Property For Sale In Pendle Hill

Property For Sale In Pendle Hill – If you’re looking for exceptional service, great value for money, and a team that drives success, look no further than Pendle Hill Properties.

At Pendle Hill Property, we pride ourselves on providing the best in personal service and helping buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants achieve their goals.

Property For Sale In Pendle Hill

From the first moment you call us, you’ll feel safe knowing you’re in safe and trusted hands. We take the stress out of choosing and buying real estate and make the whole process simple and painless. Not only that, but we also have access to a team of partners who can provide legal, mortgage and financial advice and offer a wide range of products to suit your needs. In short Pendle Hill Property is your one and only property store.

Rowley Street, Pendle Hill

The team at Pendle Hill Properties are very proactive, in the way they match buyers with the client properties they have.

I have rented my property through Pendle Hill Properties for the past 2 years and can highly recommend their services.

What? I can express my gratitude to all of you for your help and professionalism in selling our property. I would not hesitate to recommend you…

As soon as you ask us to sell or authorize your property, you will soon discover the difference of Pendle Hill Property.

Bedroom Free Standing Houses For Sale In Pendle Hill, Nsw, 2145

Whether you are new to real estate investing or an experienced homeowner, look no further than Pendle Hill Properties. k $500k $550k $600k $650k $700k $750k $800k $850k $900k $950k $1m $1.1m$1.2m$1.3m$1.4m$1.5m$1.6m$1, 7m $ 1.8m $ 1.9m $ 1.8m $ 1.9m $ 1.8m $ 1.9m $ 1.8 m $ 1.9 million $ 3. m $ 4 million $ 4.5 million $ 5 million $6 million $7 million $8 million $9 million $10 million-Max price $50k $100k $150k $200k $250k $300k $350k $400k $450k $500k $550k $0 $600k $750k $800k $ 850k $900k $950k $1m $1.1m $1.2m $1.3m$1.4m$1.5m$1.6m$1.7m$1.8m$1.9m$2m$2.25m$ 2.5m $2,3.5m $3 million $3 million $3m $3 million $3.m $7 million $8 million $9 million $10 million Choose low $50k $100k $150k $200k $250k $ 300k $350k $400k $450k $500k $550k $600k $650k $700k $750k $750k $08k $1m $1.1m $1.2m $1.3m$1.4m$1.5m $1 ,6m$1.7m$1.8m$1.9m$2m$2.25m$2.5m$2.75m$3m$3.5m$4m$4.5m$5m$6m$7m$ 08m $7m $1. price $ Max 50k $100k $150k $200k $250k $300k $350k $400k $450k $500k $550k $600k $650k $700k $750k $800k $850k $900k $1m $1m $1m $1m$1m$1m . $ 1.5 million $ 1.6 million $ 1.7 million $ 1.8 million $ 1.9 million $ 2 million $ 2.25 million $ 2.5 million $ 2.75 million $ 3 million $ 3.5 million $4 million 4.5 million $5m $6 million $7 million $8 million $9 million $10 million Property type All0 House0 Apartment0 Unit0 Townhouse0 Villa0 Land0 Area0 Rural0 Block No. Sleep Studio 0 1 0 2 0 3 0 4 0 5+ 0 Bathroom 1 0 2 0 3 0 4 0 5+ 0 Parking 2 0 3 0 4 0 5+ 0 Check Anytime October 0 Wednesday 12 Months 100 Thursday 13 October 100 Friday 14 October 100 Saturday 15 October 100 Auction Any time in the closet Convection dishwashers Evaporative gas cooling systems Internal cooling systems Intercom research pays Money TV Rumpus Air Splitter Air Splitter Fully Fenced Floor Outdoor Recreation Spa Remote Garage Booth Workshop Tennis Gray Water System Solar Hot Water System Water Tank Panel See more Land Area (m² )Area Minimum Maximum Area Facade (m) Minimum Area Maximum Area No include lower version

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See the Pendle Hill, NSW 2145 neighborhood profile for neighborhood information and reviews, or search for the best rated Pendle Hill, NSW 2145 streets.

See all the Pendle Hill, NSW 2145 forums and comments near you, or get answers to all your questions. Recently renovated to rival in style, function and location, this family home is everything you’ll need – and more.

Number 29 was at the top of the group and preoccupied with the view of Downtown PARAMATTA in the distance.

Stapleton Street, Pendle Hill, Apartment For Sale

Walking to the entrance, you’ll be greeted by the front, where you’ll discover the Hybrid floors beneath your feet and the new air conditioning and heat distribution systems fitted in each bedroom and living space. . The entire property has strong heights, allowing for plenty of privacy between rooms and areas.

The second living room is perfect to be configured as a theater room, billiards room or formal living room.

The master bedroom is spacious, has a walk-in closet, and the bedroom is very comfortable with two bathrooms.

The recently remodeled kitchen is designed to make smart use of the space and features top-of-the-line appliances such as a new oven and laundry area, as well as a modern pantry, soft close and cupboards. integrated refrigeration. The kitchen flows into a large living and dining area that opens completely to the backyard space, perfect for entertaining and keeping a long birthday invitation list.

Rowley Street, Pendle Hill, House For Sale

The backyard is kept in good condition with greenery and neighboring trees on either side creating a view worth sitting and enjoying. The front deck is great for people watching and summer nights are perfect for enjoying a cold red in hand, CBD in the distance.

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The front yard and exterior of the house are remodeled in 2020 with new fences, and clean landscaping with automatic watering. A great place to sit and people watch, the lobby also has an Electronic Access Control system for the front door

Additional features: Newly painted air conditioning, heating, natural gas heating and security alarms, and LED lighting throughout.

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