are set in stunning gardens, stunning natural parkland and leisure facilities. The resort is designed to welcome every home near our country club, which will be the center of community activity.

It Started Out As A Caravan Park In Victoria And Is Now One Of The Biggest Providers Of Retirement Lifestyle Resorts In Australia

Contact us today to start your travel lifestyle and enhance the best years of your life in style.

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