Road Tyres For Dirt Bike

Road Tyres For Dirt Bike – The wide range of motorcycle tires in the catalog includes products that provide the best performance on any soft, medium or hard terrain, even in the toughest conditions.

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Road Tyres For Dirt Bike

SCORPION™ MX Soft tires are suitable for use on soft ground, where they provide exceptional performance. The rear is built together with MXGP champions and is specially designed for competition on mud, sand or clay.

Off Road Mx 90/100 16 3.25 16 Rear Knobby Tire Tube Dirt Bike Crf125 Crf150 Kx80

SCORPION™ MX 32 Mid Soft tires are ideal for soft terrain, such as mud or sand, and medium terrain, such as dry ground or grass. The traction is excellent on all types of surfaces and efficiency is guaranteed in all contexts of use, from training to competition and even pure fun. They are also available in mini cross form and in a special MUD version.

The SCORPION™ MX 32 Mid Hard tire offers the best performance on medium to hard terrain and motocross. The main advantages are high stability, consistent performance over time, exceptional grip for drift control and high resistance to wear resistance.

Suitable for all types of terrain, SCORPION™ MX Extra X tires are ideal for use during professional and amateur training, up to semi-pro racing. These tires have many highlights – especially the wear, resistance to deformation during softening and resistance.

Designed specifically for desert racing and rallying, the SCORPION™ Rally tire offers superior traction even on the toughest terrain. They ensure superior performance even after intensive and prolonged use thanks to a highly resistant compound. The innovative carcass structure makes these tires particularly resistant to punctures.

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The SCORPION™ XC Mid Soft tires are dedicated to cross-country use and are particularly suitable for soft and medium terrain, such as mud, sand, dirt or gravel. The body and design were developed based on the experience of the Motocross World Championship.

SCORPION™ XC Mid Hard tires are especially ideal for cross country use and for medium hard terrain and desert racing. Their performance is particularly convincing when used on drops, mud and tracks generally inaccessible.

The SCORPION™ MT 90 A/T tires are specially designed for use on enduro street motorcycles of any engine size, both in urban contexts and on adventure tours. Their adaptability ensures optimal use on asphalt and loose ground, with a high level of grip and protection on any surface.

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High durability and resistance are some of the benefits of the MT 43™ Pro Trial tire, recommended for trial bikes and also suitable for road use. Performance is best on hard terrain, wet or dry, and in indoor racing as well. Engineers have designed these tires to minimize wear during use, ensuring maximum contact area on all road surfaces

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The MT 21™ rallycross tire track is developed for dirt and gravel tracks, cross-country and desert racing. Engineers have optimized these tires for off-road motorcyclists and rally specialists looking for maximum flexibility of use, from desert sand dunes to long-distance touring on asphalt roads. (1) Purpose. Tire manufacturers design specific tires for soft, intermediate and hard terrain conditions. Soft terrain tires are made to work on soft sand and mud. Intermediate terrain tires are popular for most standard motocross tracks with good traction and a mix of soft and hard dirt. All-terrain tires are designed for tough conditions with less traction.

(2) Design. The types of buttons are different depending on the terrain the tire was designed for. The ground-to-sea ratio describes how much of the tire’s surface is knotted and how much is loose. The buttons represent the land, and the areas without buttons represent the ocean. With each rotation of the tire, more tire contacts the ground. Button placement patterns are designed specifically for each tire.

(3) Rigidity. The rubber compound, the number of knots, and the size and style of the knobs will determine how hard or soft the rubber is. A harder tire compound will be more durable and provide less flex, which is good for soft conditions, while a softer compound will be more flexible and provide more traction on intermediate and hard terrain. The slope behind the knob contributes to the amount of flex of the knob. Tie-bars are also added to connect the base of the buttons, which adds more rubber and more stiffness to the tire.

(4) Soft terrain. A soft-terrain tire is designed for sand or mud and will have fewer bumps and more tread in the tread-to-seam ratio. With this design, the knobs are shaped in a more scooped or V-shaped pattern, allowing them to go deeper into the ground and grab more dirt with each rotation, pushing the bike forward. The pattern of button spacing in soft-terrain tires keeps the tire stuck to mud. The rubber used for these tires has a higher durometer number, which is a measure of material hardness. Solid tires dig into soft dirt and maximize traction.

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(5) Difficult terrain. The ground-to-sea ratio of hard-terrain tires is the opposite of that of soft-terrain tires. Hard-terrain tires use a higher ground-to-sea ratio, which means more rubber will touch the ground and give the tire more grip on hard surfaces. The rubber compound is also softer, allowing the buttons to be more flexible. Hard-track tires have a low tread height to help increase stability and traction.

(6) Intermediate terrain. Intermediate tires are designed as a happy medium between soft and hard terrain tires. Button size and spacing are optimized to work well in different situations. The knobs are long enough and hollow enough to dig into soft dirt, but not too long or too hollow to climb into hard-packed dirt. The tire compound is neither too hard nor too soft Hoosier is the newest tire brand to enter the motocross market – although they made their name in car racing

(7) Weight. Lighter tires make a big difference in motocross. They allow the suspension to be more responsive and respond to bumps faster. Tires are a fixed weight part of a bicycle. Unsprung weight is any weight below the suspension. It is called “unsprung” because it is not supported by springs. Heavier tires reduce horsepower and braking ability because they require more energy to start and more energy to stop. Lighter tires reduce the gyroscopic effect of spinning wheels. With less gyro, the bike steers lighter, handles better and is tighter.

(8) Tire pressure. If your pressure is too low, your tire will more easily pinch flat and you will lose stability as the tire flexes from design and rolls. If the air pressure is too high, it can affect the traction and the ability of the tire to follow the ground. Tire pressure increases as your tires heat up while riding or sitting in the sun.

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Different Types Of Motorcycle Tyres & Their Comparison Based On Purpose

These three numbers are the percentage ratio of width to height and diameter of the tire.

(9) Aspect ratio. There are three numbers that describe the tire size. Take a 120/80-19 for example. The first number is the width of the tire in millimeters. The second number represents the tire’s height as a percentage of the width. It is not 80 mm long; It is actually 80 percent of the width, which should be 96mm in length. The third number is the rim size in inches.

(10) Size options. The most popular front tires are 80/100-21, but there are more options when it comes to rear tire sizes. Most Japanese 125 two-strokes and 250 four-strokes use 100/90-19 tires (KTM and Husqvarna run 110-wide rear tires). On more powerful bikes, riders usually choose between 110/90-19 and wider 120/80-19 and taller 120/90-19. Most MXA test riders prefer to give up the straight-line traction of the 120 rear tire to improve the cornering of the 110s.

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