Scrap Metal Pick Up Liverpool

Scrap Metal Pick Up Liverpool – Liverpool’s best metal dealers! Here at X-Met Metals we collect all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and boilers and electronic waste in the North West. Wherever you are, we will come to you to measure and pay for your scrap metal. That way you’ll never go to the junkyard again! We collect from Liverpool, the North West and further afield if required.

Our service is unique at X-Met Metals. We are the only company in Liverpool that collects scrap metal and we pay you for it. That way, whether we are at home, in the area or somewhere else, we will discuss the right time and place for collection. With our high quality, industrial scales, our vans are designed to weigh metal wherever we go.

Scrap Metal Pick Up Liverpool

To learn more about the service we provide and what we do, watch our video. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We are always happy to help.

Sydney Metal Traders

As Liverpool’s leading scrap metal dealers, we are always looking to develop more links with industries, businesses and individuals in our non-ferrous metal recycling business.

Does your company have a green certificate? Or a carbon waste policy? Because if so, our service could be perfect for you! By collecting your waste, we can help reduce your fuel consumption and ensure that it is recycled correctly. Contact us today!

At X-Met Metals, we take great pride in customer service. In fact, as the leading metal dealers in the North West and Liverpool, we offer a service that makes your life easier. If you collect and pay for the metal then, we can save you time and money!

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Once we arrive at your destination, we can measure your property and pay you immediately. You can choose from 3 different payment options: cheque, BACS or prepaid card. This way you can choose the payment method that suits you best. We are the first metal recycling company in England to offer prepaid card payment on the go.

Waste Management In Liverpool & Merseyside

The UK’s leading waste management magazine, ‘Skip Hire Magazine’, recently gave our company a glowing review. And we are very proud of this community support of our company.

We have recently opened a bar in Leigh for companies and businesses wishing to dispose of waste at the scrapyard for any reason. However, our mobile collection service is the most important and will always be the best.

Did you know that your old boxing can be worth something? Don’t just throw it away. Or ask a gas engineer to take it. Contact us instead. We offer competitive prices for any boiler combination and can take it back. So claim cash on your old boiler today!

Does your company produce a lot of scrap metal on a regular basis? Well, we can help. Here at X-Met Metals, we can also complete contracts for companies like yours. In this way, scrap metal can be regularly collected and paid for. And with our fast and efficient service, you won’t lose time either!

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Is e-waste a big problem for your company? We know that legally and safely disposing of WEEE can be a challenge. That’s why we can collect from you. So if you have an old computer or broken electronics, we’ll measure and pay for them, wherever you are.

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Customer service is important to us. So when we consider metals, we value what quality they are and how much they cost. In fact, we even help you arrange the instruments to get the best price. You won’t find such customer service at any scrap yard in England. And if you’re not happy with the price, we’ll return any metal right away. Although this situation has not happened so far!

As Liverpool’s leading metal dealers, we collect from you. This means you don’t have to waste time in the yard or get stuck while transporting your waste. This is how we can help you save time and money. That’s a win in our book. Our quality, reliable collection service can even protect your company from heavy fines. Transporting large quantities of metal waste to a scrap yard without a waste transport permit can result in fines. So why don’t we allow ourselves to solve problems?

At X-Met Metals, our customers come first. So for a collection of portable ironwork throughout Liverpool, get in touch today. Scrap Metal Recycling European Metal Recycling (EMR) has announced the launch of a new giant scrap holder at Liverpool’s Alexandra Dock.

Strong Revenue And Earnings Growth For Emr In 2021

The new £2.3m loader can handle 15 tonnes of bulk waste at a time.

The new Sennebogen 895e Hybrid produced by the German company Sennebogen weighs 400 tons, 170 tons more than the three-handlers of the Sennebogen 880 Hybrid operating in Amsterdam, EMR.

EMR expects the new material handler to increase the energy efficiency of the recycling process by up to 55 percent, due to the higher loading rate and the fact that energy can be recovered during the gripper’s reversal.

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However, once the Alexandra Dock site is wired with constant power to the docks, the material handler will be able to switch to renewable energy and operate without fossil fuels.

Free Scrap Metal Collection

This is in line with EMR’s sustainability strategy “Decade of Action”, according to which all its sites will be complete by 2040.

EMR will spend the next few months carrying out performance analysis and time and motion studies of the new device before it can launch it in the UK, EU and US.

Scott Bamborough, Area General Manager, said: “Liverpool Alexandra Docks is one of the leading EMR facilities in the UK and I am proud to be the first place to trial this new, innovative and progressive technology.

:As EMR aims to reach zero in 2040 as part of its “Ten Years of Action” strategy, this investment will contribute to transforming our area into 100 percent green energy use during its lifetime.

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“The hard work begins now as we understand how this new crane will work and our team evaluates how its hybrid capabilities and energy efficiency can help reduce the cost per ton of scrap handled at our yard.”

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