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Seek Fifo Jobs Wa – Working in the mines has a lot to offer, from strong earning potential to many career development opportunities. With many of Australia’s large-scale operations based in remote areas, Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) work is common in roles related to the mining industry. These arrangements allow people to balance their personal and on-site responsibilities without having to relocate full-time.

If you’re considering a career in mining, here’s some of the basic information you need to know about FIFO mining jobs, as well as our tips on how to get started.

Seek Fifo Jobs Wa

The FIFO lifestyle can be hugely profitable and rewarding, but it’s not for everyone, so it’s important to know what to expect when evaluating your options.

Why Aussies Aren’t Rushing To Fill The Thousands Of Vacant Mining Jobs

Fly-In-Fly-Out workers tend to be paid very high salaries, with more experienced roles earning up to six figures, and even entry-level roles earning significantly higher than average salaries compared to other industries.

The typical arrangement for experienced FIFO workers is that they work for a certain period and then fly (or in some cases, buses) home for a break. This is especially common in places like Western Australia where many mining sites are very remote.

Shift rosters can vary, but generally operate on an “even time” cycle (for example: six days, six days off, or, at the longest extreme, three weeks, three weeks). Shifts generally rotate between day and night shifts, each lasting approximately 12 hours, including breaks and meals.

Transportation and accommodation may be included for older roles (although sometimes not for entry-level roles), and some sites may offer additional amenities like a pool, gym, or even a media room. Your meals, laundry, and other living costs are often factored in while you’re on-site (but we recommend speaking with your recruiter to find out exactly what’s provided for the position you’re interested in).

Mc Truck Driver Fifo Job In Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie, Goldfields & Esperance Wa

So what does it take to get a job in the mines? The requirements for a FIFO mining job vary depending on the specific site and the function in question. However, there are some generic requirements that will serve you well, whatever work you’re doing:

In addition, you will also need to complete general and/or site-specific inductions and have the option to pass a drug and alcohol screen.

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Many people do not realize that a wide range of jobs are required at a mine, some of which are more general in nature and do not involve work at the mine itself. This means there are opportunities for people with a variety of skill sets available.

When it comes to how to land a job in the mines, there are several key steps you can take to increase your chances of landing a FIFO position.

Mining Jobs Salaries

If you have decided that a FIFO mining job is right for you, we recommend partnering with a mining and resource recruitment agency that can help you every step of the way. With offices across Australia, Evolve Talent has spent decades honing our skills and building connections with leading mining employers in Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and beyond.

From surveyors and mining engineers to chefs, tradesmen and bus drivers, you can be sure that our resource and mining specialist recruiters have the experience to help you secure the right FIFO position for you. Talk to our team today to start your FIFO journey.

Call us now on 1300 365 078 or fill in your details below and one of our experienced recruitment partners will contact you.

As we would love to assist you with your accounting inquiry as soon as possible, please let us know if you: There are currently approximately 60,000 FIFO workers in WA mines, with 10% of those typically flying in from out of state.

Mineral Resources Leads The Way In Giving Much Needed Wages Boost To West Australians

However, with the pandemic, the skills shortage in the mining sector is exacerbated and Unite Resourcing is bridging the gap for job seekers with temporary local recruitment solutions in Perth and the Western Australia region.

In partnership with leading mining sites in WA, we have entry level FIFO positions in a wide range of mining roles and sites. We help job seekers advance and expand their careers by staying agile in our approach to workforce demands in this critical and thriving industry.

Perth’s FIFO recruitment experts, we can provide you with permanent and temporary contracts, offer flexible solutions and work with recruiters to determine the best mix of rosters to suit you, your career, your family and your lifestyle.

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We are future-oriented and build long-term relationships, so you can be sure that we have your best interests at heart. Unlike many recruitment and recruitment agencies, we are also available 24/7 to answer questions and emergencies.

Fifo Jobs In Perth, Wa

If you are experienced and looking for a job as a FIFO worker, contact our FIFO placement team today to see the positions we have to offer. After evaluating your skills and qualifications, we will place you in a position that meets your needs. We’ll also help you with any site-specific training and inductions.

For those inexperienced but eager to get into the FIFO industry, our friendly staff can help with training, tickets, and introductions to get you started right away. Safety is always our number one priority, so new hires will be placed in roles based on their skill level and experience with excellent opportunities for continued growth and development.


I was hired as a full operator with Unite. My point of contact was easy to work with and all questions were handled in a friendly and professional manner. I have since completed my probationary period and now work full time on the books of a company. The time sheet is done electronically and there has never been an issue of non-payment. The best recruitment agency I have been involved with hands down.

Fifo Mining Jobs: What To Consider And Tips For Getting Started

I have been working with Unite Resourcing for a few years now and they are very easy to work with and have gone out of their way to help me find a job. My main account manager was great to work with, very professional and he went above and beyond for me. I highly recommend anyone looking for a job to contact Unite Resourcing.

I would like to say that I found my interviewer to be a very kind and pleasant person and that the interview I had was the most comfortable and relaxed I have ever had. I also appreciated the way they responded to my requests via SMS or email.

I have been dealing with Unite since I first came to Australia and they have always been very helpful in finding a suitable job for me. They have always been very friendly and available for any questions or concerns you may have. It has been a pleasure dealing with Unite Resource.

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I contacted Unite for an upcoming construction job. They were able to organize me quickly with only a few days before the project started. The people on the team are very reliable and professional and I appreciate that they answer the phone every time I call. I had a great experience!

Doing Your Research Into Getting A Mining Or Fifo Job

Unite got me a job with Jack Hills as Camp Manager Chef. This position was late at first, but I was always in touch with Unite, so I knew what was going on. I have met some of the team members in the office and have always found them to be helpful and happy. There aren’t many recruiters who not only love their job, but enjoy helping out.

I saw an ad in a job advertisement for a civil worker. I called the contact number provided and my contact was very helpful from the start. He was very friendly and professional. She was also very understanding regarding job information and introductions, which made the entire hiring process a breeze. I was very satisfied with the service provided and it was a pleasure working with Unite Resourcing.

Regardless of the nature of your request, Unite Resourcing’s team of experts will do everything possible to accommodate it. Questions from job seekers, employers; or general questions related to our services, the industry and recruitment are welcome. Social distancing is a new feature in my life since the start of the pandemic. Image courtesy of Rio Tinto

Western Australia’s fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workers were instrumental in maintaining mining production in the state during the peak of the pandemic. Yet nearly a year later, stories are emerging about the personal sacrifices some miners have had to endure due to strict border restrictions.

Fifo Boilermaker / Welder Job In Perth Wa

Numerous megatrends are impacting the mining industry, making an effective resiliency program more important than ever to ensure operations continue as planned. From ESG considerations to the use of advanced technologies like the Internet of Things, AI, and digital twin devices, as well as workplace safety, volatility in commodity markets, and the still-looming specter of Covid-19. Each megatrend has a different impact that needs to be managed

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