Phantom 2 Drone Price

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The ready-to-fly camera quadcopter can be controlled from up to 2,000 feet away, while the new three-axis gimbal keeps your shots safe and secure.

Phantom 2 Drone Price

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Phantom 2 On Sale, 50% Off

More powerful than your average toy quadcopter, but not as intimidating as the DIY enthusiast models, the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ falls in the sweet spot for those who want to start taking videos. and pictures from heaven.

The DJI Phantom Vision 2+ is an easy to set up and easy to pilot quadcopter drone for aerial photos and videos. It’s fun to fly, well built, has good battery life for its class and can be effortlessly configured to navigate a flight path with a difference.

Video quality is good with a low mid-range POV camera. Although flight times are longer than most RTF copters, you’ll want to invest in an extra battery or two and separate propellers in the price. Ground Control features may be limited for more experienced users.

An excellent entry point into the world of aerial photography and video, DJI’s Phantom 2 Vision+ is priced for its easy setup and use.

Dji Phantom 2 Vision Review

Well, anyone with $1,160 can save a new hobby. (It’ll set you back about £890 in the UK and about AU$1,300 in Australia.) But it’s a reasonable price for the ready-to-fly and shoot Vision+ out of the box.

If you don’t stop to charge its batteries or read the manual (you should do it twice before your first flight, of course), you can take it from the open air to 10 minutes.

The quadcopter itself is unchanged from its predecessor, the Phantom 2 Vision. You’ll find unique features such as color matching, self-locking propellers for easy installation and replacement, and a slot-loading gearbox – no extras to mess with. Here – giving 25 minutes. flight time (more on that “up to” part in a bit).

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The Vision + camera, although it looks different, is also the same, at least in terms of specifications: an f2.8 lens combined with a 1/2.3-megapixel 14-megapixel CMOS sensor that captures Adobe DNG raw and JPEG images. and video up to 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps. You can control ISO, exposure compensation and white balance, and choose from a 140-, 120-, or 90-degree field of view.

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The biggest change is camera support. With the first Vision, the camera is on an antivibration platform fixed on the tilt axis and the tilting range during flight (controlled remotely via the Vision mobile app) is 60 degrees. The Vision +, however, has a three-axis gimbal similar to the one used on a GoPro camera in the Phantom 2.

The gimbal firmly stabilizes the camera in roll, pitch and yaw directions to keep the video stable while moving quickly. Additionally, the camera can tilt 90 degrees, allowing you to shoot straight down, straight ahead and anywhere in between.

Again, setting up Vision+ doesn’t take much the first time. The propellers are supposed to change, but they are marked so you can’t make a mistake and they are self-locking so they lock when the copter turns for takeoff.

There are three things you need to install before you fly: the Vision+ battery, the wireless extender and an Android or iOS mobile app. The remote control also requires four AA batteries.

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The copter’s battery is charged via the included battery or optional car charger, while the extender draws its power from a Micro-USB port connected to a computer or wall adapter ( not included). It would be nice if both could be charged from a charger to give you a little reminder, but it’s something you’ll have to get used to before you fly.

You’ll need a smartphone loaded with DJI’s Vision app, which lets you see what the camera sees, control the camera and its settings, and view flight telemetry real time and set an autopilot flight plan with 16 routes.

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There have been several software and firmware updates since the Vision+ was released in April. Once everything is charged, you’ll want to install the latest version of the Phantom 2 Vision+ Assistant software on a Windows or Mac computer, connect the copter to its Micro-USB port and use the assistant software to check your firmware and update it. if necessary.

If you have already purchased the Vision+ or are considering it, I recommend downloading and reading the entire user manual and flight training guide available on the DJI support website.

Dji Phantom 2 Drone Parts

To prepare for the flight, you need to use the Vision +, the remote control and the wireless amplifier. When the extender is ready (about 30 seconds), you connect your phone’s Wi-Fi to it and then open the Vision app.

The main part that makes flying the Vision + easier for beginners is the built-in DJI Naza-M flight control system. It has an inertial sensor, barometric altimeter, a compass, GPS, LED flight indicators and a controller to make them all work together.

After adjusting the speed compass – something you do before every new flight – it takes little more than turning the copter one level and one time vertically , you are ready to fly.

I don’t need to tell you how much fun it is to fly one of these, but if you’ve never experienced a radio controlled airplane, I recommend taking your first flights in a deserted area. or distractions.

Dji’s Latest Drone Is Smart Enough To Keep Out Of Airports

The flight training guide I mentioned in the previous section will give you a foundation of advanced skills to practice. You’ll fall from time to time, but jumping to a wider area will avoid that.

DJI has built the Phantom 2 Vision + to be tough, so if you have a small accident, it has a good chance of surviving. It’s indestructible, but even though the camera and gimbal survived a very long drop after I got close to a tree, it needed manual recalibration. Basically, you’ll want to buy a new set or two of props, because those things break.

At first, you’ll probably be driving by sight, but Vision+ is so small that you won’t have to send it far before you have trouble finding and using its lights and markers. for management. When you fly with your phone screen, it can be difficult if you fly all day. There is only one thing that new drivers need to remember.

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The GPS autopilot system of the quadcopter is easy for beginners. Once locked on at least six satellites (the Vision app and LED indicators on the copter let you know if you’re good), the Vision+ will fly in place and maintain its position. This gives you time to stop and can prevent an accident.

Review: The Phantom 2 Vision Photo Drone From Dji

The GPS also gives you a safe return home signal to signal the Phantom to fly back to your take-off point and land if it flies out, the controller is turned off and the signal is lost between the object editing and the Phantom for some reason.

Using the Vision app, you can set a GPS-guided flight path for the Vision+ to follow autonomously. Like DJI’s iPad Ground Station available for the Phantom 2 and other drones, the Vision app’s integrated ground station functions allow you to set up to 16 waypoints with just one tap.

The default height for each lane is 98 feet (30 meters), but by clicking on each lane you can choose the height for each from 0 to 650 feet (200 meters). Pages cannot be placed more than 1,640 feet (500 meters) from your Home point. Unfortunately, you can’t set the travel speed individually from each point, but you can set the overall speed: fast (8m/s), medium (4m/s) and slow (2m/s). The top speed of the Vision+, therefore, is 15m/s.

Once you’ve set the flight path, you click on the task to gain focus and then click Go to start its course. You can press the pause button to stop and fly during flight and you can call Vision + back to its home at any time and have full control to fly it manually. However, it only jumps to a point, and cannot be programmed to do anything at this point.

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