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Regency Shower Screens Reviews – The Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort opened at the beginning of last year 2014 and is located far from the famous Patong Beach. Perched on a hillside overlooking tranquil Kamala Beach, Hyatt Regency Phuket brings a 5-star experience to luxury resort lovers – it’s also the first Hyatt brand property in Phuket!

Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort is located approximately 35 minutes drive from Phuket International Airport. There are a number of options to get to the Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort – the most convenient of course is the hotel limousine, but I opted for a prepaid taxi from the airport instead. The resort has 199 beautifully appointed rooms and most of them have an impressive view of the Andaman Sea where you can watch the sunset in the evening. There is also a mix of basic rooms, Regency Club rooms and larger deluxe rooms at this property – some rooms even have a private pool for your personal enjoyment!

Regency Shower Screens Reviews

While waiting for my room to be ready, I strolled through the lobby that overlooks the incredible Andaman Sea and inviting pool. There are plenty of seating areas too, but I thought they were largely underutilized – maybe when the group of tourists arrive in droves?

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During my trip to Phuket, I stayed at the crème de la crème at the Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort – Deluxe 2 Bedroom. There are only 12 such units and they are the largest rooms you can get on the property. The extremely spacious corner rooms are about 97 square meters in size and are specially designed for families traveling together or simply for smaller groups of friends. In this unit you will find two single beds and a large double bed with a spacious balcony. Like most other resorts, the floor is not carpeted for obvious reasons (high for hypoallergenic travelers!).

The first bedroom located near the entrance contains twin beds with separate air conditioning controls (so personal preferences can still be respected if you share the unit with two bedrooms). A 40 inch flat screen TV with an array of cable and satellite channels can also be found in the bedroom for your enjoyment.

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Complimentary drinking water, extra towels and bathrobes are also provided to potential occupants of the room without the need for their request. The bedroom is also connected to an open bathroom in the middle of both bedrooms (more photos later!). There is only one bathroom in the two bedroom deluxe and I thought it would be a better idea with one and a half bathrooms – especially when you are sharing this with children and other adults. Furthermore, the open plan bathroom is really nice with a separate shower and bath.

Outside the first bedroom, you will find an area with a minibar, as well as coffee and tea making equipment. I really appreciate a Nespresso machine in the room (it’s almost the new standard for decent instant coffee now) and the generous amount of capsules that will be refilled when your room is full. Free water is also provided to fill the Nespresso machine – tap water is not drinkable, so keep that in mind.

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There is a small sitting area between the bathroom and the master bedroom – it contains a sofa and a separate desk, which was where I thought I would spend most of my time working, but I found the Regency Club to be much more comfortable (More on that later!).

One thing to note about the master bedroom though – it doesn’t come with an actual door that you can actually close and partition off the area for privacy, so be sure to keep that in mind when deciding who to share the unit with. The master bedroom is connected to a massive balcony with a 6-seater dining table and chaise longue. It also comes with its own 40 inch flat screen TV with cable and satellite channels.

The open plan bathroom overlooks the master bedroom so you can enjoy the sea view from the bath. Also, don’t worry because you’ll definitely be able to close the curtains for privacy when you’re in the tub.

Finally, of course, the open plan bathroom that I have mentioned on several occasions is extremely spacious and has a bathtub (although not as deep as I would like, but for that reason it offers an ocean view), a separate shower area and Of course a bathroom. You will also find two sinks in the bathroom, so the bottleneck is eased in the morning when everyone is rushing to get ready.

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I was given fresh fruit and dried mango as a welcome – proved to be great when you are hungry and too lazy to move around the room (of course, room service is another reasonable option).

My deluxe double room was at the bottom of the hill which has its pros and cons. First, I didn’t mention this before, but since the Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort is located on a steep hill, getting around can be quite difficult for some travelers (especially when traveling with small children or elderly people). There is a free trolley service that you can use if you feel unmotivated to walk up and down the slopes. That being said, I never once called a wheelchair service because I found walking very manageable and therapeutic. Another benefit you get from a place at the bottom of the hill is the fact that the pool and most of the restaurants are closer to you. The downside is of course a slightly obstructed view (but still impressive!) and a little further from the Regency Club and Gym.

There are three main restaurants in the facility: The Pool House, Sunset Grill and The Pool Bar. Despite only having three restaurants, the menu is quite extensive and different themed dinners on different days of the week help to spice things up a bit. The Pool House (the all-day restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort) is probably where I ate most of my meals and I really enjoyed the quality of the Thai food here.

Of all the a la carte dishes I tried here, my personal favorites are the “Kor Mu Yang” (grilled pork neck with chili sauce), the “Ka Na Moo Gross” (fried kailan with crispy pork) and the “Khau Phad Erawan (Fried rice, crab meat, crab roe and chili paste).

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The Pool House and the Pool Bar are somewhat related and the menus available are very similar. If you choose to sit outside, you will be rewarded with a view of the pool and the Andaman Sea. The Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort has one of the largest pools in Phuket and you can have fun all day (and all night) in it. The pool is really impressive and I often look at it (even on the balcony) or from the Regency Club.

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As previously mentioned, Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort runs many restaurant promotions during different months. While I was there, the grill at the pool bar caught my eye and I booked it for dinner on the first night. At the time of writing, the Pool Bar BBQ is on offer every Wednesday and Saturday (6.30pm to 9.30pm) for only THB 780++ (approx. S$30++) per person! I really like the casual atmosphere of the pool bar – it’s breezy in the evenings and the view of the ocean (and the sunset if you’re lucky) is truly magnificent.

The BBQ at the pool bar is excellent value for money and I would recommend it, especially if you love grilled meats and fresh seafood (well, who doesn’t?!). If you intend to order one starter, one main and a drink from the regular a la carte menu, you may be much better off paying THB780++ per adult instead.

Choose from a selection of fresh seafood on ice – king prawns, crabs and mussels. I love that the quality of fresh seafood is not compromised despite the relatively low price. One thing I am always very careful about when I travel is to avoid the possibility of bad seafood – there is nothing worse than getting food poisoning on the first day of your holiday! I absolutely love fresh prawns and I went back for extra meals.

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I really enjoyed the selection of grilled meats (including seafood), satay and that amazing spicy sauce (which I need to learn to make at some point in my life). If you prefer, there is also a selection of other hot food such as tom kha gai (Thai coconut

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