Pioneer Single Leg Power Meter Review

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In the interest of not reading this too long, I’ll jump into why I feel you might want or need a power meter, and what you might need a power meter for in general.

Pioneer Single Leg Power Meter Review

I wanted to write about this particular power meter because I have so many mixed feelings after having two of them. Also, something happened recently (for the second time) that made me realize that there are additional documents and / or special experience about this electricity meter. It may help others who face the same problem.

Wahoo And Pioneer Announce Partnership

This does not mean that Pioneer, as of March 2020, will no longer be in the electricity meter business.

Of all the power meters available, based on what I’ve collected over the years, the Pioneer power meter is one of the most technologically advanced on the market. Some of the sales features include:

This is what I came here to write. When the unit works, it works well and you will have zero problems. However, this is a big one, but there are some points to consider here:

Well, I had two of these things, one of the first generation when I got the Giant TCR in 2015, the other in 2019 when I got the Factor O2 VAM.

Pioneer Expands Power Meter Line, Adds Dura Ace R9100 Interbike 2016

I’ve also had a few situations where a software update on my bike’s computer basically messed up my unit.

In September 2018, just before I flew to visit Girona for a big cycling trip, a new update was released to my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt device. The idea behind this update was to combine all the incredibly detailed measurements that no other power meter has (to my knowledge) on the Wahoo website, a first for Pioneer.

This represents the force vectors (the direction your foot is pushing the car) in 12 independent dimensions of the same rotation (you can see this picture in the box above). I’m sure there are other things out there, but honestly, I’ve never used this stuff before. It requires a magnet to be attached to a specific part of your bike to find it, and obviously the head unit can hold this information.

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Before this update, only the dedicated Pioneer title (yes, the one no one uses) would show this. Given that you get power, L/R balance, cadence, and other parameters, there’s not much reason to put an unusual looking magnet on your new bike.

Pioneer Shimano Dura Ace 9000 Single Leg Power Meter

I had to make a last minute decision to buy a new power meter before my trip, which ended up with a pair of Favero Assioma pedals. They actually worked well, I didn’t end up keeping them because I’m not a fan of the way they look, with the added length, and how heavy they are (they roll a lot for me). I am sure I can talk about my experience here in the next post.

I had several phone calls back and forth with text messages and messages from Pioneer down in Long Beach who helped me fix the initial error, none of them went wrong. I was eventually contacted by a former Pioneer employee who was a bicycle mechanic at Studio Velo, up in Mill Valley.

I had to get on my bike to see this guru who heard how all this magic works. He used the Pioneer bike computer he had on hand to switch my power meter to Dual ANT+ mode, and then let me set it back to normal. Hooray!

Recently, I went through a similar experience, this time with Hammerhead Karoo 2. Which is unfortunate, because after seeing all of the above selected, I experienced zero points in this power meter. Again and the update I installed on my Reason. Of course, I noticed that sometimes it is slow to wake up, and sometimes it needs the comfort of ANT + connecting the device (thanks Hammerhead for providing that way!), but overall it was good. I think many electric meters still suffer from these problems from time to time.

Best Power Meters: Precise, Accurate, And Reliable Data

Last week, an innocent update went through (Hammerhead is awesome for this), and suddenly I can’t see my energy meter anymore. My Karoo lists available ANT+ devices separately from Bluetooth, so I noticed that my device showed up in both lists, even though it didn’t actually provide power information. The ANT+ connection basically died as soon as I was able to connect, and the Bluetooth took a long time to connect, then just read zero.

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I contacted Hammerhead for support. They responded right away and told me that nothing has changed with this new software update that has changed the way it works. Yeah, okay.

The answer suggested that I fix the device, then the Karoo power circuit. After doing that, I was able to see my power meter again using the ANT+ device page, but I still didn’t see any data coming up. I really couldn’t face it again after this first relationship anyway. At the same time, I found the part that also comes out of the Bluetooth group, too, in fact the same behavior as before.

At this point, I resigned myself to the idea of ​​driving to Studio Velo to find this group again and try to force my device into ANT+ mode. That, or buy a whole new electric.

Best Power Meter For Road Cycling

At this point, the modular Rotor model started to get better for me, I’m not going to lie!

Some of these “styles” have all grown up. Also, according to the specs page on Pioneer’s website, I doubted that Wahoo could do the “switch mode” for me.

I also opened it, did a software update (it was a while), and connected my power meter. Luckily Wahoo got it the first time, so I went to the custom tool, and lo and behold, I found a way to change it.

After a few minutes or so, the alien worked and the power meter said “Dual ANT+” in Wahoo mode.

Pioneer Dual Sided Power Meter And Ca500 Computer Review

Are the settings a Pioneer power meter must have in order to function as an ANT+ device properly.

Next, I booted up the Karoo, and went to search for ANT+ devices. Sure enough, he found the device, connected it, and after today’s trip, it worked like before!

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Well, that’s a lot to digest. That is, if you’re not already neck deep in the weird stuff that connects the device. There aren’t many tools online that help when it comes to using this powerful tool.

It’s amazing. Especially if you like the left/right power balance, since there are two sensors (one on the tip and the other on the power side). Other wireless-based power meters such as Power2Max and Quarq calculate this balance by simply reading the voltage reading on the side line, then doing the math to calculate the balance, from left to right. I am told that it is actually very good, but technically it is not a

Press & News

If you work with a trainer or coach, you may find some value in this as well. I’ve heard good things about having something that measures left and right balance if you’re coming back from an injury, because being able to see this while walking can help you retrain yourself. But if you’re already between 45-55 percent left/right balanced, maybe these numbers are just noise. One more thing to worry about instead of enjoying your bike ride.

Now of course you can use this tool for its intended purpose. You can directly access to control the device and change internal settings using a remote control app that the rest of us must assume is correct before using the device.

If you add mounting magnets (there is a small card that comes with the tool to help you install it correctly), you can also get great dimensions. If you want information on how to do this, I found a YouTube video on how to do it properly. It’s something I don’t use directly. Which is funny because you’d think I’d be above that.

Now maybe all of the above is a bit of a problem. I believe there were/are three different generations of this power meter, and some newer ones

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