Southern Cross Pumps Australia

Southern Cross Pumps Australia – The popular Pentair Southern Cross Starline, Sovereign and ISOPRO pumps are high efficiency, high efficiency and high quality pumps. They are available in cast iron and stainless steel for water supply, industrial pressure boosting, industrial fluid transfer, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), commercial swimming pools and irrigation.

Due to the modular design of Pentair Southern Cross pumps, customers can either choose from the standard pump range or customize their own pump at the time of order.

Southern Cross Pumps Australia

National Flow Systems offers a number of proven options from which customers can choose to build their pump to meet specific industrial applications. Common options available through the NFS “Configure to Configure” program include alternative shaft seals, motors, materials, colors and base frames. For variable demand applications, the NFS provides variable motor speed control to enable optimal flow and pressure control.

Pump Rewind & Overhauls In Perth

Standard with life-sealed bearings, the range is available with hollow shaft, close-to-motor coupling and long-to-motor coupling. Bases are optional.

Oil lubricated bearings and heavy duty shafts make these pumps ideal for industrial applications. Also available hollow shaft, closed with motor or long coupling with motor. Bases are optional.

These pumps are made to order, so talk to our team of NFS professionals now for support and product information.

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