Rheem Solar Hot Water Installation Manual

Rheem Solar Hot Water Installation Manual – The Hiline® solar hot water heater is ideal for warmer climates and areas with good water chemistry. It is an excellent option when access to the ground is limited, as the storage tank and solar collectors are installed together on the roof.

Energy reduction based on Australian government approved TRNSYS simulation modeling and application by replacing an electric water heater with solar energy.

Rheem Solar Hot Water Installation Manual

Any financial savings will vary depending on the type of solar system installed, the orientation and inclination of the solar panels, the type of water heater being replaced, hot water consumption and fuel rate. Maximum financial savings on the hot water bill can be achieved by replacing an electric water heater with a continuous rate.

Solar Water Heating Overview

The calculation is intended only as a guide to help you compare the approximate running costs between different types of water heaters.

The calculation is based on the Australian standard AS5263, which is based on certain assumptions, such as an average daily load of 200 l and 19 tap turns. Your situation and usage may differ from these assumptions, so the estimator may not match your actual daily load and usage pattern.

Therefore, an appraiser cannot and will not provide an accurate estimate of your annual hot water bill. However, it allows for a reasonable comparison of different water heater types based on Australian Standard AS5263 and the average fuel rates used in the calculator.

Your country is used to determine the temperature rise required to heat the water from cold to 65C, the applicable costs for the selected tariff type and the amount of solar savings.

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Solar energy savings are based on the Australian government approved model for the selected solar water heater and booster. All electric solar water heaters are modeled with a continuous rate, but may be suitable for use with other rate types depending on the model chosen, your climate zone and the amount and type of hot water consumption.

Rates apply from 1 July 2021 and reflect the average price for a capital city in a country or territory, including GST.

Fixed fees, system access charges, delivery charges and any other fees and charges, including special rates and discounts, are excluded from the calculator.

The energy consumption figures used refer to a typical water heater in one category and do not represent a specific model. Actual power consumption may vary.

Rheem Rs80 42bp User Manual

Heat pump and solar water heaters may be eligible for Off Peak/Shoulder Rate rates depending on the type of water heater selected and location. You should consult your energy supplier or installer before making any decisions.

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