Rent 4 Keeps Adelaide

Rent 4 Keeps Adelaide – The harsh reality of Adelaide’s rental market has been revealed, with weekly rents rising by almost 55 per cent in some suburbs, according to a new report.

Weekly rents in metropolitan Adelaide rose by an average of 10.3 per cent to $450 a week last year, partly due to existing listings, new data from listed rents analyst PropTrack shows. is explained by the decrease of the number by 24 percent.

Rent 4 Keeps Adelaide

There was also a 17.9% increase in the number of potential tenants per listing compared to last year. Increased competition has reduced the time to advertise houses on the site to 15 days.

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In regional South Australia, new listings fell 14 per cent year-on-year, while weekly rents rose 14 per cent to $330 per week.

Average weekly advertised rent rose 2.2 per cent in the three months to June, up 7 per cent on the same period last year, the strongest increase in seven years.

Cameron Kusher, director of economic research at PropTrack, said regional market growth had been strong post-Covid, but people were moving back to cities.

“Last year, lifestyle markets showed the strongest rent growth, while pre-pandemic tenant-oriented inner-city neighborhoods showed the weakest growth,” he said.

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“It’s a slightly different story than last quarter, where rental growth has reversed in capital cities, while regional markets are showing signs of slowing rent growth.

“The slowdown in annual rental growth in most regional markets and acceleration in many capital cities in recent months reflects the return of rental demand to the city as life returns to normal post-Covid.”

Unley Park homes experienced the biggest increase in average weekly rent over the past 12 months, up 54.93 per cent to $1,100 per week, according to the report.

Port Adelaide had the biggest increase of the metros last year, rising 35.94 per cent to $435 a week.

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Regionally, tenants in South Risdon Park, near Port Pirie, suffered the worst, with rents rising 45 per cent to $290 a week in the past year.

Property Council of Australia chief executive Ken Morrison said rents would continue to rise due to a shortage of rental properties.

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Projections show that housing supply will shrink by around 30 percent over the next four years, leaving the country with a shortage of 163,400 homes by 2032.

“We are facing a supply shortage as migration continues to rise to pre-pandemic levels,” Mr Morrison said.

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“Such supply shortages are also evident in the rental market, where a shortage of properties is driving up rents.

Emma Slapp, CEO of Turner Real Estate, said tenants should not be discouraged if the rental market is currently tight.

“In the last 12 months, we’ve seen rents go up 5 to 10 percent.

Ms Slapp said renters should try to keep their rent payments to less than 30 percent of a person’s gross income to avoid financial stress.

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“Even in this market, property owners who have been on the market for more than a month have overly high price expectations, but most property owners understand the local market and use that information to negotiate a price that secures a purchase. quality tenant.

“Most renewals involve rent increases. Typically with a renewing tenant, the owner will first look at the quality of the tenant and then discuss what is a fair rate to raise and retain a senior tenant.

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Adelaide is rich in historical delights, making it a popular city for its young and hard-working population.

The trends in the Adelaide rental market this year have been interesting. Unlike other cities affected by the pandemic, property rental prices in Adelaide have increased significantly.

Average rents for units in Adelaide are the highest since 2007, while house rents are the best since 2010, according to the Domain Rent Report.

The long-term rental market has been strengthened since April 2020 with fewer housing units and higher vacancy rates. The easing of travel restrictions has led demand for short-term rental properties in the right direction.

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However, the situation inside the city is not so rosy. Unemployment and the loss of student immigration have weakened the rental property market in that part of the city.

Let’s take a look at what Adelaide’s rental price trends look like and what this means for the coming years.

According to the Domain Rent Report, the average weekly rent in Adelaide is $405 for houses and $340 for units (September 2020).

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Average rents in Adelaide will peak in 2020, with steady growth over the past five years. Moderate population growth and a soft economic climate helped dampen demand for rental properties in 2017.

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Adelaide rents remain attractive in 2019 as the trend continues its upward trajectory. According to the Domain Leasing Report, the vacancy rate was 1%.

With marginal growth in rental market trends, it still remains competitive and ranks #1. Ranked 2nd on the list of cheapest cities to rent in. Additionally, property owners experienced marginal growth in rental income that will continue into 2020.

A decline in rental properties by 2020 has allowed average rental prices in Adelaide to rise over the next 5 years. Changes in travel restrictions played a major role in this trend.

Toorak Gardens has the highest weekly rent in Adelaide at $755 per week in 2021. It is hosted by Medindi and Rose Park. Meanwhile, Elizabeth North and Davoren Park have the lowest average weekly rent at $260.

Providence Drive, Bowhill

Kent Town had the biggest decline in compound growth, while the rest of the suburbs on the list saw encouraging gains.

In the other three suburbs, the overall growth rate declined. They were Unley (-1.0%), Rose Park (-2.5%) and Keswick (-1.3%).

According to PropertyUpdate, Adelaide property prices have increased by 3.5% over the past year and incomes are likely to increase.. Those are happier days than other cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane!

The increase in real estate prices also reflects the increase in rental property prices. Rental yields are currently 4.1% for houses and 5.3% for apartments.

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It should be noted that the demand for real estate comes mainly from the young, working group. How occupancy rates play out could determine what the future holds for Adelaide’s rental market.

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