Rinnai Solar Hot Water System Review

Rinnai Solar Hot Water System Review – Living in Australia, it only makes sense to use the clean, inexhaustible and free energy of the Sun. Our range of high efficiency solar hot water systems help you reduce your carbon footprint while saving money. In order to always have hot water for those not-so-sunny days, an electric or gas booster is added to the system.

Solar gas boosters. Show all All our gas solar hot water systems use a dedicated continuous flow unit built on the same technology as Infinity, Australia’s number one continuous flow hot water system. It is always recommended to install a solar hot water system with a booster unit for days when solar gain is low.

Rinnai Solar Hot Water System Review

Sunmaster range Show all Our Sunmaster range of solar products are designed to maximize free solar energy. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, we have developed 3 types of solar hot water units, tightly coupled systems, flat plate systems and vented pipe systems, which allow our solar water heaters to be integrated into almost every home.

Rheem Solar Heat Pump Repairs And Installations Sydney. Fast Help

Prestige range View all Our hot water units are highly regarded for their innovation and superior quality, and our Prestige range of solar hot water systems is no different. By replacing your Prestige electric storage water heater with a solar water heater, you can reduce your electricity consumption, running costs and the environmental impact of your hot water system by 2/3.

We will help you find a distributor so you get the right advice and product as locally as possible. Flat solar systems consist of a ground tank that is installed separately from the collectors mounted on the roof. A small pump circulates water from the cylinder to the collectors to absorb the maximum available solar energy.

Very professional and friendly services. We are very glad that we stopped by the gas station. Thanks for the quick service.

I bought a gas fire from here and it is amazing. The sales people were very helpful and knowledgeable and the installers were professional and reliable. The staff went out of their way to get this installed for the winter and it’s a nice addition to our home. Thank you!

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Remove Solar Hot Water System From Roof. Fast Help In Sydney

I have had solar panels installed in the last few weeks, fantastic service from seller to installer, all functions clearly explained, installation was quick and price more than competitive. Very happy with the whole experience.

They lit a gas fire in their family room. The showroom on Unley Road is the best display of gas fires I have seen so I was spoiled for choice. Thanks for your work, I know it was hard to deal with because our project was not easy

Fantastic customer service. Excellent product knowledge, I am happy with my gas heater. Thanks to all the cheerful staff at Unley.

I would like to thank Modbury from their outstanding sales agents to their friendly technicians for a job well done last week.

Why Choose A Rinnai Infinity?

I would highly recommend Modbury Gas Works as they are efficient and quick. The installation team for our new heater are friendly, clean and gave us a high quality service.

I highly recommend Mark and his team at Morphett Vale! Building a new home is a busy time, but my experience installing AC, gas, and solar went smoothly thanks to Mark’s attention to detail, professionalism, and excellent communication.

Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you about this product within 24 hours! We’ve all been there, it’s the middle of a frosty Auckland winter morning and you’re already dreading the shower, the question running through your mind… “Surely they haven’t used up all the hot water yet?” You step into the shower, eagerly waiting for the hot water to run down your back, but to your horror you realize and whisper out loud ‘yeah… ouch’, leaving you with ice cold water running down your back. and further spines. We bet many people don’t think much about how much hot water we actually need or use in our households, or how much water is heated and when. According to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency, water heating accounts for 30% of the average New Zealand household’s energy bill. Now that’s a big part of your bill! Therefore, we feel it is important to educate yourself about the different types of water heating systems we use in our households and whether the current system you have is really the most efficient and effective for your family.

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Before we talk about the costs associated with a Rinnai gas heater, let’s explain the different types of hot water heating systems available in New Zealand. There are three main systems:

Rinnai 50 Litre 2.4kw Electric Hot Water System With Plug Ehf50s24/p

Rinnai INFINITY VT26 and A26 gas water heaters belong to the “Continuous flow hot water heater”, which means that the amount of hot water is unlimited. Music to the ears of any mum with young children in Auckland who just wants a hot shower. So how does it work?

Gas boilers Rinnai INFINITY A26 and VT26 are “califont”; which is basically a tankless gas heater that runs on demand. The importance of the califont is that there is no wasted energy heating the water just to have it there waiting to be used, so there is no big bulky tank, your water is heated instantly. Gas hot water storage systems are also known to have a faster heat recovery time than an electric hot water heater; that is, even a large family with additional people in the house would not be left without hot water. However, what’s even more important is that gas water heaters have a longer lifespan, which means you won’t have to worry about your system breaking down. After all, there isn’t much risk of a broken cylinder flooding half your house. Now, if you’re looking forward to never running out of hot water and freeing up storage space, a Rinnai INFINITY paired with a certified plumber from Regency Plumbing may be the perfect system for you!

The Rinnai INFINITY A26 and VT26 gas boiler system should be installed by both a professional installer and a registered gas fitter – all included in your Rinnai INFINITY installation package with Regency Plumbing. The Rinnai INFINITY A26 Gas Heater will typically set you back around $1,800 for the unit alone. The normal retail cost of a Rinnai INFINITY plus installation is approximately $4436.19 including GST; however, you can take advantage of our latest promotions for just $3287 including GST! You also have the additional option of adding a Rinnai INFINITY Compact Controller (MC601A) at a special price of $300 including GST. Regency Plumbing will include the following services during installation:

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The Rinnai INFINITY A26 water heater is usually installed on the outside wall of your Auckland home. This ends up being very beneficial as it saves a lot of internal space! The elegant and slim Japanese design and quality make it an excellent addition to any household. Moreover, it not only looks great, but with its innovative and upgraded technology; no wasted electricity trying to keep your water heated to more than 60 degrees at all times, as an electric hot water heater would require. Just open the tap and you will get an unlimited amount of hot water at any time of the day or even the year. The cost associated with Rinnai INFINTY heaters varies depending on the amount of hot water used in your household, the size of the unit and largely depends on the type of gas you choose to use; LPG or natural gas (if you already have a supply). However, you can be sure that a lot of time and professionalism is carefully considered during the installation of your Rinnai gas heating package, and with all of the above services included, we don’t think you can get a better deal than this! So you will reduce your energy bill and the amount of water you use by choosing an efficient hot water system like Rinnai INFINITY. PLUS If you decide on LPG; We will insert your first refilled LPG bottle for FREE!

Rinnai Infinity 32 Enviro

Moving your water heating system to a Rinnai INFINITY A26 gas boiler is not only the smartest decision you’ll ever make, but more importantly, it’s the most efficient way to heat hot water; which will ultimately save the household money in the long run. Whether you think it’s time to replace your old electric water heater, whether you’re renovating your home or building a new home, or you’re always short of hot water as a family, our special offer could be the right option for you.

So it’s time to upgrade your hot water system to the Rinnai INFINITY A26 Gas Hot Water System TODAY!

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