Siemens Orion 2 Review

Siemens Orion 2 Review – At the 60th International Hearing Aid Congress held in Nuremberg, Germany on October 14-16, 2015 as “EUHA 2015”, Sivantos introduced three new hearing aid families in the Essential system from Siemens.

According to the company, Intuis 2, Sirion 2 and Orion 2 series are equipped with many modern technologies. Depending on the model, they can be controlled remotely – also via free apps for Apple and Android smartphones – and connect to smartphones and gadgets.

Siemens Orion 2 Review

The former Siemens AG hearing aids have been working for Sivantos since the beginning of 2015. It designs, manufactures and markets Siemens hearing aids. The company reports that globally, Essential hearing aids appeal to two distinct target groups. In highly industrialized countries, hearing aids are chosen by consumers who want a lower price but still want better performance and ease of hearing. In developing countries, aid is directed to those who want more than basic supplies.

Siemens Hearing Aids Review 2022

Hearing aids are designed to work comfortably for hearing. Users can choose between a more intuitive hearing aid (BTE), a RIC hearing aid (receiver-in-the-canal), and a more elaborate hearing aid (ITE). A feedback plug is a function that blocks feedback from the source before it can be heard by the wearer. Static bursts are controlled on 12 channels depending on the frequency. This feature is included in the entire product class.

Siemens Intuis 2 is described by the company as “best in class” with proven Siemens technology. Siemens Intuis 2 is available in three standard BTE models, as well as ITE and CIC. According to the company, the Intuis 2 hearing aid sounds good from day one because it provides the right balance between intelligibility, good speech and a pleasant voice. This means that users with or without hearing aids can quickly get used to Intuis 2.

Siemens Sirion 2 is convenient and remote-controlled, and provides better speech understanding in hard-of-hearing environments by automatically transmitting to a conversation partner. Frequency compression options for specific matching situations and acclimatization functions for familiar periods make listening easier. Sirion 2 hearing aids can be controlled remotely using touchControl, a free app available for Apple and Android smartphones. As a result, users can control the volume and volume of their hearing aids or change their hearing aids easily and unambiguously. Siemens Sirion 2 is available in Intuis 2 model.

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Siemens Orion 2 is designed for constant communication and compatibility. When equipped with a binaural system, the Siemens Orion 2 aims to connect wirelessly for system creation and automatic synchronization. Siemens has been developing this technology since it first appeared on the market. It is said to significantly improve direction, spatial hearing and sound quality. In addition, the Orion 2 includes speakers that can be controlled by smartphone owners along with other mainstream hearing aids via the free touchControl app.

Signia Hearing Aids

Orion 2 hearing aids can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled phone, computer or music player using the EasyTek accessory. With an optional adapter, you can connect them to your TV or home stereo system, or multiple devices at the same time if needed. The sound signal then goes directly to the hearing aid. easyTek can also be used as a hands-free device and with free smartphone apps that offer options. Additional controls provide greater flexibility.

In addition to the models available for the Intuis 2 and Sirion 2, the Orion 2 comes in two small RIC BTE versions that disappear behind the ear to avoid being seen. With the new Intuis 2, Sirion 2 and Orion 2 hearing aids, Siemens hopes to offer a complete portfolio of easy-to-use and reliable devices (with IP 67 certification). For more information on the new Siemens hearing aids, visit the Siemens Independent and Reader Support website. When you make a purchase through a link on our website, we may receive a commission. Learn more

Find out all the pros, cons and details of a Siemens headset and decide if it’s right for you.

Siemens is one of the most famous names in the field of electronics. Brand familiarity and trust make Siemens an attractive choice for many people, including primary care hearing aid buyers.

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Siemens has built its reputation with hearing aids by providing sophisticated software options focused primarily on automatic correction and enhanced speech clarity. However, Siemens Hearing Aids was sold to Singapore’s Sivantos in 2015 and renamed Signia the following year.

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Alongside the Signia innovations, you can still find some of the Siemens prototypes. Could they be the right choice for you? These hearing aids are a big investment, so we’ve tested dozens of websites and checked other important details to help you make that decision and see if they’re worth your expectations.

Siemens is no longer a hearing aid manufacturer, so their models begin to show their age over time, but the brand’s reputation remains. Many of the features introduced in 2015 are still impressive. If you want a high-quality and long-lasting device without any surprises, but are willing to skip the latest specifications, Siemens could be a good choice for you. Siemens headphones are more expensive than some modern competitors who have found clever ways to keep costs down – see MDHearingAid’s review for more on them – but are still more affordable than the latest headphones, and the best.

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Siemens was founded more than 140 years ago and remains one of the world’s leading developers of medical technology and electronics. His hearing aids were sold to Sivantos in 2015. The new owner then renamed it Signia, but kept production in Germany. Signia also continues to launch new hearing aid models based on original Siemens technology.

Siemens’ first claim to fame in the industry was their use of powerful processors that could “read” their environment and change the sound they were working on accordingly. Siemens is also the first hearing aid manufacturer to include full Bluetooth capabilities in its devices.

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Most Siemens Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can be controlled via the touchConnect dedicated smartphone app. Other models even allow you to play music or TV sound directly into your hearing aid. Finally, the same software allows you to control the tinnitus cancellation signals, and it allows your audiologist to calibrate your device remotely.

Siemens Hearing Aids

Some enhancements are now available from other hearing aid manufacturers. Not surprisingly, Signia also uses the same software for its Pure and Styletto series.

Buying a new hearing aid can be a daunting task, especially if you have never been fitted with a hearing aid before. If you are looking for a specific Siemens model, this can be more difficult for several reasons:

If you want to replace your old hearing aids or contact an audiologist, it’s easier to buy Siemens headsets online. You can pay 15% less if you buy from an online store rather than your local audio expert. Some online stores have additional accessories, such as a one-year battery supply or wax protection.

If you’re looking to buy a Siemens headset online, you’ll need an audio expert to set up and help you customize your new headset. Additionally, if you are a first-time hearing aid user, you may need several follow-up appointments in the first six months. Without these factors, you won’t get the most out of your investment.

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Instead, purchasing a new hearing aid directly from an audiologist gives you access to a new hearing aid review process and financing options. Often, purchases in this mode include the cost of the initial consultation or include a “package” of follow-up appointments as part of the listed price.

The values ​​listed below are average values ​​and represent the values ​​of a single hearing aid unless otherwise noted. As you can see, most of the Siemens headphones sell for $1.

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