Sexual Health Nurse Jobs Australia

Sexual Health Nurse Jobs Australia – Nurses wishing to specialize in reproductive and sexual health can now enroll in the July session of Family Planning NSW’s Reproductive and Sexual Health (RSH) Clinical Accreditation Program (RSH-CAP) Theory.

The accreditation program is suitable for registered or enrolled nurses and midwives who wish to work in a comprehensive clinical role specializing in reproductive and sexual health.

Sexual Health Nurse Jobs Australia

The course is particularly suitable for nurses and midwives working in general practice, family planning, youth and correctional services, sexual health, drug and alcohol services, HIV and AIDS. .

Building Nurse Capacity Project

Family Planning NSW nurse educator Anum Khan said the course, which was adapted for online learning during the peak of the epidemic last year, gave frontline nurses and midwives flexibility for their professional development activity.

“This course allows us to share our expertise in all aspects of reproductive and sexual health,” said Ms. Khan.

Family Planning NSW courses are informed by the latest independent reproductive and sexual health research and 95 years of community service experience. “

The updated program, which runs over 19 weeks, offers a combination of self-paced online learning, live webinars and discussion forums, and reflective learning and assessment. The course provides participants with a deeper understanding of practical concepts including history taking, contraception, infertility, cervical screening, breast health, pregnancy options, men’s health and STIs.

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The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia encourages health professionals to undertake professional development that is COVID-safe and relevant to current or future work practice.

Ms Khan said the course was a great way to safely specialize in a growing area of ​​practice and shape your future career.

Maternal, sexual and reproductive health has also been identified as a priority in the National Women’s Health Strategy for 2020-2030, which requires training in sexual and reproductive health services, including information, diagnosis and treatment.

Participants from the February 2021 intake said the course was “well designed” and provided content that was “highly relevant” to their work, helping them increase their “clinical knowledge and scope of practice” .

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The RSH-CAP (Theory) course starts on July 12th, 2021. The course lasts about four months and costs $1,840, which covers costs such as a one-year complimentary membership for workbooks of the participant, e-learning resources and updated reproductions. Handbook of Sexual Health

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The Digital RSH Handbook is a useful guide that provides in-depth information on complex presentations such as abnormal uterine bleeding, female sexual interest and arousal disorders, pelvic inflammatory disease, male sexual dysfunction and more. .

. The course is equivalent to 88 hours of training and meets Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia standards for continuing professional development.

For more information, visit the Family Planning NSW website, or contact the Family Planning NSW Education Service by calling (02) 8752 4300 or emailing [email protected] “I just love the variety of people that come through the door says sexual health nurse Angela Knight

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“You can find anyone from a 16-year-old to a 75-year-old and people come from all different backgrounds. They really appreciate having a dedicated service where they can come and talk about this really personal thing because often they don’t feel comfortable talking to their GP. I’m very lucky that they trust me.”

A registered nurse, Angela has worked for the past eight years at the Canberra Sexual Health Centre, a specialist clinic providing free treatment and care for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and the largest HIV outpatient service in the region.

“Lack of judgment is really important,” she said when listing the key qualities of sexual health nurses.

“People feel ashamed or embarrassed about what they’ve done about some recent sexual activity. We don’t judge people on their behavior and say ‘look, we can do this now’ to ease their worries. The key is just sit and listen to people”

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She stumbled into sexual health nursing to make a change from the acute field hostel.

“I wanted to get out of the hospital and the surgical operating theater environment and into a community-based setting. I turned 40 and thought ‘I have to do something!’

Angela contacted Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT and took a six-month certificate course in Reproductive and Sexual Health, which included 50 hours of clinical experience, to expand her skill set.

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“I really appreciated what the clinic did and the role the nurses played in patient care so I called when I finished my certificate and said I was interested in coming even though I had no sexual health experience. They said ‘Look, we don’t have anything for you now but we’ll remember you’ Two months later, they contacted me and offered me a three-month contract, and it’s been eight years.”

Png Health Watch

Nurses working in specialist clinics come from a variety of backgrounds, including internal medicine, midwifery, emergency department and theater nursing.

The clinic offers a variety of services, including asymptomatic screening for those who just need a check-up, STI symptoms, emergency contraception, vaccinations, and providing daily PrEP medication for those at risk of HIV infection. Includes PEP, which is induced post-exposure to HIV

Nurses also provide sexual health promotion and testing and outreach research in high schools, brothels, and community settings where they help inform sexual partners of people with STIs.

Common STIs treated at the clinic include chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis, herpes, genital warts and HIV diagnosis.

King Edward Memorial Hospital

“The drop-in clinic runs from 9am to 2pm most days and people can just walk in and fill out a registration form and tell us why they’re here, do they have symptoms or just want they an STI test or an emergency? Contraception,” said Angela.

“People see a nurse, a doctor or a nurse practitioner depending on what they need. It could be anything from someone with symptoms to a relationship with someone with an STI or a woman seeking emergency contraceptives People seeking PEP and PrEP are also common presentations Sometimes, people come who are just looking for education about STIs or they have not been sexually active but are thinking about becoming active We can discuss safe sex and testing and make referrals to other services such as Sexual Health and Family Planning for contraception.”

The rest of Angela’s day is usually spent meeting with people who book appointments and talking about their STIs and potential exposure to their sexual partners.

“Many people are happy to monitor themselves and call their partner and say ‘I have chlamydia, you need to get yourself tested and treated’. Other people don’t want to have such a conversation so we took their partner’s name and mobile number and called them

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“We keep it completely confidential, so you can’t tell who might be a partner. We keep it very short, let them know they’ve been exposed to an STI and they need to get themselves tested and treated. We ask them where they live and direct them to the appropriate sexual health service or their GP. “

“There’s a website called ‘Let Them Know’ where you can punch in someone’s mobile number and it sends them a message warning them to get tested,” Angela said.

“There are different ways you can explore communication. This is really important because a simple infection like chlamydia, which is common, can have very serious consequences on fertility, chronic abdominal pain or testicular pain.

Angela admits that there is still a lot of fear and stigma around STI testing, she believes that more promotion normalizes the process and encourages more people to access clinics to test and take care of their sexual health . .

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Like most health services, the clinic has had to adapt to the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Angela said some positives have emerged.

“We’ve really streamlined the way we run our clinics and moved to an appointment-based system. For example, right now I’m testing people on the phone and we’ll continue to do that to make sure they’re on the right service.

“Sometimes people come here but they really need to go to sexual health and family planning or they have a urinary tract infection which is better dealt with by their GP or a walk-in centre. On really busy days we are we have been waiting a long time but since hiring it has become more uniform and regulated.”

As COVID-19 restrictions ease in the ACT, Angela said the clinic will begin providing other services such as vaccinations and education.

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On reflection, Angela considers taking the plunge and joining the Canberra Sexual Health Center from the acute sector to be the best decision she ever made.

“I’m very proud of what I do, it’s really interesting work and I’m going to move around

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