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Peppinella Motel Delacombe Vic – Sovereign Hill Sovereign Hill is an outdoor museum that presents the extraordinary history of Australia’s gold rush. Special attention is paid to 19th century classics. Impact of Gold Discoveries on Ballarat, a small rural settlement in 1851 when gold was discovered for development. By 1861 Ballarat had grown into a large provincial town built on its gold wealth. Sovereign Hill is managed by The Sovereign Hill Museums Association, a non-profit community organization.

Set in 32 acres of woodland, the Ballarat Wildlife Park is home to a collection of Australian native animals and reptiles, selected for their educational and conservation potential. The Reptile Collection alone is one of Australia’s largest private collections, containing nearly four hundred individual animals of both native and exotic origin. Ballarat Wildlife Park is just five minutes from Sovereign Hill and is the only regional zoo of this scale. Open daily 9:00am to 5:30pm, except Christmas.

Peppinella Motel Delacombe Vic

Botanical Gardens and Lake Wenduri Ballarat Botanical Gardens Reserve covers an area of ​​40 hectares, divided into 3 distinct zones. The central botanical gardens preserve the ‘Garden SQ’ style of the Victorian pleasure garden. On either side are the open buffers of the park, known as the North and South Gardens. Located on the western shores of beautiful Lake Wenduri, the Gardens are a valuable heritage and recreational source for Ballarat residents and visitors from around the world to enjoy.

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Eureka Trail Follow the Eureka Trail from Camp Street to the center of the Eureka Stockade, visiting many Eureka sites along the way. The Eureka Trail, which aims to enhance the ‘Eureka Experience’, is managed by the City of Ballarat and was developed in 1996 with funding from the State and Federal Governments as part of the Eureka Project. The landscape of the trail has changed significantly since 1854 as Ballarat continues to develop into a major regional centre.

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Blood on the Southern Cross Blood on the Southern Cross is an explosive multi-million dollar sound and light show like you’ve never seen before! The Eureka Rebellion, a dramatic battle between gold miners and government troops in Ballarat in 1854. On December 3rd, the night’s story will be retold with “Blood on the Southern Cross,” a loud and bright spectacle from Mount Waldoway. To get the most out of your Blood at the Southern Cross experience, enjoy a three-course pre-show dinner with beer, wine and soft drinks served at your table.

Ballarat Art Gallery A visit to the Ballarat Art Gallery does not get more enjoyable than spending time with our highly qualified volunteer gallery managers. His passion and knowledge combined with his love of the gallery and its collection will give you a deep understanding of the evolution of Australian art. Groups by pre-arrangement. Our gallery guides can help your group enjoy the gallery if you let us know you plan to visit. Contact the gallery at least two weeks before your visit to arrange your group tour.

Mining Exchange Visit the Mining Exchange, where troops assembled in 1854 before setting out to quell a miners’ revolt. After Victoria became a separate colony in 1851, a reward of £200 was offered for any discovery of gold within 200 miles of Melbourne. The prize went to a discovery in 1851 at Clunes (about 20 miles from Ballarat). in June, and later that year rich fields were found in Ballarat. The start of the Victorian gold rush was one of the largest migrations in the world at the time.

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Buninyong The beautiful town of Buninyong is located at the foot of the landmark Mount Buninyong, 11 km south of Ballarat in Victoria. Covered by precious farmland and forest ridges, Buninyang cherishes the beauty of its natural surroundings and beautiful buildings and gardens from the golden age that exude an old-world tranquility and charm. At the same time, its modern cafes, shops, markets, festivals and amenities contribute to a lively community life in the peace and beauty of the countryside.

Lydiard Street is a fine example of a Victorian streetscape, lined with stately urban buildings and surrounded by popular attractions such as Ballarat Botanic Gardens, Sovereign Hill, Eureka Center and Ballarat Wildlife Park. Nearby Lake Wenduri is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, wildlife watching, hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming and more. Lydiard Street has all kinds of architectural examples and is a convenient place to stroll or visit at any time of the year.

University of Ballarat The University of Ballarat (UB) is Australia’s only regional multi-sector university. We are the third oldest higher education site in Australia and offer secondary education, technical and further education (TAFE), higher education and research opportunities. We have six campuses in Mt. Helen, SMB and Camp Street Ballarat and Horsham, Stawell and Ararat. We also work with various partner organizations in Australia and around the world.

Eureka Center Eureka Centre, located in East Ballarat, is considered the site of the Eureka Rebellion, one of the most significant events in the development of Australian democracy. As one of Victoria’s most popular tourist attractions, the Center is a national center for discussion and interpretation of Eureka’s history. In the early 1850s, gold was a magnet that drew people from around the world to the Victorian goldfields.

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