Richmond Valley Riding School

Richmond Valley Riding School – Hello and welcome to Richmond Valley Riding School, Est. 1992. We are the only riding school located in historic Richmond, Tasmania, Australia. We specialize in BENERS to RIDE, care for and later train horses/ponies with evidence-based teaching methods. More experienced or nervous riders are also welcome. For the sake of our young horses and the safety of our riders we have a maximum rider weight limit of approximately 80kg from 3 to adult.

LESSONS FROM WEDNESDAY TO SUNDAY INCLUSIVE, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY W.H.&S. Phone 0418 602 672 between 10am and 7pm for inquiries and or to book. Trail rides are only for our regular riders who have reached a standard skill level as part of their lesson plans.

Richmond Valley Riding School

Introductory courses are also a great way to prepare new riders who are thinking about trail riding on vacation or elsewhere, as riding is a high-risk sport.

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Our goal: Good management about “happiness” every day !!!

We are an established insured riding school with qualified, certified and experienced instructors. (All adult assistants have a current “Working with disadvantaged persons, activity related to children” registration card)

First time rider, 3 years old to adult, nervous rider, N.D.I.S. Self-managed child riders (first non-riding assessment required), students enrolled in introductory lessons, teenagers or simply “young at heart” We have a qualified/certified instructor to help you achieve your riding goals. For the sake of your rider and our horses, we have a maximum weight limit of 80 kg.

We offer gift vouchers, one-off, occasional, weekly, bi-weekly or 4-weekly lessons with pony pet, game and lead riding introductory experiences of 30, 60 and 90 minutes, (plus 15 minutes free for the first time Here.) shared and group Situations depending on age and experience level.

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Practical craftsmanship and theory ensures that you become highly qualified and competent in horse care, riding and training as a dedicated student. We are able to assist with (training) at many nationally accredited horse courses or our own “in-house” early learning programs in both equestrian studies and riding skills.

On average we only have 12 very nice, well trained, experienced school horses/ponies to support our qualified trainers for grooming, warming up, dental needs and regular intervals. That’s more than our 30 hectares of land. /12 hectare property in the interest of the welfare of all animals and the safety of our riders. All our ponies and horses are equipped with their own grooming kit, saddle for children or adult size, anti-slip feet, saddle blanket, bridle, collar, (for additional safety) halter and rope, a variety of pajamas (horse rugs) and their own purpose-built yard or stable to allow for proper interaction, (avoid situations where you or your family may have to go after the horses to be tickled). And your riding experience. We do not use off-the-track (OTT) thoroughbred horses for children or beginners to ride.

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Dressage Basic Jumping Ground Working Games Goatsmanip (Regular Rider) Coach Training Float Float Overloading. We understand that each of you has individual needs, and goals in the equestrian discipline, our school aims to provide individual care and attention with a commitment to helping each of you reach your full potential. We strive to offer you flexible options in private, shared or group settings with advanced lesson plans and services to meet your needs in a fun, educational and safe environment, always keeping in mind that equestrian is a high risk sport with inherent risk.

Exercise: You know that exercising thirty minutes a day is important, but it can be difficult to find a variety of exercises to ensure that you stay active. Horse riding helps develop your muscles, cardiovascular fitness and balance including coordination of fine and gross motor skills.

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Taking care of horses takes a lot of time, understanding, patience and commitment. We believe that horse care sessions are as important in learning how to protect and care for horses as in learning to ride and train, all for the ultimate goal of more enjoyable and safe fun, at all levels. Equines are wonderful therapy.

Horse management: When the weather in Tasmania is not so kind to us and the conditions are not so suitable for riding, it is often a wonderful opportunity to take part in a retreat in the stables or in the indoor study area to learn how the horses behave like a harmony with their care.

Practical and theoretical horse work includes topics such as:- fitting the holder safely, holding, leading, securing, grooming, saddling, bridling, other equipment, booting, bridging, feeding, riding, horse first aid, To name just a few.

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PRE-SCHOOL PONY PAT & PLAY is a very popular activity for youngsters who are not yet in school, and for those who are a little older or less confident in riding, there is another chance to have fun with ponies. . We have smaller ponies and smaller equipment especially for smaller riders where needed. For safety (we don’t put little riders on big horses and put their feet in the bridles, because their legs aren’t long enough to reach an adult’s bridle anyway.) Home/A school students can also Enjoy mid-week lessons.

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Find us: Appointment only, approx: 2 minutes from historic Richmond, in the beautiful Coal River wine region 100 Richmond Valley Road, Richmond Tasmania 7025

Important information: Horse riding is classified as a high-risk sport, so no matter where you or your children participate in horse racing, be aware that the industry is unregulated, meaning everyone, qualified Whether or not, insured or not, with a first aid certificate or not, a riding school can open/operate or give lessons. You wouldn’t consider taking scuba diving lessons with an uncertified diving instructor, why would you send yourself or your children to an uncertified diving instructor!!!!??? To be safe, think twice about credentials (full equipment and/or signing a waiver does not mean your instructor is insured, experienced or trained in first aid.) Saddle and helmet 4 years old or 40 years old Si come in sizes from very small to large for children. Year etc., regardless of whether the helmet you are using is a current Australian standard or equivalent less than 5 years from the date of manufacture and is fitted without falling over your eyebrows or pointing towards the sky. Sneakers are dangerous for driving, because the feet can be caught without a heel to prevent. Do you learn on a young green or unknown just saved or just started the track (OTT) former racehorse, usually only suitable for experienced riders? ask why

We know your time is valuable, so please take time to browse our website, we hope it was helpful. Online Horse College is a registered training organization with the Australian Government RTO 31352 Provider Ref: 4P530

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To enroll in an online riding school click on our auto web shop below for more information on coaching or riding course options

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** Horses have been trained for centuries with a distinctly human taste. While great scientific advances have been made in this field; The horse hardly benefited from this development. Our philosophy stems from a horse welfare perspective – taking horse training practices from the Middle Ages and adapting them to current training psychology principles. Many people talk about the need to gain respect from the horse. But not many consider the need to respect the horse. Respecting the horse means training its mental abilities and learning in the system. Reducing all behaviors to the most basic responses and then building them up progressively is the core of our system. A system that works for every rider, coach and trainer looking for a sympathetic and comprehensive approach that is fundamental to every level of training. These methods apply to all horse breeds and disciplines, because training from the horse’s perspective is above all a solid foundation of building blocks for calmness and obedience to thrive in any discipline. We do not ignore tricks or gimmicks. The system focuses entirely on the saddle, the bridle and most importantly the bare essentials – a thoughtful rider, with the goal of combining nature, nurture and science to create mutual rewards for you and your horse. *** (ESI) Information from Equine Science International

Richmond Valley Riding School is able to provide training and/or practical assessment requirements for the following Registered Training Organizations (RTO) as well as other non-registered horse training organisations. For example, Equestrian Australia (E.A.)

Online Horse College RTO 31352 Provider Institution Ref: 4P530 Online Horse College: To enroll in the Online Horse College, click on our auto business below for more information on coaching or horse training options

We know your time is valuable, so thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Inquiries are welcome Lessons are strictly by appointment at one of the most popular and exciting events in the sporting calendar, Royal Ascot.

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