Simply Yoga Crows Nest

Simply Yoga Crows Nest – Fully certified yoga teachers teaching Australian standards, Humm Yoga teachers are mandated with ongoing studies, training and regular practice by Ingrid to provide you with the best possible service.

Whether it’s a simple Basics class, a dynamic Slow Flow class, or a passive restorative space and yield class, Irene will give you the space to take care of yourself. Careful, respectful and practical work will remind you to stay present and listen to your body. Each one is specific to the derivation of the night’s body, or the spirit or the attitude of attention.

Simply Yoga Crows Nest

After visiting her family for 30 years in the past, Ingrid decided to visit Merimbula to look after her mother and follow her dream, providing a yoga space dedicated to this beautiful place. In 2004 he began his teaching journey and has worked extensively for two large yoga studios, Mantra Yoga Crows Nest (a smaller studio that boasts a large happy community) and Bodymindlife Surry Hills (the largest yoga studio in Australia). Irene has gathered a lot of experience from both her studies including teaching classes, training and recruiting teachers, and running workshops. He was also able to learn continuously through further training, which is held among international teachers.

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Irene continues to learn and practice training with the respected international teacher Ana Forest Forest Yoga. An undisputed sports financier, Ana’s 40 years of global teaching left a legacy of understanding the sequence to guide you deeply, safely and sustainably. Sindar Kaur mentored Ingrid for many years and although Ana Forrest is not well known, her intuitive guidance comes from her own truth seeking rich yogic texts and many hours of deep meditation. Irene, complexed by their doctrines, freed herself from many burdens and humbly offers this incorporeal wisdom to all who walk through the doors.

You will always be welcomed when you come to Trish’s Class. Trish teaches Hatha Yoga with the thread of Anna Forest and the following. From Basics to Slow Flow, Recreational Classes and Men’s Classes. He promotes kindness to himself; strengthens the body and mind; it fosters the consciousness of the spirit and includes thought in the neck and shoulders. With generous attention to all of his students, he will help you discover how a personal yoga practice on and off the mat can transform your everyday life.

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Through her 30+ years of practicing yoga, Trish has discovered many different styles of Yoga from Iyengar to Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and now Forest Yoga, here at The Yoga Humm. “Forest Yoga has changed my practice forever, I’m free to be on the Mat, and I’m really excited as a Yoga Teacher to be able to share this physical and inner exploration of myself.” When asked by her Yoga Teacher and Mentor in Sydney why she wasn’t a teacher yet, she asked herself the same question!? So she took a leap of faith into a teacher training course at Life Drawing, Sydney, 2018 and has been teaching regularly at The Yoga Humm ever since, under Ingrid’s guidance and mentorship.

Fiona will guide you through a soothing and rejuvenating yoga flow practice creating a moving meditation with breath, body movement and awareness. This dynamic yoga flow strengthening capabilities can be adapted to each of their comfort and convenience levels. Fiona will explain, demonstrate and gently balance the body to build strength, stability and flexibility. A yoga class begins with relaxation and pranayama that promotes relaxation, restoration and peace of mind. Controlling the mind to control physical movement, from a warm-up to a more vigorous yoga flow with an emphasis on promoting core strength and stability. The class ends with five minutes of relaxation – ‘savasana’.

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Fiona started practicing yoga in 1996 at an Iyengar yoga studio in Sydney. Practicing Iyengar yoga for many years enjoying a deeper focus on the breath and alignment of the body. Later he became interested in Vinyasa yoga where he puts himself in the flow of yoga that is guided by the spirit; let one be physically active, but focused and calm in spirit and mind. After completing her 185-hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2017, Fiona was delighted to be able to teach in the warm, welcoming Humm Yoga studio. Living and working as a Community Nurse on the beautiful South Coast, she practices yoga to provide personal meditation, relaxation and renewal.

Through Yoga, I am happy to lead you where your heart desires; Motivate yourself by breathing to slowly build a fire and light it deep within, ready to shine.

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Arise and light up the day pneumatically, concentrate and concentrate; sets your positive intention for the day ahead, in the Basic classes we touch on the basics, in a way that adheres to the teaching of Anna Forrest’s ‘Ferce Medicine’ approach to yoga and life; you will not be able to build and decorate the temple if the foundation is broken. As your knowledge progresses and you’re ready to play with your edges, we invite you to a slow flow that covers the basics in design and encourages you to explore more advanced camps. come explore with me

May you always walk in the glorious light of your divinity as you walk leisurely on Mother Earth.

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Accidental Teacher. Diana’s first career was a medical receptionist, later a dental nurse, account clerk, QA officer & secretary, mother of three. Diana’s ‘esoteric’ journey began in 2002, following the death of her father, seeking answers to her ‘why’ from the universe.

Always a lifelong student, he wanted more, and since 2015 he has acquired many modalities of yoga, where his transformation began. Diana met Irene at the BodyMindLife Yoga Studio in Sydney. “I learned to breathe through his grace and how the spirit gave me so much more movement.” Diana then joined Master Beth Borowski for Karma Kids training and several Master Classes with Ana Forrest… one day at lunch, Ana said that she didn’t really want to learn, she simply wanted to know the secrets of the universe.

“Ana looked at me, the only way Ana can do it and said, ‘Maybe you’ll know one day,'” Diana said. She also completed 200 hours of teacher training with Joy Yoga in 2015 and has quickly moved into teaching from children to youth and the elderly and in the wider community in the next few years. Not so long ago, as a student of Perpetua, in the Yoga of the Body Service with Jambo Truong and while in that sacred learning space, his meditation practice allowed him to sit and speak out loud, “I move Merimbula!” Never before was there an act of faith and a burning desire to explore the Forest Yoga even more so.

Diana is a lifelong student. Protected by Jambo Truong, Forest Yoga Master Training, started earlier this year and at the same time studying the Origin of Movement, another course with Jambo, honoring your cycle like everything else in nature our bodies and lives flow in rhythms and cycles. When we adjust to the vicissitudes and cycles of the body, we slide gracefully through experiences, our health is good, and our relationships are stable, but any disturbance in the nature of order usually leads to dissension and discord. […]

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As a yoga teacher I am often asked what type of yoga I teach. My answer echoes that of the most famous teacher, Mark Whitwell: “I teach yoga … only one yoga! †Most types of yoga in the Western world today can be traced back to one teacher, Sri. Tirumalai […]

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