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“Fast Track to Passive Income” is an in-depth guide to building a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio and investment strategies to provide passive retirement income. A unique blueprint of smart investment strategies, this book is ideal for anyone looking to build an income-producing personal real estate portfolio. These beginners will benefit from The Fast Track to Passive Income, an in-depth guide to building a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio using sound growth and investment strategies, thereby providing passive retirement income. A unique blueprint of smart investment strategies, this book is ideal for anyone looking to build an income-producing personal real estate portfolio. This will benefit new investors as well as professional property developers in Australia, New Zealand, America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Experienced real estate developer, investor and architect RON FORLEE outlines investment strategies to grow your portfolio faster than traditional methods. This book explains how you can: • acquire positive real estate • use growth strategies and implement discount investment strategies • finance your real estate portfolio • start and plan your real estate portfolio • build your real estate portfolio • manage your portfolio. providing valuable passive income and why commercial real estate is a great asset to your portfolio. This is an essential guide for anyone looking for a secure way to fund their retirement. … Read more

Ron Forlee Property Development

Get started by checking out The Fast Track to Passive Income: The Indispensable Guide to Building Safe Passive Income for Retirement

Australian Residential Property Development For Investors

Celeste Ng’s new novel, Missing Hearts, depicts an unsettling version of the United States set in the distant future, with many… Last week, I joined Neil Gibb from PEP Talk, the Perth Entrepreneurs Podcast to discuss real estate and my venture into blockchain technology.

I have written a three-part series on the real estate industry in the wake of COVID-19, which you can view on the AYR International website. Part 1 – Discusses general forecasts for the residential and commercial market PART 2 – Discusses market opportunities after COVID-19 – Discusses the Digital Revolution Visit AYR International and read these articles. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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If you are considering becoming a real estate developer, it is important to know why some real estate developers succeed and why some fail. In fact, in my 40-year career in this industry, I’ve seen a higher percentage fail. Real estate development is a high-risk, high-reward business. We cannot avoid all errors in property development and sometimes these errors are due to reasons of the developer and beyond their control. However, ensuring success here […]

In this video blog article, I outline 8 critical steps to real estate development. Whether you want to start real estate development as a part-time or full-time career, this article outlines the step-by-step process. You don’t need a degree or college education to become a real estate developer. However, before you can call yourself a real estate developer, you need to understand the basics of being one. […]

Negotiate, Influence, Persuade By Michael Yardney

For the month of December, I will be donating $3 AUD for every paperback book and $1 AUD for every Kindle copy sold to Missionvale Care, a charity run by my dearest, Sister Ethel Normoyle. Initiated by my late mother Mabel 15 years ago, we continue to donate 300 loaves of bread every week. $3 would feed a hungry child for a month and make their Christmas merry this year! The book “Fast Track […] In January 2022, Phaeton CEO Ron Forley said that 2022 is the year to deliver projects. One of those projects is the development of the Phaeton Smarter Community property in Mandurah, Western Australia This project will introduce Phaeton Blockchain applications to Phaeton Chosen when combined with ESG infrastructure – all in one ecosystem – this project also shows how property development can improve people’s lives and make housing accessible with blockchain technology.

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Three years ago, Ron Forley founded Quoin International Pty Ltd. under his company he developed an application for affordable housing using blockchain technology, as an architect, real estate developer and author of a best-selling book on real estate development, he focused on product delivery. Social influence. With limited technical knowledge he met Plaak. Ron later bought Plaak Technology and offered shares to two Plaak directors. Quoin later called Phaeton a social impact blockchain.

The project meets the Phaeton Smarter Communities criteria and is integrated with the following Phaeton business silos.

There will be further updates as the project progresses. If you are interested in investing in this project through the Real Estate NFT Market or the Helious Passive Income Buttons, please register your interest by emailing [email protected] We will notify you when this opportunity becomes available to investors. The New Residential Real Estate Investor is a practical, step-by-step guide to residential development in Australia for both novice and experienced investors. real estate and construction industry.

An Intelligent Guide To Real Estate Development Ebook By Ron Forlee

Australian Property Development for Investors is a practical, step-by-step guide to the property and construction industry for both novice and experienced investors. From site selection to sale, this book guides you through every step of the real estate development process, showing you how planning can dramatically increase your return on investment. This practical and effective guide includes the latest information on development economics, the impact of electronic media, new cost-effective construction methods and a collection of case studies that illustrate these ideas. Focusing on practical outcomes, you’ll learn how to approach property from an investor’s perspective to minimize risk and maximize returns.

Australians have long had a love affair with housing. We have one of the highest interest rates in the world and property investment is a popular route to financial security. This book shows you how to do real estate development on your own time and within budget constraints, giving you more profits and fewer headaches.

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Newcomers get confused with zoning, financing, construction, marketing, and everything related to real estate development, which often leads to mistakes and lost profits. For the new developer hoping to capitalize on their new investment, Property Development Australia for Investors provides a one-stop guide to proven systems, techniques and tools.

RON FORLEE is an architect and developer with over 30 years of experience in the real estate and construction industry. Ron has worked on various projects across Australia, Asia and Africa and is the author of The Intellectual Guide to Australian Property Development and Australian Residential Property Development.

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Real Estate Investor Essentials: WEBSITE UPDATE, PROFIT PRINCIPLES, ADVERTISING, ZONE AND FINANCIAL MARKETING AND SALES Australia is essential reading for both new and seasoned investors. This is the only book that describes the process of analyzing the current and forecast market in Australia, along with the associated risks and rewards for property development. Experienced architect and developer Ron Forley details the principles and processes of residential property development in Australia and provides up-to-date material, case studies and strategies from site selection to sales to help readers make better decisions. Presentation: A comprehensive overview of the real estate development process, housing investment and development approaches to minimize risk and maximize development technologies, facilitating key financial calculations and financial estimates and guidance for the financing, marketing and sales of the most of recent cases in each residential complex. active class. This is an essential guide for anyone looking to maximize the rewards from a new investment.

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