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For this flight review I have many complaints about seat 46A. This is an emergency escape row seat that is supposed to have extra leg room and no window.

Qantas Tokyo To Sydney

It has been a long time since I flew in Economy class on this QF25 aircraft. I have flown this route many times over the last few years and usually fly in Business or Premium Economy class.

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I choose Economy this time so I can extend my trip by 3 weeks and instead of paying extra for a Business Class seat, I can pay for extra seats.

The best way to get to Sydney airport is by train. The train from Sydney CBD will cost $13.80 and take less than 15 minutes.

Flight check-in is usually done 3 hours before the flight. ​​​​​​I got to the airport early and was able to check in for this flight 3.5 hours before the flight. I’m not sure when check-in opens for flight QF25 but I assume Qantas staff are always at the check-in counters and all Qantas flights check-in at the same check-in counters. There was no queue when I checked. About 30 minutes later I ran the check-in halls and there was a long line. It is better to get to the airport early and avoid waiting in line.

When I checked in the man serving me confirmed that I wanted a window seat. I said I did and asked her to make sure she had a window on this seat as I noticed some of the emergency exit seats were marked as windowless. He checked the system and confirmed that he had a window.

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Once you get through security, there are more duty free shopping and food trucks.

When I got to my 46A seat the first thing I noticed was the lack of legroom. Seat 46A is an emergency escape seat which is supposed to have extra leg room. But there is a large door pocket directly in front of seat 46A so it makes the legroom very tight. You can stretch your legs over the side of the door but it is very uncomfortable. Even with your legs extended, your feet are pressed against the door and it gets very cold in the air at the height of the ship, so it’s a very uncomfortable ride when your feet hit the door.

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To stretch your legs you have to sit at an angle which is really uncomfortable to sit in. To keep your feet from getting cold at the door, you have to sit at an unusual angle which is not good for your back.

Another thing I noticed is that seat 46A does not have a window. This was very annoying because when I booked my ticket and selected the seat I checked it was a window seat and also when checking in at Qantas the Qantas staff confirmed that this seat has a window . I emailed Qantas to change my seat map and show this seat as a window. I’ll update this post when I get a response (if I do – it wasn’t the last time I submitted a complaint on the Qantas website!).

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This is a window in the door outside but you have to stretch forward to be able to see the window.

What’s worse about this seat is that Qantas charges an extra $90 to sit in the emergency exit row because of the legroom. I didn’t have to pay $90 because I’m a Qantas Platinum Frequent Flyer, I get priority seats with extra leg room at no extra cost. I would have been very upset if I had paid an extra $90 for this ugly chair.

The best thing about this line is that it is right next to the toilets, so you can see when the toilets are available. You don’t have to wait in line, just get up when the toilet is available.

At the end of the flight I went to the back row to see how the leg room was in the standard economy seat. See image below for standard leg room for Qantas Economy. Isn’t the best leg room I’ve ever seen!

Sydney To Tokyo Haneda On Qantas

In Economy class on this Qantas B747-400, the standard Economy seat has a built-in entertainment screen in the seat in front. As there are no seats in front of the seats in row 46, the entertainment screens are mounted on an arm that slides into the seat. You have to position the entertainment screen during takeoff and landing, which means you have to wait for takeoff before you can start watching the entertainment.

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After take off I pulled up the entertainment screen. The screen is a small 10″ screen. When I start watching a movie, you forget how small the screen is but it really is a small screen. I’m not sure if this screen is different from the other screens that comes in the seat .The build was small but I think that was it.

The headphones in Economy class are very cheap and uncomfortable. They cancel without sound and the sound quality is very bad. If you turn up the volume, you will get a very unpleasant hissing sound.

For my main I ordered the Braised beef with shiitake mushrooms. The food didn’t look that good but it was much better than it was. It was like mushy beef and a bowl of rice standing on top of the stew. There was not much beef in my serving and the meat was very fatty. Oh the comfort of eating Economy!

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For dessert, passion fruit pavlova was delicious. The pavlova was not too crunchy, too soft but delicious!

On the flight from Sydney to Tokyo or on the return leg from Tokyo, they have Kirin Ichiban Japanese beer which is one of your favorite Japanese beers. This was the highlight of this Economics class meal!

For breakfast you have Pumpkin Roast and Feta Cheese Tart and Traditional Greek Yoghurt with Mango Compote and Granola. Now I’m not a fan of pumpkin and feta cheese. I tried the tart and it tasted good but I didn’t finish this tart.

The Greek yogurt was delicious. The mango compote sweetened it and the granola was crunchy and the yogurt made a delicious breakfast.

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I still consider Qantas Economy class service to be one of the best airline services in the air. The flight crew were lovely. There was a cabin crew standing next to me when I got my seat which was disappointing, especially since he didn’t have a seat. I mentioned that this chair should have a window. She said she would check if there were window seats after the window.

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After take off he came back to me and said there was a window seat on the other side of the plane in the emergency exit row. I chose to stay in this seat because I was on the left side of the plane. When I went to Tokyo Haneda in July, I saw a great view of Mount Fuji. I decided to stay in this seat for the chance to see Mount Fuji again. Unfortunately, it was still dark when we landed at 4:30, so we couldn’t see anything. The sun rises much earlier in July than in October. Up to 120,000 Qantas Bonus Points – Westpac Altitude Black Enjoy up to 120,000 Qantas Bonus Points when you apply, are accepted and spend $6k on eligible purchases within 120. days of acceptance – Westpac Altitude Black Mastercard with Qantas Points. Plus, get 2 free Club Qantas airport lounge passes every year. T&C applies. New cards only. Click here to apply.

Qantas says it will resume flights to Tokyo and Santiago in the coming months, along with previously announced flights to Seoul and Bangalore, but admits there will be more disruption after the travel chaos of recent months.

Passengers angry at delays and cancellations as Qantas grapples with staff sickness and a tight labor market hit out at the airline’s CEO and CEO Alan Joyce, with social media adding to their woes.

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The carrier had Australia’s worst domestic flight cancellation record in May, canceling 7.6% of its operations, or one in 13.

“The reality is that the difficulties we are facing right now are due to Covid and the flu, as well as a very tight labor market,” Qantas Domestic and International CEO Andrew David said in a statement on Sunday.

With cases of the coronavirus and winter flu expected to increase in Australia in the coming weeks “there will be a few more bumps in the road,” said David, “but in the coming weeks and months flying will be back to normal normal.”

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