Recycled Timber Slabs Sydney

Recycled Timber Slabs Sydney – The Garde Timber range of natural edge wood boards is grated by portable mobile sawmills from rural and urban forest logs, pruning shears, hurricanes or trees considered too dangerous in parks and recreational areas.

Full-width planks are cut from bark to bark creating a unique grain pattern to provide a stunning unique material feature for bar counter, countertop, table top, service, shelf or shop and cafe decoration, showing the natural character and natural qualities of Mother Nature’s wonders. All boards are aged to an equilibrium humidity of 12-15% (EMC).

Recycled Timber Slabs Sydney

Wooden boards usually contain natural elements in the form of veins, insect holes, cracks, cracks and other rustic elements that can be filled if necessary. The boards usually have a natural edge on both long sides. Natural edges can be left for a rustic look or cut out for a contemporary, contemporary look thanks to the rectangular edges, leaving behind an amazing wide pattern that shows nature at work.

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* Grinding and shaping the natural edge for a smooth profile and filling with epoxy fillers for food safe surfaces such as hotels, coffee shops and kitchen bars.

* Trimming natural edges to align the edges or milling the edges to a round pencil profile, usually with a radius of 3mm or 5mm (other profile available on request)

* Cut slabs to the exact length and width, including sink / faucet / drain cutouts and slab cutouts.

* Polishing service available in 2 packs of commercial grade polyurethane finish – typically satin (30% gloss) or semi-gloss (60% gloss)

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Please note that polishing the finishes of 2K solids in wet areas is not covered by the warranty as they are prone to movement and microcracks due to natural atmospheric fluctuations that can cause moisture to penetrate into the microcracks and lift the finish.

Forest red rubber can grow up to 50 meters in height and up to two meters in circumference. The wood from Forest Red Gum is, as the name suggests, mainly red in color. The cross-section or heartwood of the trees can range from cool orange to dark red, while the white is lighter gray to cream red. The texture of this wood is even, which complements the rich tone of the wood. Forest red rubber usually has intertwined fibers and a violin pattern. It is hardwood with strength class 1, and the sapwood is not susceptible to attack by biting augers and termites. Commonly known as Qld Bluegum.

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Blackbutt got its name from the appearance of trees after a fire that caused the butt to darken significantly. The cross-section of this wood is golden yellow to light brown, while the white is not easily visible, but is usually lighter in comparison. This wood is resistant to liquid moth. Thanks to its even texture and texture, the Blackbutt is perfect for indoor use. Features black rubber streaks and pinholes for a natural touch, plus occasional resin pockets.

Native to Taiwan, Southern Japan, Southeast China, and Indochina, Camphor Laurel is suitable for furniture projects, wood carving, and cabinets. It gives a stunningly rich, honey-colored wood with a fresh aroma. The cross-sectional area can usually vary, but most of the time is pale to medium brown in color with occasional dark brown and red streaks. The grain is coherent, with a uniform structure. Camphor also has antibacterial properties that are prized for its use in creating beautiful chopping and cutting boards.

Recycled Timber Table Wt

Spotted rubber is available in different colors depending on the location of the original wood. The color of the core varies from light brown to dark brown and dark red. The sapwood is white to light brown in color and may be up to 50 mm wide. Speckled Rubber is a moderately rough wood with an uneven texture, and some types of wood have the added quality of wavy fibers that give them an attractive violin appearance.

Red Cedar is native to the rainforests on Australia’s east coast, as well as parts of Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. The cross-section and the white have characteristic shades: the heartwood is pale pink to deep reddish brown, while the white is pale pink or pale yellow. This type of wood often shows grain, the fibers are usually straight but sometimes intertwined. Red cedar does not have the characteristic moth-repellent smell.

Also known as the Australian teak. It is large hardwood native to parts of northern New South Wales and Queensland. If the wood dries too quickly, cracking may occur. The heartwood is golden with a pale yellowish white. Those who want to work with this wood need to be careful. Although it has a beautiful appearance, it can be difficult to glue and nail, which limits the use of wood. Very rare these days, but large countertop plates are available.

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Hoop Pine is one of the straight grained conifers supplied by Garde Timber. It has a smooth but delicate texture. Growth rings may be present but are not characteristic. The differences between the heartwood and sapwood are slight, ranging from pale to slightly darker yellow or brown. Due to its low strength, this type of softwood is best suited for fittings and posts. Minimum stock currently

Recycled Teak & Railwood — Natural Stone Bath Worx

Wood with a moderate texture and variable graining. The Northern Silky Oak is decorative but prone to attacks by biting moths. The outer edges are dark brown and the heartwood can range in color from light pink to light brown. White usually has shades of white.

A tall, fast-growing tree native to the Australian tropics. The name comes from the silky texture of the freshly split wood and the distinct radial cells that gleam in the saw cut. The heartwood is reddish brown but often has gray or light brown streaks. Currently there is a minimum stock.

Cut from old bridge beams with bolt holes, cracks and cracks. Gray Ironbark and Spotted Gum are local hardwoods of the highest quality that have been considered high quality wood in Australia for centuries. Native Australians use it to throw spears and cook bark to heal ulcers. It is a particularly hard, strong and durable wood with a wide range of applications due to its durability and strength properties. Holes and cracks can be repaired and filled with epoxy on request.

When submitting an inquiry for slabs, let us know if you want natural edges on any long side or if you want any side to be square, based on price and availability. Please note that natural edge plates are prone to movement and warping due to natural weather conditions and installation factors that Garde Timber cannot guarantee. All products Bench tables Cladding Floors Doors Firewood and briquettes OSMO floor coverings Natural oils Poles and beams Solid boards and solid timber Tables and furniture

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Thor’s Hammer offers a range of unique planks to choose from, including beautiful natural edged slabs, pre-made shelf logs, and countertop trims that you can use to make your own chopping board or grazing board with sand and a layer of oil. We invite you to view our Mildura St workshop in Canberra.

We have a wide range of styles and sizes for your next DIY project. Our impregnated wood shelves contain impregnated lumber, ready to be selected by our furniture team.

It is possible to cut the parts to size and order a garment, profile or filling a special part. You can also buy from us natural oils and waxes for OSMO wood, as well as our epoxy resin putty to finish the wood yourself.

Our table scraps are great for easy bread or grazing board design. We also have them in stock, sanded, oiled and ready to use.

Recycled Timber Flooring

Proper drying of boards is a high level of art and we have extensive experience in this matter. There is a painstaking process to ensure the board does not warp or crack when processed into furniture. Most of our boards are oven dried, but some types are safe to air dry.

The boards can be purchased unchanged or converted into an individual piece of furniture by our design and carpentry teams.

An escape from the furniture and kitchen countertops we make at Thor’s Hammer. They are treated with food-safe vegetable oil and come with care instructions to keep them looking good for years to come.

The dimensions are medium and will vary from board to board as is the nature of this recycled product. Wood panels help with finishing Wood panels Finishing panels How much is a wood panel? Wooden Board Price Guide

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